The Process of Brokenness and Change!

The LORD says: “I AM closing this last chapter in this season, as the set time has come and you have been made ready.”

Vision, Interpretations and Prophecy:

I saw a pick and a axe among a lot of tools and they were leaning against the opening of a mine.

It looked to be a deep coal mine.  It wasn’t a big mine, but a very safe looking mine that had given a fair amount of yield with the “VEIN” excavated.

The vein supplied energy for such a time but it made so sense and I wondered why everything was so clean.

You wouldn’t surrender to the process of being finished because of preexisting thought patterns and doctrines that kept you bound to keep working even though the mine was totally excavated and so clean!

I couldn’t imagine what it took to make it so clean that it shined pristinely!  You didn’t stop but continued working to make that mine “perfect.”

Even though you gained all the coal in that vein, and I could see the length of Spiritual time and fortitude it took, spent going around and around and I was wondering why.

I could see you standing alone having these thoughts and now you began to understand that you had gone as far as you could go in these parameters.

You had checked and rechecked everything so many times you had it memorized from the sheer repetition of knowing each square inch of the mine.

I could sense the frustration because you mined out all you could in this vein.  The mine, for a season of time, provided enough coal to heat and give energy and care for the needs of the current Spiritual season and location.

However, there are many who are not ready to move from that known location to an unknown one.  Change is inevitable and it can be very hard for some.

Yes, there are some who have rooted themselves in that place, and to think of change has caused much confusion and anxiety.

You kept the mine in very meticulous order and has shown great attention to every detail.  Though the ceiling, walls, and floor were very black it was thoroughly spic and span.

This mine was unlike any other mine I had ever heard of or seen! It looked so clean that people doubted the condition and held to their unbelief.

There were many who took a white cloth and wiped the walls and floors and it was perfectly all clean, to their disbelief!

I could see too that each timber was set perfectly and the mine was very stable. However, once the mine was excavated you became frustrated and there was such silence and you would not move.

The LORD impressed upon me, that through the years, you held on to what you believe, but in your quest for more in depth of substance, perfection, and experiences with the Lord only led to more deep mine questions.

You are an aggressive, loyal type of person concerning depth, desires, and commitment and you are not afraid of hard work and won’t quit!  Such noble qualities and feats in your past caused you to learn well by experience, especially with difficult people.

“I AM closing this last chapter in this season, as the set time has come and you have been “made ready.” 

The past is behind, however what things I taught and stripped away are sealed, much like the memory of the five smooth stones.  Reminiscent by the bear and the lion,”  says the LORD.

“I have given you secret glimpses and previews of future things to come; pieces to chew on.  Because of impatience, and at times, great discouragement, you forgot the path of promise.

I wanted you to know that nothing can stop the travail of soul when the time of birth has come!  You had given up hope for the promise I made to you.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

The shift preview has taught you new things that have demanded you to unlearn things that were taught as religious things.

Remember when Peter was on the roof and I gave him a vision and I commanded him to rise and eat of unclean animals!  Do not what I call clean unclean any longer.

Now in MY destiny challenge for you, the compass has shifted and directionally by faith giving you alignment so that you won’t feel that you are spinning out of control into the unknown.

Know this!  You may feel unknown and where I AM leading you feels unknown, but I have gone before you and I have set your mind at ease and to understand, for I the LORD have liberated you!

Are you ready as My creation to be recreated?  My Holy Spirit is upon you to be open to learn! 

That is why My grace is moving and you will find great hope and passion in these new days to come.  Don’t be afraid as you have watched the stream dry up and the ravens stopped bringing flesh to eat.

You are being sent!  Don’t hold on to the old, for it has been excavated, do not hold to the consistency of the brook and the ravens!

You are new transplants!  Are you ready and enduring My promises with new passion!

Can you perceive it? Transformation and transitioning evolve into great passion!

What grace you had for this past season is dead and gone!  It is time to look ahead for you have never gone this way before.  However, you were prepared for such a time as this!

In the back of your mind, in the silence of yourself, in this new environment you are feeling mighty low and alone.

There is no common ground, there is no perfect box in the Kingdom, and many have let you down!

You must forgive all of those you have blamed and realize that through it all, I AM the same and I remain the same.  I AM bringing you into My Fullness!

I AM removing your false ceiling, walls, and floor.  I AM going to teach you new things and revelations that will astound the people!

Prepare to be misunderstood!  You continued to remain, but now you wondered and questioned what it all was for.  The journey is changing!

You have put out so much effort, but why isn’t it yielding more?

You have felt exhausted and have felt like you are spinning, like a hamster wheel.  Why did you continue year after year and seemingly end up facing the same questions?

You continued to push down every question and pushed on to continue your trek.  But now can you see a new thing?

A great awakening?  Fresh revelations?  Can’t you perceive it?

It is like rivers in the desert that gives water in the wilderness, to give drink to God’s People, My Chosen.

I can see you in times past, you carried a big canteen filled with water from your own individual well you dug in the wilderness to supply your need. 

As you wandered in the wilderness, you would find people along the trek, that were tired, wounded and near death and you would supply their need until they had to go their own way and trust Me.”

However, I saw a great light descend upon you, and HE reminds me of the great light that knocked Paul off his horse and yes, I hear, you too will begin to move into the vein and a road less traveled.

In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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