Infinite Faith

Beloved, don’t you realize He is right there with you? He will never leave or forsake you.


“Jesus saith unto him, ‘Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed,’”   John 20:29 KJV.

Beloved, don’t you realize He is right there with you?

He will never leave or forsake you.  Yes, you have entered a new realm of His holiness.

You are noticing different things have changed, but you wonder why you can’t feel things like you use to.

Do you remember when Jesus told Thomas to believe?

However, Thomas would not believe until he used all his physical senses to believe.

Once he saw and felt Jesus hands and side; his senses confirmed and he believed. Blessed are those who trust God even when they cannot hear, see or feel.

Faith has nothing to do with our senses, emotions, or feelings.  Faith is a fact!

Faith brings substance to our hope that brings true godly evidence into our world.

Faith is the eternal, mixed with our temporal, that brings the eternal order of facts into manifestation in our destiny.

Emotions cannot be trusted beloved.  Your trust must be in Christ alone who is the hope of glory!

God’s Word is forever settled in heaven and on the earth.  To put trust in any other person, place or thing will cause us to be sidelined by doubt and unbelief.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and the fear of man brings a snare.  Fear God and live beloved!

If you have little mustard seed faith, you can do powerful things through the Holy Spirit!

Heaven and earth will pass away but His word will never pass away.  It is limitless into infinity!

God’s faith in us is forever settled in heaven for every blood bought child of the living God! God’s Word when we believe and speak it, is so powerful! God’s Word has creative power!

God’s Word spoken, created the universe and all that it contains.  God’s Word is never ending; it’s timeless and infinite.

God’s Word is impossible to measure or even fathom.

God’s Word has the same creative power, purpose, force, and destiny in our lives.  The Bible describes it like a fire and a hammer that breaks rocks in pieces.

God’s Word in us is totally complete through His mighty redemptive work done at Calvary!

God’s Word is totally amazing; having supernatural finishing power!

God’s Word is the source of all life physically, emotionally and spirituality; throughout all eternity.

Eternity meets earth, inviting us by His finished work giving us the gift of free choice and free will.

Behold, He stands at the door of eternity and knocks.  If anyone opens that door, eternity enters.

Anytime anyone makes that choice to meet with eternity, it causes a fusion.  There is a split right down the middle in fusion, where man and God become one.

We must make a decision with our free will and choice to accept or reject this freedom.  When we accept our free will and choice, we can then make our final decision becoming fused together at that moment; making the two one.

When you opened that door, by receiving him, you put your trust in Christ; NOW faith is!

Not was, not when, not how, or then!  Now faith is!  You heard him knock on your heart and you opened the door and He came in! You trust Him!

These words became an infinite, creative force within, that many do not understand.

Now faith is, that spiritual substance.  It contains creative power taking you as mortal clay in His infinite hand forming you into His masterpiece.

He has kept you in the palm of His hand and nothing can pluck you out.  Remember beloved, being molded into His masterpiece is an ongoing process, though the works were finished from the foundation of the world.

Being kept in His hand by faith is a fact, even though at times, it may not feel like it.  It doesn’t change the outcome because it is done.  Now faith is beloved!

He is our creator and His DNA make us creative by nature.  He gives us His artistic flare to create what has been, what is, and what will come.

Our vessels are delicate, easily marred, and broken.  Earthly things can always be broken or damaged.

He is always working things together for our good and our benefit.  He will create and mold you into what He desires.

Creative power is given to you by the Holy Spirit.  There is nothing missing, nothing broken.

Beloved, you were known and chosen from the infinite riches of His glory!

Open your eyes and see all the new things!  Now faith is!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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