I see a beautiful Easter Lily, and it is in a transfer type of pot.

Below the leaves I see some sucker shoots, and the LORD is cutting them off.  However, it isn’t that the sucker shoots are bad, they just need to be cut off for the season coming into your life.

I see you as the lily and God has cut away some roots and sucker shoots for transplant in this time frame.  You will be planted in fertile soil and flourish.  Trust the LORD, God will bring in the answer as you are entering a new mindset.

The new level which will be beyond even your own thinking.

The root bound lily with the shoots, shall be stream lined.  What you have done before is antiquated by his new assignment.  It is time to trust in a deeper dimension for he has need of you.

Don’t concern yourself with these new things at this time, but in the soon time to come, it will all be clear and settled.

Don’t worry about these things but turn It over to me and trust.  One plants, the other waters, but God gives the increase.

Rest in this; I have already prepared the way.  No worries or anxiety about transitioning.  Give it all to Me, says the LORD.

In your next level, not all can go with you.  I AM cutting away all the strings from your goodness.  It’s time for the babies to fly Eagle, and come higher beloved.

Rest in this; I have already prepared the way.  Now walk in MY Peace says the LORD.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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