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  • The Illuminating Exposure of God’s Love - The LORD said, “Release the old so that the new wineskin can come to hold the new wine of My Holy Spirit, for the former old order must pass away.”
  • Dead Men Walking - I was in Prayer; suddenly I was in some city and I saw people walking in front of me. They were all different types of people dressed differently and from various walks of life. 
  • Forearmed & Forewarned is Wisdom - I know everyone who is a believer and doer in Christ can sense that information is progressing much quicker.
  • Preparation of the Rod of His Presence - The LORD is moving in the vein of His true remnant bride, and no longer will the seed be spilled on the ground and cursed.
  • Mediocrity or Death of Vision - When everyone gives up on us — or more importantly — you give up on you, you settle into mediocrity.
  • Your Book — Written With Chapters Missing - Even to the good, the bad, and the ugly, The LORD turns it all around into something that can be used for good to save, encourage, and deliver. 
  • Sincerity of the Heart - Beloved of God, those of us who have made Christ our only hope and life will be critically appraised for standing on the Truth contained in God's Word, the whole Holy Bible.
  • Side Show Acts Vs Book of Acts - What is the heartbeat and message of God to The Church? To seek and save the lost, both winning lost souls and awakening the dead dry bones of The Church!
  • The Two Tear Drops - While in prayer today, in a Vision I saw two large tear drops.  Each drop fell one on my left cheek and the next one on my right cheek.
  • God Has Not Changed — Have You? - God is still God and HIS Words are still true, and His loving Rebukes are still demanding all to repent!
  • The Two Women - Through much prayer, remembrances, and obedience, The LORD took me on a very Spiritual Journey backwards through HISTORY in decades of time.
  • The Year of Coming Into Your Prime - Jesus called the disciples to works of service for HIS Kingdom and not only did HE call, HE chose and HE, JESUS CHRIST demonstrated the lifestyle of a SERVANT.
  • The Practice Proves - A lot of believers suffer within sin issues, and I want to encourage you, that first and foremost if you love God and His Word you HATE sin and all wickedness.
  • The Last Curtain Call for Many - God’s Wrath is being revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness.  We each are accountable for what we allow ourselves to be led into and out of.
  • Come Out From Those of This World! - “Come out from among those of this world and this worlds system and be ye separate," says The LORD! 
  • In What Reality, Do We Live? - Are we Deists, insisting that truth should be subject to the authority of human reason, rather than the divine inspiration and revelation of God's Word?
  • Who Shuts Who In? - Man was made in God’s triune image, and therefore a special place within each human being that nothing in this life can ultimately fulfill, but God.
  • What Salvation Isn’t - True believers in Christ today face a very different world than our parents and grandparents did in their day.
  • The Creator, Created, Creativity - In Christianity, when you hear people teach, preach, or speak of ‘Deep Wells,’ they are speaking of the depth of relationship.
  • The Prosperity Gospel? - In September 2022, The LORD began to show me things I did not want to hear about others, but my loyalty is to The LORD Jesus Christ.
  • Who’s Proprietor of the House? - Those who claim to be true believers of Jesus Christ follow the teachings of The Holy Bible. 
  • Whom Are We Yoked With? - During prayer I had a vision of yokes, however, these yokes were odd, as these were sheep yoked with goats!
  • Making Sense of The Struggle — Part 2 - The Son of Man came to the earth, not only as our sacrifice for all sin, but to show us how life is done.
  • The Vision of the Goat Head - America is headed for darker waters and ominous dark and sinister clouds are brewing, that will have national and international effects.
  • Making Sense of the Struggle - In Prayer, I saw a graph, and the lines were moving quickly downward like what you see for a forecast in the stock market. Then I heard, "Stock Market Crash.”
  • Prophetic Forecast - There is a separation happening now, unlike any other time in history. God is very serious. His Spirit will not always strive with man.
  • Prophesy — Listen and Heed! - To The Church of The First Born, and to just men who have been made perfect, what I speak today, I give no apology.
  • Birds of the Air - You dear one, are of more worth and value to God than the tiniest sparrow that falls.
  • Enough Is Enough! - While seeking The LORD He said, “Daughter of Zion, declare all that I say; “Enough if enough!” I have sent My impending Warning Judgements!”
  • What Is Spiritual Grooming? - Spiritual “grooming” is a form of manipulation and control that takes place when someone who seemingly has authority over people.

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