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If you are a true Christian you must pray for God’s anointed prophets, anointed Kings, or anointed, leaders; and to pray for them fervently!

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.  For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,”   1 Timothy 2:1-5 KJV.

“Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm,”   Psalms 105:15 KJV.

If you are a true Christian you must pray for God’s anointed prophets, anointed Kings, or anointed leaders; and to pray for them fervently!

The fervent prayer of the righteous avails much!  These leaders have a very dangerous job and they face scrutiny every day!

All hell itself will fight against these!  Why?  Because Satan always wants to sit in the highest seat of anything and everything especially in the land and to dominate and control this great nation!

Pray beloved!

Over six decades now, this nation of America has been lulled to sleep by thinking we must have separation of church and state.  God has always been involved with the government!  Read your Bible!

Pray beloved!

Satan has relied on dead dry religion as to not upset the government and to keep Christians lazy, sleepers, lackadaisical, and slothful!

Satan devised the plan to slowly suck this nation dry of her once strong foundation!  We must remember that the devil has had a very long time to plan things.  He has studied human behavior ever since Jesus threw him out of heaven!

Pray beloved!

The devil has been long, patient, and waiting for a single moment of victory!  The devil had planned the destruction of the church in America.

Yes, the devil in the past remained passive and patient, but now since God is bringing awakening to the Church and the Nation, we must be aware, for we are not ignorant of his devices.

To know specifics of the devil’s plan, you got to have a relationship with The LORD!  When the light shines, darkness flees!

That is why we must remain militant in our prayer!  We must return to our first love affair with Jesus beloved!  We must keep God first!

If God is truly the love of our lives we would be enjoying our relationship with our Kindred Lover who is Jesus Christ!  You cannot curse what God has blessed!

Pray beloved!

We all have witnessed such bazaar tactics by the enemy of our soul.  Up until the 2016 election, the devil, and Washington DC thought it was a done deal for Clinton’s win!

As we watched the news broadcast, the democrats were shocked!  The silence of unbelief we witnessed, signaled to Washington DC that there is New beginning of a whole new era of thinking!

The American people spoke and Washington DC heard it!

This was the beginning of the New, Washington DC.  The promise to drain the swamp after Trump won was beyond disbelief.  God had the last hand, and Trumped it!

Pray beloved!

God has heard our prayers beloved!  We must always pray for our nation and our national leaders and not lull off again into that demonic slothful, sleep ever again!

When sleeping beauty took that poison apple, none could wake her except her prince!  She would awaken by the one who awakens her with a kiss.

We had taken so much for granted for too long and I thank God that he has heard our prayers!  Our prince Jesus came to wake us up as our groom!  May we awaken with his righteousness!

Beloved, it is not over!  The devil will not roll over!

Now behind the scenes of the election in 2016.  Yes, the enemy was shocked too!  However, the devil has scrambled, regrouped and revamped for the impeachment hearings and to stop the reelection of Trump in 2020!

The devil has sunk his whole focus, strategy, and arsenal into the impeachment hearings and 2020 elections.

If you think 2016 was something we are in a race for 2020.  Our prayers are desperately needed now and we need to cover all prayer groups, that flank one right after another.

God has devised a plan and we need to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

Pray beloved!

There is a lot of demonic activity going on and we must be aware that the devil and demons are in the process now and are stirring up the fire and the fury of hatred!

I can see demons released to stir up people in anger, rage, violence, and hatred and the ultimate, murder.

Pray beloved!

I see the people and there will be uprisings, violence, harassment, and rioting.  I also see the demon spirits coming up to unassuming people spiritually by grabbing, biting and releasing bitter poison into the neck and suddenly these people become inflamed in hatred and they go spreading it everywhere for they are fueled by Satan.

That is how the devil is spreading bitterness and hatred and all spirits that travel with them.

Pray beloved!

I see threats in neighborhoods’ that once were peaceful become overshadowed at night like the angel of death came over Egypt and killed all the firstborn that didn’t have the Lambs blood on the doorposts.

The people of God need to step up to the plate and be praying over their neighborhoods to be taken for Jesus Christ.

Everywhere your feet take you is where your sphere of influence will rise.  As the Church goes, so shall the Nation!

Pray beloved!

It is not too early to begin to pray for the 2020 elections.  There will even be upsets in cities and in towns as Satan’s motivations are all about stirring up hatred for the system of elections at the polls with a heavy emphasis on swing states.

Pray for these avenues’ beloved!

Pray for our voting locations for protection and for the districts to be secured in Jesus’ name!  There will be the believers’ voices heard in the land.  But care should be taken seriously in advance through prayer in all districts and the voting process that was fueled by the devil, the people of God will stop what had become a formidable foe.

All the ruckus stirred up to cause the Administration to look bad!  The whole issue is fueled by demonized hatred.  We have authority over the devil beloved! We must take our nation back for God!

Pray beloved!

Instead of the uprising being seen for who and what they are, that blame it on the current Administration and the whole issue will be fueled by demonized hatred!

Yes, there will be such an out of control, uprising, and events that the public authorities will seek help!

Pray beloved!

Beloved, I must say this again, that the devil is already organizing plans and will try to do these things but we have the power in the blood of Jesus in us!

We should not fear, for He shows His Secrets to HIS servants the prophets.  When and if these things happen, we must pray in Jesus’ name!

Pray beloved!

I see the Liberal agenda and frantically try anything in desperation!  What they are actually doing is servicing the conservatives because “thou protest too much!”

Remember that this is a spiritual battle that can only be won in the Spirit!  This is a spiritual battle and The LORD commands us to take up the armor of God and the weapons of this warfare are not carnal but mighty before God to the pulling down of strongholds.

This is a spiritual battle and beloved, we must come before The LORD often and with others that believe in Jesus to pray.

We must pray and confess the word over these impeachment hearings that the plans of darkness are coming to naught and that the enemy cannot stop the gospel freight train that is coming through.

Each one of us are just as important, let us not jump the tracks, but jump completely in and use complete godly wisdom and bind the censorship of Facebook prayer groups for Jesus, and in Jesus name!

May we exercise our God given rights and free speech as our civil rights! Using our calm, cool, responses to events that happen, may we remain in peace with man, as we use God’s word against what is “behind the scenes” and not the people themselves.

Pray beloved!

Beloved of God, we must stay militant in prayer!  Our focus is to realize that prayer isn’t an option!  It’s a necessity.  The enemy has set his plan now for ousting President Trump, using taxpayer money, looking for anything they can find to impeach him. We must stand together in prayer, giving time to fasting and prayer.

Pray beloved!

We must continue to fight for what is right and good.  What lies and evidence the Liberals invent on this good man and his family has undergone scrutiny, public accusation, and humiliation and it is being done nationally where we ALL could see!

Whoever digs a pit for the righteous, himself shall fall into it.  And the noose created by Haman, that same noose Haman shall hang.

The Liberals think they have this planned all out, yet God has played and sounded His Trump!

Pray beloved!

Beloved of God, I don’t know how much more I can say about waking up and becoming an activist for The LORD!  And why He has me say it redundantly.

I guess it is like, here a little, there a little he teaches us dense minded sheep!  We allowed it for too long!

Beloved of God, NOW we must pray and agree with all intercessors to stop this impeachment fiasco, or we will lose all our Christian rights!

Pray beloved!

God-Fearing people!  You must remain awakened! Awaken your house, your family, your friends, and others you know.

God has an ambassador who represents us in this nation, who is our President of the United States of America!

We bring honor to whom honor is due!  We thank God for those God-fearing beliefs and standing for the conservative right!

Thank you, God, for President Donald Trump of the United States of America!  Amen!

We bring honor to whom honor is due!  We thank God for those God-fearing beliefs and standing for the conservative right!

Thank you, God, for President Donald Trump!  Amen!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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