A Word for Backsliders

The LORD says, “I AM taking you back to the beginning when you were young and on fire.”

“I AM taking you back to the beginning when you were young and on fire.

Many backsliders are being dealt with by The Holy Spirit and He is wooing you home.  I shall minister to all your wounds and emotional trauma.  You haven’t gotten so far away from Me to reach.  I always go after the one…

You will find that the truths that you once held are coming back to your thinking.  You wake up and you feel different, suddenly, you are thinking differently.  I AM making all things new again.

You are finding that what held you captive is suddenly causing you to think differently.  Within your soul and body, there is a great tug of war, and as you repent and turn away from sin, My Forgiveness and strength are yours.

You are moving in My Divine Plan and strategy.  I AM moving you in place and position quickly.  Don’t fear the new because the old and the new will collide.

Desperation is moving like the clouds and causing the hearts of My back slider’s to be suddenly aware of their condition of how far away they are.

I AM renewing memory from what I placed within many years ago.

I will surround those that return with access to places as they find their way by weaving out of darkness; It’s those who are learning to live, move, and have their being.

Those coming shall know by their own error how vitally important it is to be surrounded by those who are sent ones nearby.

I will strengthen you and I shall uphold you by My glorious right hand!

You shall be strong, and your life shall be as a beacon, enlightening, and strengthening others for you are all one.  Be strong,” says The LORD.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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