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  • Flames, Washington, and the Cherry Tree - "I shall display My Splendor in 2020," says The LORD of Hosts. "It is in the purification of My People that these shall learn of My true fire!"
  • The Torch of a New Day - This has been a very severe season of testing and trying and the objects of the test and trial were being tested too.
  • The Religious Legalist - I have prayed and questioned God today as pertaining to my former religious life that is buried and in the grave.
  • It is Written! - Jesus was tempted in all points like we are, but He was perfect and when He was tempted, He resounded, “IT IS WRITTEN....”  
  • Your Power of Attorney - No matter what and where our destiny lies, God has calculated a plan for us that is affirmed and confirmed by The Will and Word of God!
  • Unveiling the Spirit of Religion - When Jesus walked the earth, his greatest rebukes were given to the religious leaders and religious system of His day.
  • Legacy Shift - The collected fruits of character that were of the old Legacy, will not be at all like the new, but shall yield much more fruit for The Kingdom of God!
  • If I Hold My Peace - A meeting on the Taming of the Tongue made a great impact on me and I immediately could see myself in those words taught.
  • Tried by the Word - We have found opposition has actually pushed us closer to The LORD in desperation, in intimacy, and in fiery fervency!
  • Going Around in Circles – Pt.2 - I have wondered how many of us have ever felt like we’re running in circles, like a cat or dog chasing its own tail?
  • Will You Go Around in Circles? - I have wondered how many of us have ever felt like we’re running in circles, like a cat or dog chasing its own tail?
  • Deep to Deeper Still - I saw a tall old-fashioned oil derrick and drill at work.  Plans had been made as to where they thought they would strike oil.
  • Pull Back, Back Up! - Up and coming leaders, listen!  The Fruit of The Spirit is not an option.  Having a godly character is the witness of The Spirit of an individual.
  • The Process of Destiny - Your brothers will accuse you of all sorts of things and especially selfish ambitions.  But when they see the success, they change their allegiance!
  • All in the Process - Our God is a jealous God and continually seeks to draw His beloved closer to him in intimacy, reminding us that we cannot just ally ourselves with anyone.
  • Let the Winds Blow! - You are not able to change others, but you can change you, with diligence and fortitude.
  • There’s a Time to Let Go! - Those who love The LORD with all their heart, have counted the cost, having picked up their cross to follow Him!
  • Gone With the Wind! - There is a process that must happen when the season and set time is fulfilled.
  • Being Taken for Granted? - There is nothing in my life that is more crucial and delightful than to please The LORD by obeying HIS WORD!
  • Spontaneous Prophecy - For The Glory of The LORD shall be revealed.  All flesh shall see it together for the mouth of The LORD hath spoken it.
  • The Divine Curtain Call! - It takes faith, hope and discipline to pick up our cross and follow in Christ’s steps. 
  • The Old Frequency - "You have gone as far as you can go in your current state!  I AM releasing Great and New Expectation, a New and Living Way!  Receive it My beloved!"
  • Falsity Exposed! - Do you really want to be in ministry? Do you think you have a high calling of God on your life?
  • Reinvent Your Life! - Do you feel totally exhausted, extremely agitated and frustrated to the point of total mental, physical and spiritual failure?
  • Greater Awareness We Carry - In all our learning, we must find a great correlation that balances our lives.
  • Lift Up Your Head O Ye Gates! - "Soon I will uncover the hidden ones whose minds and souls are fixed upon My Will and the establishment of My covenant in the earth."
  • Breakthrough in the Heavenlies! - The LORD says, “Is not My Word like a hammer that breaks rocks in pieces, and you shall witness even greater things than these?"
  • The Place Called Sanctuary - I saw what looked like a zoo that had various types of eagles in each cage with very little room within the cage they had limited food, water, and care.
  • Stop! I Want to Get Off! - Religion makes complicated the understanding of the reality of the purposes of God.  Religion makes conformity instead of the identity that we find in Christ.

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