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  • Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick - Do you feel totally exhausted, extremely agitated and frustrated to the point of total mental, physical and spiritual failure?
  • True Relationship: A Revealed Look at Ruthless Religion - Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a relationship with Christ. Religion is a return to bondage.
  • The Case of the Mentor and Protege - There are so many levels in growth in Christian’s lives. In our ignorance and immaturity we do all sorts of things because we want our vision to live NOW!
  • Some Symptoms Of False Humility - When you ask a person or Christian "What is false humility?"  many come up with an example or two.
  • A Closer Look, ‘His Grace Is Sufficient’ - Only God can remake and redeem a shattered heart. It is just like a precious crystal vase when dropped, breaks into many pieces. 
  • The Timing Of The Corporate Center - My thoughts beloved; I am NOT my own. I have been bought with an expensive, costly price. Jesus is Lord of my life always!  I was taught that my righteousness is like filthy rags.
  • Confederacy, Union and ‘As One’! - God has a design for our life and knows every step we must take. Our hearts and motives are laid bare before God.
  • The Steps From Idleness To Inward Change - Idle thoughts are containers. We determine what we allow to fill those containers. Words that flood your mind from outside sources must be identified. 
  • The Pain Of Transitioning - I see you weeping for the seeming loss of friendship.  Be not sad and unhappy, I AM at work slicing away all dead weight and empty spaces in your lives.
  • Eternal Prophetic Prose - So overwhelmed and amazed crossing over in this new place. No limits ever again, for HE kept me covered in Jesus name.
  • The Amazingly Incredible Triune God! - We must move into being limitless.  God is leading by detaching us from things that we are not to be connected to.
  • Spiritual Command Center – Briefings! - Man usually measures things in life by the numbers that are met.  When we look at society's way of success, it is usually just the opposite in God.
  • We Grow Up, We Grow Down! - The highest calling, priority by revelation, is not becoming who's who, or having lofty titles with success!
  • Beware of False and Strange Fire! - The LORD says: "I have sent this day, revelation fire of thoughts, schemes and plans.  Fire in groups to the very thoughts and intents of the heart."
  • Whose Mission Do You Promote? - There was once a young prophet who was sent by God to deliver a message to a king. God clearly instructed him not to stop and abide anywhere, but to come straight back, with no detours.
  • Guard the Gift! - You will clearly see and know those who are with and for you on the battlefield. In times of trouble, accusations and silence is when you come to know who really remains with and for you.
  • There’s a Coming Together! - The LORD says: "My element in timing, MY government is being set in order on MY shoulders. These shall have major releasing! Those that were like a trickle being hidden I AM releasing the dam to flood."
  • Rules Without Relationship - You cannot expect harvest to remain by preaching hell, fire and brimstone when a person doesn’t understand the God kind of love.
  • A Prophetic Poem of Preparation for My Beloved - To my surprise along my way, it not being a typical day, He met me and took me aside in His beloved Presence I abide.
  • The Chime, Role Call & Governmental Authority - The LORD says: No one can carry the price I have on your life. They absolutely cannot pay the price you have, but these want what you have, without the price!
  • Silence ~ The Communication Of Assurance - In our relationship with the LORD, prayer is foundational.  We cannot know or learn to hear the Great Creator, without knowing and learning to hear His voice.
  • Fragmentation Within The Hidden Recesses Of The Soul - As a sponge absorbs the element it is immersed in, in like manner, your lives have drawn in the good and bad with life’s many experiences.
  • The Danger of Self-Centeredness - Self-centeredness, as opposed to Christ-centeredness, creates in a person a spirit of pride, from which comes an unteachable spirit, a spirit of control and a rebellious spirit.
  • Growth: The Process to His Stature - Discipleship Is proven all over the Bible.  You may have run away from your instructor because you were afraid; by running away you delay the opportunity.
  • Pearls Of Wisdom - A pearl of wisdom: Just because there is a need doesn't mean we are to fill the need.
  • Divine Takeover & Rising of MY Chosen Ones - As I was praying, another prayer warrior and myself saw the darkest and most foreboding clouds coming closer.
  • Receive, Know and Walk On! - As Christians, it can be challenging being among God’s people.  We all must learn to grow up and take the first responsibility, to care for ourselves!
  • The Great Net of Harvest - It does not matter how insignificant we see things, or how insignificant we feel about ourselves.
  • Enduring the Loss of All Things - Do not engage with the enemy on his level.  His strategy is to keep us bound on a level we were never meant to stay on.
  • The Divine Set Up - While I was in prayer I had a vision. I saw a woman alone, staggering and wandering through a desert and knowing this person represented of the LORD’s people.
  • Prayer: The Price of Humility - I am just letting you know beloved, you are loved, you are kind and you are important to me and God.
  • Absolute Confidence & Closure - There's a seriousness this hour, unlike anytime period in history and we're part of it. People coming into the realization of exactly what the LORD is saying.
  • Warning! The Devised Plan of Coup D’etat - I was watching a flock of sheep and I noticed some of the sheep and lambs were getting too far off to be watched carefully.
  • Cracked, Broken and Beyond Repair? - I will continue to declare your year of release and reversals!  We declare that the favor of God is upon us, now is the set time.  The set time has come.
  • The Snare of the Fowler - I saw an eagle soaring way up high and as I watched, I noticed the eagle circling and finally diving down, headed to capture prey.
  • Leaving Behind a Kingly Legacy - Dearly beloved in all our learning, we must learn to protect the gift of the King within. Being stewards of gifts, requires faithfulness.
  • Secrets Unfold ~ Destiny Untold - People want all the benefits of what they perceive are your gifts and calling.  However, they know not what happens behind the scenes.
  • True Success in God - God is bringing his people into the fullness of HIS Son, not something we can attain by climbing a ladder seeking high and lofty things as the world does.
  • Our Love Affair We Share? - People are rising and coming towards your light.  Most of these come with ulterior motives.
  • Ignorance, Grace and Mercy - God is a righteous God and He won't hold you accountable to what you don't know. To know something you have had to be aware of it and receive and accept it.

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