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  • Falsity Exposed! - Do you really want to be in ministry? Do you think you have a high calling of God on your life?
  • Reinvent Your Life! - Do you feel totally exhausted, extremely agitated and frustrated to the point of total mental, physical and spiritual failure?
  • Greater Awareness We Carry - In all our learning, we must find a great correlation that balances our lives.
  • Lift Up Your Head O Ye Gates! - "Soon I will uncover the hidden ones whose minds and souls are fixed upon My Will and the establishment of My covenant in the earth."
  • Breakthrough in the Heavenlies! - The LORD says, “Is not My Word like a hammer that breaks rocks in pieces, and you shall witness even greater things than these?"
  • The Place Called Sanctuary - I saw what looked like a zoo that had various types of eagles in each cage with very little room within the cage they had limited food, water, and care.
  • Stop! I Want to Get Off! - Religion makes complicated the understanding of the reality of the purposes of God.  Religion makes conformity instead of the identity that we find in Christ.
  • The Epoch Event ~Versus~ Amuse, Play, Delay! - We must remove ALL blockages sent into our lives spiritually that would keep the blood flow from our entire spiritual body.
  • Let ME In! - I am sensing souls who longingly want answers, but they fill their emptiness and void spaces with things other than what God has for them.
  • A Look at Samson - It is time to know YOUR enemy!  Part of basic military teaches us to KNOW YOUR ENEMY!
  • The Prescription for Weariness - Cast not away your confidence for you have a great reward!
  • Religious or Relational - Religion makes people intolerant and mean — with nasty faces and judgmental, critical attitudes.
  • The House of Desolation - “I have heard the prayers of My Prophets and My People whose voices cry out in their vexation, who witness the sin and degradation day by day."
  • Give God Room! - Our Number One Foundational belief in our salvation is understanding fully that it is impossible to keep in the flesh.
  • A Master Craftsman - We are His workmanship.  Learn to be silent and listen as you abide you will hear many things.
  • The Gnawing Within - There are those who have felt and experienced what it means to be spiritually bankrupt and burned out.
  • The Carrier of My Presence! - "You shall be a carrier of My presence," says The LORD of Hosts!
  • Sound Structure and Design - When God has made it clear to take that time to mend, many reject the true evidence and they will not heed the doctor's instructions.
  • Silence, the Art of Self Control - There are no short cuts to becoming the person God wants us to be.
  • The Process of Change! - I am learning constantly and amazingly how quickly a life changing event can affect us in all in body, soul and Spirit.
  • Searching Infected or Effective - Becoming harsh, critical and impatient with people is a Major Red-Hot symptom and a true sign that we are becoming spiritually deaf and blind that is rooted in pride.
  • Set Backs Come but Be of Good Cheer! - It does not matter what setbacks may come, God promises that He will take everything satan has meant for evil and turn it around for our good!
  • Recovery From a Shattered Heart - Remember, God is the only one who can vindicate, validates and approves.  Remember Joseph!
  • America and Nabal’s Foolishness & Senselessness - The LORD says to America, "I AM moving on behalf of those who are standing in Warfare for this nation!"
  • Stop Now!  Be Still and Really Listen! - Beloved stop now!  Be still, and really listen; really seek and listen to the I AM, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!
  • Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!! - The LORD says, "I AM invading Washington DC and in ALL those houses.  I AM sending swirling whirlwinds and I shall uproot those not planted by ME."
  • The Rope, the Chains and the Bones! - He said He would never leave us nor forsake us.  We can all attest at times in our lives the fact that men and women try to use us, abuse us, and then leave us!
  • A Serious NOW Moment! - Have you ever had one of those "NOW" moments?
  • Obstacles and Agendas! - Sin cannot hold you down.  Afflictions shall not stop My Will in your life! I say, My Favor is upon you!

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