The Revealing of Obscurity

The LORD says, “I declare that My favor is upon you!  NOW is the set time; Yea, NOW has the set time come!”

“I declare your year of release and reversals!

I declare that My favor is upon you!  NOW is the set time; Yea, NOW has the set time come!

All things pertaining to My Releases, My Advances, never look back for it is gone!  For NOW, shall your head be lifted up above your enemies round about!

I will lift you up and all shall see when I declare My Love for you!

You have wandered aimlessly but as serious as can be, I have known your heart release and reversal are not dependent on your spiritual activity for I had mapped the way for your feet to go long ago.

Shake thyself from the bonds of your neck, you are free!  You have felt that your time has passed you by in obscurity.  But clearly, I know you’re going out and coming in.

What you surrender to Me when I ask has exponential value.  Yes, it may appear that everything has been taken away but Know THIS!  That My Spiritual Grace is upon on you!

I say MY Favor is upon you!  What I started in you, I will be faithful to complete it!

Even as you read this, feel the shackles being broken and your stride is greater as you begin to walk better and then you shall run again!

Satan knows I rest in your life, no matter how he tries to put out your eyes, I will RISE AGAIN IN YOU, and you shall press against the tide, as my Spirit rises in thee!

It is not your strength that shall push great walls down!  The tribulation of your soul has awakened the hordes of hell to scream in terror and retreat!

What I BEGIN, I COMPLETE, and when you have no strength, I AM the strength of your heart! I make the weak strong.

You cannot attempt to understand the kept secret plans I have for you, but suddenly I will move!

It shall not be of the former glory, but a brand-new understanding of My completeness in you in My Latter glory!

I decreed that My Word be flesh in you . You have been alone even in the midst of many people yet they don’t understand.  But I have UNDERSTOOD you very well,” says the LORD of Host!

“You have not been pushed aside!  Yea many men may have walked on by declaring you unfit, but I prepared in advance that your life carries the plans I have for you, for a map has been inscribed on your very heart by My Fire!

Radical Christianity doesn’t just say I AM only a God of Love, but I AM also a God of Justice and Determination!

My salvation is finished, and it is time to proclaim, decree and declare and win many to full discipleship.

I have gone before you and made the way.  You had no idea who you are and what I have built within the frame of My Church, as I knew you before you knew yourself.

I know the very intentions of your heart and I seek the hearts of those who say this is the day of salvation!

You shall experience My Glory Cloud Presence with Fire wherever you go!

My Levites!  Your inheritance is ME!  Your predestined to serve My Holy Place Fire!

I AM your INHERITANCE and I AM your Exceeding GREAT REWARD,” says the LORD of Host.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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