Hey, What’s Your Connection?

IMPORTANT:  Make no hasty decisions beloved. Be not hasty and miss the way!

IMPORTANT:  Make no hasty decisions beloved.

Be not hasty and miss the way!  Just because there is a need, doesn’t mean you fill it.

Live, eat, drink, breathe and sleep in the presence of God!

We are learning how to walk in the Spirit!  And because we are living in such perilous and serious times, we are in the season of separation.

God is shouting through His prophets to get READY!

You are either totally in or totally out.  Everyone needs to know where you fit.

Beloved, come under an umbrella of godly leadership.  We all need accountability especially the young in faith and also equipped ministers, especially in the field.

This world contaminates us and we need to come back together as often in fellowship so we will remain free.  When we are connected we have links with others who love us and will watch over each other.

Coming under godly authority is no longer something avoidable.  If you wish to be covered and cared for and relevant to people, there is a price.

God loves us and wants us to remain close.  I have seen the world wide NET in the Spirit, and I could see holes in it and people would fall through.

It was so upsetting to me when I had that revelation.  Beloved we are the ones who must mend the NET in our relationships with those we are connected to.

ARE YOU CONNECTED?  We don’t want to lose one precious soul!

Living outside of our Net Work is a dangerous place to be, especially if you are or were anointed by God.

If we fall through, it will cost a higher price and it takes so very long to try and get back what you once had.

Satan is determined to keep us away from the NET-WORK!

He knows if we learn and yield to God, he will not have access to us to to bring harm because we are all connected and we are fighting for each other so no one is neglected.

To have hope in this world will keep you bound to where satan dwells.  Yes, rebellion will carry a swift penalty and hopefully when we see the price it cost us, it will change us.

It is no longer about your own ministry, it is about a corporate anointing (NETWORK) and authority.

If not heeded, we can slip down a slippery slope into strong delusion due to our own pride.

Pride comes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction.  The devil will make you think you have your own ministry but he is calling the shots now.

His hope is that he can take you down along with those you are deluded with.


The enemies desire is to kill, steal and destroy you!  If he can’t do that he will settle making you lame where you are never effective again! Satan wants to KILL YOU!

Satan knows he has but a short time and he is going for the jugular.  If we do not come under God’s will for our life, we will simply come under the cares of this world.

The enemies pattern is the same, just with different faces.  Once he gets you down, he will have caused you to give over your free choice and free will.

The enemy will cause you to lose who you are. He will have mastered you by taking your identity away.

There are NO more control and manipulation play games of the past.

WE ALL must have Accountability in this hour.  The NET-Work God is putting together is for our protection and for the harvest.

Truly we are part of a NET to catch soul’s, and we must mend the net often of broken relationship connections.

We must understand that we cannot remain as is.  We all must make a decision; to do nothing means you made a decision and chose something.

The enemy is desperate, his plan is to interfere with God’s plans at any cost! His plan is to keep you open at certain levels where he has access to you to control, manipulate, and overwhelm you.

This is about life and death accountability beloved.  He wants us to see leadership not in the Caspar Milquetoast way of the past in fancy buildings and structures made by men who took what were worldly programs into keeping the group happy.

The Church is coming full circle beloved and if you can hear and receive this; this is the structure the LORD has built.

The LORD has set in order those whom foundation is upon the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ our chief cornerstone.

So there is a structure that God has set in place; It is the five fold ministry.

You will find these ministries as you seek the LORD for where you to be planted.  Read and study Ephesians 4 beloved.

The enemies access comes in many forms, but his first priority is to aggressively pursue after you to seek access.

BELOVED He is using needy people, People who are being used by the enemy will try to put out your light and knock you down the mountain to a level you graduated from.

Then you have lost precious ministry time with people that are hungry and have the right motives.

Beloved, it is manipulation pure and simple.  In his plot and plan he wants you to feel sorry or obligated to fill the needs, because surely it is God’s will that I must do something!

NO, NO, NO!  Do not give him place!  Do not respond in a favorable way to manipulation.

Absolutely make it clear, the enemy has no access to you and what God is doing through you.

His desire is to come, hinder, and flood into your life bringing his buddies with him to make it harder for you become a threat against him again.

It is like becoming chained to his leash.  He wanted you to think you had him leashed but no, his ploy is to keep you under wraps and chained to his leash to have you in his control.  Give NO PLACE TO THE DEVIL!

It takes a lot of effort to gain back your Spiritual health and position.  He will use tactics to gain and contain you in any desperate way.

Keep pressing in as he is losing access in your life.  Give the devil no more place.

Just because it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck don’t mean it’s a duck.

It’s a DECOY beloved, give that spirit NO place!

Because of the major changes that are taking place, you are finding what you use to get away with, is taking you a long time to get you back where you once were.

If you do not give access to godly mutual accountability, you will invite the schemes of the enemy.

None of us can do it on our own.  How many times do we need to go around and round and your compassion gets you into trouble.

Compassion if it isn’t according to the LORD’s leading can get us into big trouble.  The enemy uses our compassion against us.

Sucker shoots, cut them off, shake yourself beloved, give the enemy no place, I don’t care who he works through and how great of a need it is.

You’re walking in new places now and with new responsibilities.  It will cost you valuable time.

God said to connect into a NET-work.  NOT a demonic WEB of deceit.

Jezebel is like a spider and she weaves her web to capture unsuspecting people to trap them.

Her goal is to take her time and suck the life out of you and devour you.

For those who come under her attack it will cause them to fall to low levels and attempting to rebuild has cost you valuable time.

The LORD warns you to NOT allow that again. Jezebel works through unsuspecting men and women.

A NETWORK is very different, it is interdependent on each link making a strong NET for souls to be won and kept safe.

A demonic network is weaved to capture souls to kill, steal, and destroy.

A network and a spiders web have similar functions.  For example, the black widow spider is skilled in weaving her web of deceit in capturing her prey.  She kills what authority figure in her life and her black sheen and red hourglass on her back speak that she moves in a skilled manner and on time. In her mission to finish her diabolical process and to capture her prey in a sticky web, to bite and she spins a shroud over her victim and if not liberated, will be totally devoured.

Jezebel is skilled in weaving her web and much like the black widow.  Her character traits show through a person if sensitive to the LORD.

If you are not under the protection of accountability, you will face this first hand, unless you have already fallen prey to this principality.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Author: newbeginninginternational.net

Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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