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  • God Is Pinpointing Something - Many are floundering in their faith and many things have shifted, and we all must accept that things will never be the same again.
  • God Is Pinpointing Something - No matter whatever may come, our faith must be founded on God’s Word not in man.  We cannot put anything or anyone before Him. He is a jealous God.
  • A Word To The White House - In prayer, I suddenly saw an eagle coming at me with its wings outstretched and hovering with the talons in place as to grab the prey.
  • Shall Not the Judge of the Whole World Do Right? - The LORD says He's heard the murmurings and complaints and seen the cover-up of conspiracy. It's not hidden from Him!
  • A Cause and Effect Moment - As I was praying, I suddenly saw fish flopping from one side to another in extremely shallow water.
  • Off With Her Head! - I was reminded by another woman of God today, to keep my faith in Jesus and hold the line.
  • Excerpts of Destinies - "Exposure is revealing so broad, so widespread, and so deep that My exposure of corruption will rock and shall shock the world!"
  • The Year of Supreme Justice - The LORD says to America: "My Great Awakening shall come on the heels of great upheavals!"
  • No Shred of Doubt - This is no time to doubt or have unbelief! Have you believed the report of The LORD?
  • The Time to Fall in or Fall Out - Do you wonder why you are confused, weak, reacting, feeling embarrassed and ashamed by people’s intimidating words?
  • The Official Mission - It’s not our job to make anything happen, that is God’s job! It’s our job to hear, believe, obey, and pray!
  • An Unprecedented Time — The Divided States of America - In a vision I looked down from above The United States of America, and then I heard, “The Divided States of America.”
  • Whose Report Will We Believe? - And you were feeling like your prayers weren’t even reaching the ceiling?
  • Nevada, Arizona and the Cleansing Flood - Our Republic is to be ruled by representatives of a citizen body with the sovereignty of “We the people!”
  • Uncovering The Enemy’s Propaganda - I cannot stop warning anyone who loves The LORD, to avoid Liberal News Propaganda!
  • Overwhelming Faith and Freedom - I had a vision of God's Thumb on this nation's fraudulent election and He squashed and twisted it!
  • The Ancient Oak Tree - The LORD says, "My Whirlwind shall touch down snapping off branches of government that are brittle and superficial."
  • Godly Mindsets - The LORD says, “My Whirlwind shall touch down snapping off Branches of Government that are brittle and superficial."
  • Racism Mindsets - We are the products of our environments; what' been handed down in history, society and family, reflects in our world.
  • America! Awaken Oh Sleeper! - God indeed is speaking that the United States of America and the church of America will Awaken!
  • The Reckoning! - There is a massive spiritual campaign happening! Do you realize that is why you are feeling fear, heaviness, and contention?
  • Words of Encouragement - The LORD wants His Beloved to not be afraid, discouraged, or dismayed, and that even in all distractions, upheavals, and unplanned events.
  • Comfort - As the Son of man, Jesus Christ learned obedience by what He suffered.
  • America and The Revolving Door - Beloved of God, repent and shake off the fear, doubt, and unbelief!
  • Our Choices Affect Others - The LORD spoke: “A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle!"
  • The Awakening on Social Media - The Fear of The LORD is the beginning of Wisdom, and in these last days, the coming harvest will emerge.
  • Introduction to the Life of the Biblical Prophet - These days when prophets are so prevalent in the nation we must also understand their role in our lives, church, nationally, and internationally.
  • Your True Friends - The LORD says, "There are many impostors, pretenders, and hypocrites who think they can infiltrate and find a place of weakness in you!"
  • The Eagle Has Landed - I see a Cradle rocked back and forth over the State of Pennsylvania, and heard that there shall be a swing from what had been Blue to Red.
  • Radicalized Upheavals - The LORD says, "I have seen the agitations and have heard thy prayers and as incense rises before Me."

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