Time For The Reckoning!

There is much turbulence going on through the body of Christ.  We are recognizing and sensing the storms and battle.

There is much turbulence going on through the body of Christ.  We are recognizing and sensing the storms and battle.

At times you felt so pressed down that you couldn’t get up, and you were tempted to give up.  There are some who were rooted deep and no matter how they were blown by the storms, those planted deep shall not be moved by any threats.

Those demonic winds will not intimidate those who are prepared by God’s Hand.

There are more warriors coming and you will begin to recognize immediately the authority and rank they carry.  Evidence of hard struggles as seen behind the scenes, which show what lessons they have learned through their journeys.

There is a high cost to carry weighty messages.  One must be prepared by the LORD through much training and testing.

There are those people who seem to have come out from obscurity to come before the LORD who announces their new rank to all those in that place.

God is seriously cutting away any hindrances.  Leeches and friends, even godly friends are being removed because of the mission.

There is a line of demarcation.  These have suffered immensely to be tested. There will be other tests. It is during these times when those who know you, shall be taken back in shock as they begin responding to how much you have changed!

Even you shall stand before a mirror and be shocked by what you see. CHANGE!

The Five Star General’s insignia is the rank that contains the five-fold ministry of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist.  There is a strong coalition once scattered abroad that is being unified by the war and the Commanders movements.

Tactical maneuvers of defense, and missions that are strategic in scope will be revealed and rank will know immediately in their spirit.

I also saw that God has kept hidden those whom God trained in secret who have been hidden for decades, shall come forth, commissioned and active for such a time.

You have seen changes and felt such strength.  You will be shocked at the level and strength of yourself and others whom know you.

God is increasing in the earth!  As we decrease He increases.  God has given us a reprieve to be ready and be on course.  For truly times of refreshing come from the presence of the LORD.

It is hard to explain, but I know something is settled, something solidified and finished.  It is very different and very strong.

Listen for your orders.  Trust Him for there will be many signs and wonders to follow those who minister the Word of God.  You must not fear the future, but look intently into the Word of God and you will see the fruit clearly.

There is something so historic, never seen or known before, that will bring divine encounters with the Angelic, and Host of Heaven in intensity in all nations and there shall be more visitations.

These ranks, as they press through, will begin to see things very quickly and get answers very quickly.

Even the thoughts are known before they are ever imagined, spoken, or written.  It is for unlimited declarations, decrees and demonstrations into the whole world.

Such quick responses and time are speeding up, and you will find that the plowman will overtake the reaper.

God is connecting those who will truly be your family.  That may sound simple to you, but many in outlying regions who think they are outcast and abandoned shall be provided for through technology, so these will have spiritual fathers and mothers concerning the faith.

This is the time to be anchored into this very historic sacred time we are entering.  You have never past this way before.

The heavy attacks come because of the powerful rankings and what you have gone through.  These who are highly ranked are clothed in humility.

During this transition, these will go through upheavals and will carve off any leach that would try to suck the life and remain hidden.

God’s prophets will get more intense and more precise Words for the matter.  God is saying WAKE UP and REPENT!

These who are sent will each carry precise words and weaponry.  The LORD’s presence and intensity will cause absolute enlightenment and immediate conviction.

I saw myself face to face and nose to nose with satan.  He came to me nose to nose and toe to toe and screamed at me to intimidate me.

When the devil screamed in my face, I could feel the wind of his fury and my hair was blown back of fierce winds.

However, the devil messed with the wrong woman!  He didn’t realize my root system was deep and forged through trial and I stood under the fiercest winds by and through God.

Before I knew it, the power deep within me pressed forward and I did not bow, bend, or move at the devils taunts.

I opened my mouth thinking I would scream back, but shockingly I heard the sound of a lion’s roar to such a powerful degree, the devil flipped end over end, got knocked off his position, then was blown away with fierce winds, while I had no intimidation or fear.

The devil was no match for a blood bought, know-who-they-are soldier, of the Kingdom of God.  He tried to use the power he had gained previously and was far outweighed by the new power gained in promotion.

God never equips or send us unless we are prepared.

I see new weaponry for this new day which we are in; state of the art provisions and capable to the minutest detail.  Even our loyal patriots from nations will join in arms.

It is his anointing that breaks down all yokes.  He has given weaponry out of this world to His warriors and gives instructions at a moment’s notice.

Yes, know your enemy and never underestimate his tactics, however the LORD is going to blow so hard that demons who have held regions, cities, states and nations will be blown away and be taken over by the Army of God!

There are people in out-of-the-way places who have been standing in prayer and fasting.  This is for their regions to be cleansed of the defilement.

God will set up His people to rule and reign and take back what Satan had stolen from them.

I saw myself in deep water.  I came up for air, gasped and back under I went again.  I was able to watch all the while being able to use a periscope to see and watch above and then dive deep.  For deep calls to deep.

It was like a submarine.  God has you on His radar and the periscope watches above, then you go and dive below.  It is those who go into deep water who will see the miraculous.

God is going to give you a test run and you will be escorted by angels and those warriors whom will be connected to you.  There will be such cohesion and you will finally know where you fit.

Social media will continue to be a portal and great door for many.  There are hidden parts of the globe with those who are in out of the way places, however, through technology, social media and satellites etc. these will be unveiled and there shall be a day of reckoning.

There are those who have no Church building or fellowship.  In this time, there is no Church houses that are necessary to be the Church.

The five-fold ministry of the apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist will be available at a moment click.

Many seek a pastor where they have none.  The LORD shall shepherd His people through on-line fellowships to meet the spiritual needs of the people.

There shall be a great net for reaping the souls in the earth.  Yes, God will bring forth the harvest, even the great NET-Work around the world.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Author: newbeginninginternational.net

Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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