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  • Exposé Uncovering Revelations - The LORD in this season, in this year, is exposing and uncovering people involved in shocking activity!
  • Due Process by The Divine - I will attempt to describe ‘spiritually” what many of us are going through right now.
  • The Highest Calling - Within The Church, so many concentrate on giftings, talents, and abilities. There is such an emphasis on Church 'Who’s Who'
  • Are We Broken Again? - The year 2021 is coming to a close, and The LORD is helping me understand certain events that will happen in our near future.
  • Familiarity Breeds Contempt - The LORD lived and knew people and learned to be a carpenter before His earthly ministry ever started.
  • You Have Been Aiming Too Low - The LORD says, “How far has The Church strayed from the fullness of My Word!."
  • The First Family - God reminds us in His Word, of His Mercy and Grace when He heard the prayers of Abraham.
  • He Is Bringing Us Full Circle - The LORD led me to remind all of us how extremely needful our personal outreach we all have been given in our lives.
  • At Ease in Zion - The LORD has been showing me an “upward spiraling out of control" as things continue to intensify in our Nation and around the globe.
  • The Prophetic Macedonian Call - The LORD says, “I have given My Servant this message for you. You can accept it or reject it."
  • The Childlike Soul - The LORD has not forgotten those who have walked with Him and served faithfully in all humility.
  • Unlocking Regions to Cross Over - The LORD says, "It is the hour to ‘cross over’ to possess and take the land of promise! For now, I shall go before you!"
  • A Plea for Help — Will You Answer? - "As these innocent ones beheld my face, even within the confusion of darkness that took them away, My seed and Destiny kept them safe."
  • Religious Denominations Versus Christianity (Part 2) - The assault on The Church has been to make sure the religious denominations only give enough Truth to appease their flesh and to keep them lukewarm.
  • Who’s Knocking on Your Door? - The LORD says, "If My Presence, and My Will isn’t first in your life and ministry, you must shut it all down!"
  • Religious Denominations Versus Christianity - Religious Denominations, and corrupt Christianity, are part of the Babylonian system already in motion.
  • The Quest of One - The LORD shared these Words with me, and HE wanted me to write this ‘especially’ for you, about this most important topic!
  • Regional Take-Back Recovery! - The LORD says, "I have seen the weariness in body and soul, but I sustained you, your seed, seeds seed and your many generations of times gone by."
  • Decree and Declaration — The Divine Take Back! - The greatest and most devious, fought for conspiracy of hell against you, is to keep you out of your prayer closet at any cost.
  • Tumultuous Times and New Beginnings Are Here! - This is a Warning for prayer purposes! We have entered a Season of NO RETURN! Things will never be the same again!
  • Identified as HIS! - I had all sorts of feelings in my soul. I could hear crying deep inside of me, concerning the condition of The Church.
  • Dangerous Times — Unveiled Exposure - This is for all of you who know me, and those who don’t know me well. in hopes that it will answer many questions.
  • Motives, Motives, Motives! - I have discerned some very serious issues that need to be corrected in The Body of Christ today.
  • Liberty in the Midst of Calamity - We must keep our mind on things above, (pray without ceasing) and as we stay spiritual minded we will remain earthly good.
  • Spiritual Parenting - Spiritual parenting and natural parenting as well is as challenging as every other occupation but far more emotionally intense.
  • Being Repositioned - Truly God is a good God and we His elect have the right to rejoice and enjoy all the benefits of His Goodness and Grace!
  • Times and Seasons - The devil is insanely jealous and envious of you and the relationship you have with Jesus!
  • The House that God Built - The United States of America, will suffer judgment, and very soon, and everyone, even Church Members, do not want to hear this.
  • The Final Awakening — God’s Divine Timeline - We have entered into a season that is propelling The Church forward into the deep.
  • Against the Grain and Currents - I want you to know that I have never seen or felt such resistance in just gathering together for Prayer for one hour!

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