Stay Plugged to Heaven

In this transition the LORD is cutting away things, people, dry branches, sucker shoots and realigning many in cyberspace and off the pages as well.


In this transition the LORD is cutting away things, people, dry branches, sucker shoots and realigning many in cyberspace and off the pages as well.

These emerging ones will take the WORD of our LORD Jesus to the world!  Don’t allow anything or anyone to use your words to twist and dilute your message of freedom and service to our LORD and King!

Give negative words NO place in your life!  Reject them where they stand and correct them!

As you correct the words in your presence they must bow their knee to Gods word . You have authority over your own house!  Don’t let them in.  Stay plugged in!

God is releasing you into incredible boldness, authority and the zeal of Gods house shall eat you up!

KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  You know your life, you have measured your life against the plumb line of Gods word.  You know Jesus!

Refuse to accept negative propaganda.  Don’t listen to lies.  Stay on the wall beloved of God!

The structure is being made Stand with a solid resolve and Be NOT moved from what the LORD has done in and through you!  It’s all for the harvest of souls so the net can carry and protect the harvest.

Everyone will not understand you or agree with you.  Don’t expect it, keep your peace.  Choose your battle’s carefully.  Every place your feet will go has been given unto you to possess.

Possess it by force.  “Not by might not by power but by my spirit.”

People will come and go with curses.  Especially Jezebel, Leviathan and witchcraft.

These all come in the guise of tradition and religion to threaten you and try to instill fear. FEAR NOT beloved!.

They will try to shake your resolve and intimidate you!  Give no place to the devil These wicked one’s are already planning to bring you down from your place of authority.  Walk in the Spirit and pray without ceasing beloved!  Remember who you are and whom you belong to.

You will see and hear a surge of words attack towards you especially from the former great move of God.  These did not continue and move with God.  They cannot control it and they have forfeited their set time.

Just know that all people cannot go with you.  Each must find their own path.  BE NOT MOVED!  YOU Keep eyes forward and don’t look back!

Move with God and remain steadfast.  Even in the midst of mess and accusations, you abide in the LORD!  You shall see and watch from a distance the enemy turning on himself in such frustration as he cannot get to you.

Hell hates you and hell will be made to watch My glory being displayed in the earth through MY pioneers.  Through My chosen. “Jesus I know, Paul I know but WHO are you!”

“When a man’s ways please the LORD he will even cause his enemies to be at peace with you””   Proverbs 16:7 KJV.

In the midst of mess you will be covered with peace and such REST of soul!  You shall learn how to walk and work in HIS REST.  Walking in the REST of God makes you untouchable in His presence.

 “Truly times of refreshing come from the presence of the LORD”   Acts 3:19 KJV.

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the LORD, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the LORD,”   1 Corinthians 15:58 KJV.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Emerging Soldiers!

We are the soldiers of the LORD. You chose to give your life in God’s army. You don’t belong to yourself anymore, you are His.


We are the soldiers of the LORD.  You chose to give your life in God’s army.  You don’t belong to yourself anymore, you are His.

You have chosen to follow Him, and the revelation has illuminated your mind!  You are sold out!

You have met a fork in the road.  You have been chosen to follow another path as the one you are currently on has dried up!  Often prior to major change it will appear that everything dries up and maxed out.

You have gone as far as you can in the current situation.  Time to go permanent change of station.  Going a different way can make you feel insecure and fearful.

Cast off restraint and watch what the LORD will do!  Let God make room for your gifts!  Let God announce and reveal!

It will be exciting to see what the LORD has done!  HAS DONE beloved!  Praise HIM!  Look what the LORD has done! God’s grace shall pace you, chase you, bless and overtake you!

A heavy measure of Grace is poured out when HE opens your mouth and fills it. Be silent ALL flesh! Hear the Words of the LORD! You shall communicate the very oracles of God!

It will be so exciting to watch those whom God is raising up!  They shall emerge from the deep as they ride on the crest of the wave! Praise the LORD!

God is giving grace to handle weighty promotions.  The spoken, written, walked out Word of God shall multiply beyond our traditional methods.

Look at the new harvest fields beloved! Social media!  The LORD shall invade every field of ministry in cyberspace.  The living church of Cyberspace! God is limitless!  His expanse is immeasurable!

Fear NOT beloved of God!  You shall literally walk out the living Word of God; for we stand on HIS Word.

Be still and KNOW He is GOD!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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The Blue and White Chevelle

Time is running out! We must learn to let go of our fleshly will and let God supply us with his will and our time.


In prayer I heard the words, “Blue and White Chevelle.”

I had NO idea what it was or what it looked like!  I begun to search online and found exactly what I had heard and now have the images to prove it.

A Chevelle is a type of car and also known as a muscle car or sports car that goes very fast.

From what I heard from the LORD, there is something very significant with the years of 1968-1970 for the make and model of the car.

God is going to wake you up!  Don’t go any further down that path sexual immorality in thought or action!

You will suffer and so will your family!  It is NOT worth it!  God would say he desires to strengthen and elevate those who are in midlife who think their lives in God are over.

NO MORE MIDLIFE CRISIS!  No, I hear the LORD say, choose to be chosen!  Shake it off!  Shake off that unholy desire and keep shaking it off.  Every desire, lust and chain that would so easily beset you, shake it off!

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,”   Hebrews 12:1 KJV.

Everyone has the right by God to choose.  We all have a free will and can choose to follow God’s will or not.  God will not make you do something against your will.  You are free to do anything you wish, however what our flesh desires will have consequences.

You also cannot have what doesn’t belong to you.  I AM sensing right now as I write this, that a man is coveting another man’s wife.  Those thoughts are not Gods thoughts for you!

The enemy is at hand and weaving a web to capture you to suck the life out of you like a black widow spider.  Awaken and shake off every web and get moving!

The car represents a person’s ministry.  It was known as a muscle car built for speed and looks.

The color blue represents the priesthood and the white symbolic of purity.  Don’t compromise your calling, timing and do not go off course.  There are souls waiting for you, you matter and your life will affect many people.


I saw the blue and white Chevelle pull into a parking spot with a parking meter.  In the vision I knew that this car was ministry having an allotted time frame on when to leave.

There is a time to park then there’s a time to move and get going.  I also saw the parking meter chained to that space and locked.

I saw the person continually (for many hours) feed change into the meter till he finally ran out.  It was time to go!

Then I saw the man walk off again and did not put money in the meter and then I saw in Big letters the word, EXPIRED.  We must understand that if we don’t move when God says to move we will miss the mark and there will be ugly consequences.

God wants what is best for us.  After being away from the car so long in distractions, soon the police come and haul off our car to the compound.

Our ministry locked up in a compound, how does that sound?

We must learn that when God gives us a mandate, we need to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Time is running out!  We must learn to let go of our fleshly will and let God supply us with his will and our time.

Being and remaining parked as a ministry will bring expiration.  We must not remain in a expired place.  When the glory cloud moves we are to move! We move on with those who move with him.

God will not always strive with man.  As HE moves we move.  He knows timing and expiration.  Be not left behind.

“And the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years,””   Genesis 6:3.

AMEN?  Amen!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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DNA, the HUB and the HIGH WIRE

Many of you have given up the dream, thus sacrificing the dream by doing other physical tasks to get on with life as you see fit.

Many of you have given up the dream, thus sacrificing the dream by doing other physical tasks to get on with life as you see fit.

Because of the timing and age, you felt your dream would never come to pass.

The things you have hoped and dreamed of seemingly died, as you thought it was mere presumption.

You felt like life passed you by and like Peter, his rejection of Jesus caused him to go back to fishing.  The guilt, shame and rejection screamed at him, “Nothing ever works out for me; I might as well forget it!”

Through Peter’s mistakes, Peter learned a brand new glorious vision and revelation; God’s mercy and grace!

Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness and his wonderful works among the children of men!

Oh may these words be life to your soul!  For in dying to the flesh, you have drawn back and shriveled up lacking nourishment and fulfillment. Feeling rejected you said, “why bother.”

It is in dying to our flesh that brings a new beginning, new liberty and new vision.

The caterpillar seemingly dies in a cocoon to be transitioned into a new thing.  Within the caterpillar is predestined DNA that progresses to metamorphosis.  The caterpillar had a elevation in revelation that it did not know!

Eye’s have not seen nor ear heard the things that God has prepared for us!  Your spiritual DNA is at work beloved, regardless of your circumstances.

Doubt yourself no longer when you know that you know, you have connected with the Father.  God gives you assurance, fortitude and balance that is developed in the midst of the fire.

You must no longer just want to be near the fire, but to dwell in the midst of the fire, becoming flames of fire!  (Hebrews 1:7).

You have learned through discipline, that presence requires purpose.  Purpose is acquired and learned behavior day in and day out.  For example, you have learned to study to be quiet and work with your own hands,  (1 Thessalonians 4:11).

In dying to the flesh, God must hold the reins of your heart and mind until he can guide you with His eye upon you.  Don’t be like the horse or mule that must be bit and bridled.  Allow the LORD to purge stubbornness and pride, for the fire of silence must be mastered by those who walk in HIS authority and dominion.

The lesson’s learned in silence shall teach us well.  We are refined as we wait with patience for God to make room for our gifts and calling. “Be still and know I AM God,”  Psalm 46:10.

Silence is acquired and must be mastered in those who strive for excellence.

Some of you have waited in silence for years.  You allowed the LORD to test your resolve and through all your mistakes and triumphs, you made up your mind that you want nothing more in life but God.

You will begin to notice and shocked at the level of authority and strength that has come to God’s chosen.  He is pulling back the limits of this world so you can see the divine plan and strategy of the ages.

You have listened in this new place, your eyes are opened more and you can sense more accurately the discernment of spirits but also discernment of rank and authority.  This is what makes us different in our missions.  All showboating will stink and sink.

New ranking and authority come with greater accountability and humility.  Those who are in authority will recognize those who are birthing destiny in transitional upheavals.

I had a vision of a HUB on earth, and I could see above, the sky and heavens.

As I watched the cloud formations they turned darker like when storm clouds build up.  Then I saw three lightning bolts strike together in the air and then in union, these were shot down in precision timing.

The HUB was immediately struck, the lightning from the HUB shot out through all the spokes at once to the rim empowering the wheel within the wheel giving it movement all over the world.

I also see the Shekinah Glory Cloud and the storm burst into a solid bolt of lightning releasing into all the spokes at once and the blast of it, caused the sand to crystallize.

Abraham’s descendants are like the sand of the sea shore.  When the glory cloud moves we will move with God.  (Ezekiel 1:22, Revelation 4:6, 21:11, 21:1).

In a vision I saw a beach and a person scoop a handful of sand.  While holding the sand I remember the prophecy that Abraham’s descendants would be like the sand of the sea shore.

Then I saw the person open all fingers from each other with hand wide open and sand began to fall between each finger and many sands fell between the cracks, but when the hand was together, the sand remained.

This speaks of the five fold ministry of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist.  (Ephesians 4).  Even then there are those that fall between the cracks and I asked the LORD why?  What about those that fell between the cracks LORD?

I saw another vision of a narrow path on the side of a mountain that was illuminated and the path got smaller and smaller then I saw a crevice and it couldn’t be jumped.

It was foggy and it was further but I couldn’t see the other side.  I looked down and saw a high wire or cable that went from this side to the other side but I couldn’t see the other side.

The Spirit of God gently led me to go, yet I had to focus on Jesus and not loose my balance.  As I walked the wire, I gripped the cable with my feet and toes balancing my arms as I went.

It seemed impossible, but I focused on the LORD totally.  I didn’t know why the LORD would require this of me.  As His peace came over me, he urged me gently to trust him and keep walking the narrow wire and I did it as I focused and kept my eyes up and took small steps as I listened to His voice and focused on Him.

I finally made it to the other side, and asked the LORD why I had to cross this ravine?  He told me that He will always challenge me to stretch further in faith.  I said to the LORD, there are so many that aren’t ready for the high wire and it was such a test of trust.

I asked the LORD, what would have happened if I didn’t make it and fell?  Would I fall completely out?  The LORD spoke to my heart and said, “Daughter, look down into the crevice, as I did the fog seemed to clear a bit and suddenly I saw what looked like a great net.”

Suddenly I knew what it was!  The LORD pulled back the fog and revealed His great NETWORK!  Suddenly I understood that even though I may fall, HIS Network would catch us even when we miss it!

Wow!  The great connections and networking are literally catching those who fall, even among the five fold ministry cracks so they can get back up where they need to be.

We must comprehend that networking is a great resource of safety for the church.  It is much more important than what we thought.  We must know who we are and know where we fit, for it is for protection, safety and our welfare.

There are times also that the network needs mending for there are breaks and issues that need to be resolved.  He has called forth those that mend the breach.

These that mend the great net are gifted to cross all sorts of culture, race, denominational etc.  God has those who can cross culture within a shift.  These have such an international scope.

With such a great catch you must know there will be all kinds within the big catch in the net.  The angels will separate the good from the bad.

We must trust he will always catch us when we fall but know you should try your very best as the LORD will always challenge us with more adventure in HIS kingdom.  This is how we grow and thrive!

Revival is coming, people are getting into place and the network forms from sea to shining sea and your seed will possess the nations.

This is a movement of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to ignite the fire with flames burning through us, through the HUB, spokes and rim.

For in these days the scripture is made manifest that the fullness of godhead bodily is working through His people as greater works shall we do,  (John 14:12, Colossians 2:9-10).


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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