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  • The Eagle Has Landed - I see a Cradle rocked back and forth over the State of Pennsylvania, and heard that there shall be a swing from what had been Blue to Red.
  • Radicalized Upheavals - The LORD says, "I have seen the agitations and have heard thy prayers and as incense rises before Me."
  • The Establishment of Judgement and Justice - The LORD says, "My element in timing and surprise is so that My Governing Authority is being set up in order."
  • Melting Pot - The LORD says, "There are many who are connected together, but have connections to very important International HUBs, spiritually."
  • Love Notes - "Press deeply and richly into the inner recesses of My Heart. The hidden riches of Secret Places are found, for your walls are ever before Me."
  • The Deceit of Religion - Religion is on the rise and we each need to understand there is true danger!
  • A Little Further! - In this life there are serious times of trial and decision we all will face. We too must go a little further, alone, to seek God’s Face.
  • The Walking Dead? - The LORD said many are like the walking dead. They think they are prepared for The Wedding Feast of The Lamb, but are twice dead inside.
  • America, Whose Perspective Do We Have? - All television and news programming aside, what has God said to you personally about the 2020 USA Election and how to vote?
  • Words of Wisdom — The Case of Bitterness - There are some of you that are struggling with unforgiveness and bitterness towards people that have wronged you.
  • Are You Vexed? - Lot was vexed with the evil and abominable practices of Sodom and Gomorrah day by day.
  • Who is in Control? - "I AM confronting all apathy and complacency that is keeping the people asleep by trusting their own little world that they control."
  • The Breaking Point - Many whom I know, sincerely feel that we are being stretched beyond all control, and it feels like the breaking point.
  • The Rise of the Body and the Bull - The LORD says, "Watch what happens when those cities rise again and, in their anger and frustration, they shall make their voices known!"
  • Great Success in God! - What may seemingly be as one or insignificant, isn’t how you measure success or worth in God.
  • Our Motivation for Prayer and Fasting - I continue to ask if there are any of you that want to join me in entering a time of fasting and prayer this week.
  • A Lady of Liberty? - I had a vision of The Statue of Liberty standing with her skirts lifted above her head. Was this our Lady of Liberty?
  • Maturity Prayer Goals - Trying not to have problems, isn’t the goal. Using each attack and challenge as an opportunity to grow and become stronger should be the goal.
  • Prophecy of the Black Mold of Sin - If WE don’t repent as The Church and as A Nation, layer by layer of rising tide shall overtake us and we shall see the collapse of a nation that forgot God.
  • Words of Wisdom - Don’t look to man for comfort and validation. Look to God, because your answer isn’t found when you regretfully rehash all the events in your life!
  • Rally in Prayer! - Watching the News, suddenly I heard, “Have faith in God! Have I changed My Mind concerning who and what I have chosen?"
  • Fickle, Fickle and Double-Minded! - The Holy Spirit spoke the word 'Fickle' to me. He also said 'Double-Mindedness.' and not to put confidence in a fickle or double-minded or unstable person.
  • When You Go Splat - Beloved, please pray, as I have received a lot of information concerning serious needs in families.
  • A Word of Exhortation! - We are the emerging soldiers of The LORD. You chose to give your life in God’s Army. You don’t belong to yourself anymore, you are His.
  • A Fist Shaken at God - We must pull ourselves away from looking and listening to Media reports of giants in the land. These reports are captivating us and inspiring fear in us to doubt.
  • America: This Case in History - The LORD says, "I will show and open heaven that the world shall know there is a prophet in America. A platform of stability shall rise in the midst of great turmoil."
  • Come Alive! Breathe and Live! - I saw a woman laying down and all sorts of tiny demons were trying to keep her down.
  • A Spontaneous Word of Prophecy - I keep hearing, "Stay on target!  Stay on target!  Keep your focus on Me!" says The LORD.
  • Remedy to a Sick Heart - Where you are truly loved and truly needed, you are to be received and treated as a gift from God.

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