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  • God Has Not Changed — Have You? - God is still God and HIS Words are still true, and His loving Rebukes are still demanding all to repent!
  • The Two Women - Through much prayer, remembrances, and obedience, The LORD took me on a very Spiritual Journey backwards through HISTORY in decades of time.
  • The Year of Coming Into Your Prime - Jesus called the disciples to works of service for HIS Kingdom and not only did HE call, HE chose and HE, JESUS CHRIST demonstrated the lifestyle of a SERVANT.
  • The Practice Proves - A lot of believers suffer within sin issues, and I want to encourage you, that first and foremost if you love God and His Word you HATE sin and all wickedness.
  • The Last Curtain Call for Many - God’s Wrath is being revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness.  We each are accountable for what we allow ourselves to be led into and out of.
  • Come Out From Those of This World! - “Come out from among those of this world and this worlds system and be ye separate," says The LORD! 
  • In What Reality, Do We Live? - Are we Deists, insisting that truth should be subject to the authority of human reason, rather than the divine inspiration and revelation of God's Word?
  • Who Shuts Who In? - Man was made in God’s triune image, and therefore a special place within each human being that nothing in this life can ultimately fulfill, but God.
  • What Salvation Isn’t - True believers in Christ today face a very different world than our parents and grandparents did in their day.
  • The Creator, Created, Creativity - In Christianity, when you hear people teach, preach, or speak of ‘Deep Wells,’ they are speaking of the depth of relationship.
  • The Prosperity Gospel? - In September 2022, The LORD began to show me things I did not want to hear about others, but my loyalty is to The LORD Jesus Christ.
  • Who’s Proprietor of the House? - Those who claim to be true believers of Jesus Christ follow the teachings of The Holy Bible. 
  • Whom Are We Yoked With? - During prayer I had a vision of yokes, however, these yokes were odd, as these were sheep yoked with goats!
  • Making Sense of The Struggle — Part 2 - The Son of Man came to the earth, not only as our sacrifice for all sin, but to show us how life is done.
  • The Vision of the Goat Head - America is headed for darker waters and ominous dark and sinister clouds are brewing, that will have national and international effects.
  • Making Sense of the Struggle - In Prayer, I saw a graph, and the lines were moving quickly downward like what you see for a forecast in the stock market. Then I heard, "Stock Market Crash.”
  • Prophetic Forecast - There is a separation happening now, unlike any other time in history. God is very serious. His Spirit will not always strive with man.
  • Prophesy — Listen and Heed! - To The Church of The First Born, and to just men who have been made perfect, what I speak today, I give no apology.
  • Birds of the Air - You dear one, are of more worth and value to God than the tiniest sparrow that falls.
  • Enough Is Enough! - While seeking The LORD He said, “Daughter of Zion, declare all that I say; “Enough if enough!” I have sent My impending Warning Judgements!”
  • What Is Spiritual Grooming? - Spiritual “grooming” is a form of manipulation and control that takes place when someone who seemingly has authority over people.
  • The Seriousness of Words, Vows and Business - God has been reminding me and teaching me a lot lately concerning the power of the words.
  • A Detailed Look Into the Life of a Prophet - The LORD woke me up today speaking to me about manipulation, control, intimidation, insecurity, ulterior motives within the body of Christ.
  • The Eternal Foundation - I will NEVER claim that I have arrived and are perfect in this life, because I am so far from it!
  • The Balance Is In The LORD’s Hand! - There is a sounding out of the Trumpet.... to Fall In! For this is a time in history like none other.
  • The Wisdom of Solomon is Here - The LORD warns, "The ministers of The LORD shall run and will preach sin, hell, and heavy conviction shall fall upon the people....."
  • Manhattan — The Wall — The Suitcase — The Project - The LORD warns, "You must Repent of all sin and turn away from it and you must return totally to your first love!"
  • Exposing the Pied Piper - Choose this day whom you serve. Choose life or death, blessing or cursing. Each day you must choose to hear, serve, and obey.
  • America: The Domino Effect and The House of Cards - The LORD spoke to me and said, “Life as you know it will dramatically change. It is time to get your House in order.”
  • The Real Deal — Part 1: The Ultimatum: Heaven or Hell - Thus says The LORD, "Many are afraid because of what they see that is coming upon the earth. None are exempt in this hour."

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