The Repentance of The Heart

Having a prophetic exercise is a good way to teach all of us.  God is so diverse and he speaks in so many ways to minister to all of us.

The LORD has shown me recently that when I speak or write, that it can speak in so many ways concerning the people’s ideals, responses and in how they perceive them.

Having a prophetic exercise is a good way to teach all of us.  God is so diverse and he speaks in so many ways to minister to all of us.

I posted a prophetic exercise in a previous postings, please give it a try.

“The Clock, Spiritual Coma and the Mantle”  

God knows my heart and I thank HIM for that!  What God gives me to say or write, I have no intent to anger you or hurt you beloved.

Most of the time, I have no idea what or how He speaks to you.  I am not the Holy Spirit and you are responsible to your reactions, and actions.  This is free choice, free speech, and free reactions!

Again, I am not the Holy Spirit, so how you receive that Word is between you and God.

I am only writing what HE gives me.  God multiples His words to speak to your very important need.

We must understand that one need for you may not be the need of the other.

I want you to know that I NEVER purposely try or intend to offend or hurt NO ONE!

But I ALSO cannot repent for what The LORD gives me.  I am simply a vessel he pours through.

The way God speaks to me may speak one way, and to another person they may get angry and they get angry at me!  When I have no idea why, unless The LORD reveals it to me.

Heaven and Earth will pass away but God’s Word will never pass away.  God’s Word is a Spiritual Book that needs to be Spiritually discerned.

What He may speak to me can be vastly different from you.  However, if you are offended, go into prayer to seek why a word provoked you.

God taught me long time ago that He WILL allow circumstances in our lives to happen because HE knows our heart, but HE wants us to see our heart!

We must repent of hidden heart issues that causes us to react to situations that hurt us. He wants us to be free beloved!

But God will cause a “provoking” to get to our “heart” issues.  When I feel that provoking in me, I will back away to see and to be sure what God is saying to me.

But usually when there is a “provoking” what usually follows is an “Action.”  We can react in various ways.

But He wants us to see our own heart!  So, the “messenger” is NOT the Holy Spirit and is not responsible for your reactions or actions.  Often, we have no idea we had such heart issues!

People can also be offended if an evil spirit is present.  An evil spirit for example, like “Leviathan”, can cause a person to see and hear the words in a “twisted way!”

If the writer or speaker speaks things that go deep in our heart, it can cause us to be very uncomfortable and confrontational!

Once we realize there is a Leviathan spirit at work, we must confront it and command it to go in Jesus’ name!

As I have said before, I often have no idea how the person reacts, feels or what they hear!

When a Leviathan spirit is at work it can cause a mess in relationships.  That spirits MO is to twist our words making them lies! It wants to divide and conquer!

Leviathan wants to ruin relationships.  It wants people to believe we are against them!

Don’t go by the actions you perceive from a person when you have tested them many times by their words and actions.  Remember the person by what you “consistently” have known them to be!

When you are in a spiritual fog, and cannot see clearly, it isn’t the time to open our mouth when we cannot see clearly.

We must get quiet!  It isn’t the time to make any hasty decisions while WE are foggy!  Be still and ask God to bring clarity.

We are to be still and know He is God and to wait on The LORD!  Please do not speak against them!  It is a set up!!!  That evil spirit is sent to curse God’s anointed by using charismatic witchcraft to bring destruction.

If we speak or write using God’s word against people, it is charismatic witchcraft!

Remember how Satan used the word against Jesus?

Well the devil and his demons are doing the same thing to us!  Those spirits are at work twisting our perception of others by our words and actions.

Know those who labor among you and do not speak against them!!

Satan is waiting to use our mouth to curse others by listening, perceiving, and twisting the scripture and using it to hurt people!

Don’t trust everything people say, take it to God and bind the devil.  That spirit knows if it can divide us, it can cause us to be grounded and nonproductive.

We must remember too, that God will confront us about our sin, and it can make us feel very sad, fearful or angry etc.  With God it is for our benefit as HE will provoke a response for our good.

Often The LORD will use a prophet to provoke a message to get to the heart issues.  prophets have no idea why they are there, unless The LORD reveals it.

Because the prophet walks by faith! God will reveal it to them as they walk on! When people react to that message, it brings with it a call to action!

God is all about getting to the heart of the matter to show us that we need heart Repentance.

God is very serious beloved! God desires to bring health and healing to our OWN heart through Repentance.

Then he desires our family, but we must realize that each one in our family must repent of their own sin and issues.

He is calling for Repentance in the Church.  As the Church goes, then shall the Nation.  He placed us here to be salt to this nation to season it and to preserve it.

Then our Repentance proceeds for the Nation!  And Ultimately to ALL the various Races of Peoples of the whole Earth.

Some “ONE” must stand in the gap for our family and nations!  Why can’t it be us?

We need National Repentance!  How can we have Repentance in our Nation when the Church doesn’t see the need?

God is getting down to the roots that are buried deep within us that we don’t know about!  God’s desire us to free us from being held captive and hostage by so many things!

God has known of the issues that are there in our lives.  However, you have the potential within you right now, and the time is at hand!

We need to get serious with God about what is happening right now in our lives!!  This is God’s time line!

The LORD wants to heal our land of all the past suffering, and all of the Social Injustices done in our land and done to our people in America!

“We” the Church of the living God in America, must come to identify with these issues that move us wrongly.

“WE” the nation of America must come together and Repent!

“WE” this Nation of America must turn away from the sin of racism, hatred, and bitterness and we must forgive, so that the generational curses in our family can be broken and healed. In the Nation of America, it takes just one person to start the process of healing!

Why can’t it be you?


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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