A Union of Colleagues

The LORD revealed to me a ‘Union of Colleagues.’ Separate, yet connected. A ‘type’ of round table.

The LORD revealed to me a ‘Union of Colleagues.’   Separate, yet connected.  A ‘type’ of round table.  

Many of us have wondered what is happening and how we all fit together.  The LORD said to me, “You will be connected, yet a separate entity.”

You do not loose your identity in Christ, nor your personality, but are being linked together to make a bigger picture of Christ personality.  The part of your puzzle is not being diminished, but is linking or expanding to present a clearer picture.  The Spirit spoke “Corporate Anointing.”

The LORD shown me aged mature wine bottles, and mature saints and old worn swords that have been used to fight many campaigns.

“Do not fear the upheavals and changes that are coming in your life.  I AM uprooting and re-positioning. You have fought many battles and have much to impart.  I AM not through with you in your age, for in a gray head is wisdom.

Generals are rising now coming into position that shall command end time strategies.  A five star general of Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist.  The next 18 months is world wide movement in transitioning.  

All will be in place for taking the ground back and declaring, decreeing, establishing and settling the matter.  Before the souls remain, you must maintain the ground gained.

The teachers and those wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness shall give forth light like the stars in the heavens.  Navigators have for a long time relied on the stars.

I will still visit Bethlehem, the small seemly insignificant places.

Behold I AM for you and I look to you, you shall be tilled and sown.

I will multiply men upon you and all the houses and cities shall be inhabited and what was thought a waste of time will flourish.

I will multiply and you shall increase and bear fruit and I will settle you due to your former estates.  It is time to sell and move forward to what I have ahead.

I AM financing MY visions.  I will do better than you could ever imagine.  Your beginnings are nothing compared to what is in store.

Fear not!  Press in!  For I will do much more than you could ever expect; and you shall know that I AM the LORD!”


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey