The House that God Built

The United States of America, will suffer judgment, and very soon, and everyone, even Church Members, do not want to hear this.

“Is a trumpet blown in a city, and do people not tremble? Is there affliction in a city, And Jehovah hath not done it? For The LORD Jehovah doth nothing, Except He hath revealed His counsel unto His servants the prophets,” Amos 3:6-7.

“And ye cause the Nazarites to drink wine, and on the prophets ye have laid a charge, Saying, “Do not prophecy!” Amos 2:12.

God often times speaks to me in ways that seem foolish to man and even main line Christians and spirit filled Christians.

It is known that we all are persecuted for the name and cause of Christ. However, when we wear Him and die to Him, much more dies to self and the real line in the sand is drawn. Then who we really belong to, is made truly manifest.

The LORD Jesus has graced me with the ability to see things that are happening now and in the future. Sometimes, He reveals things which has caused problems from the past, which affect us today in how and why we live.

Those of us who desire to remain usable for The LORD, will have no desire for fame or glory. Our only desire is to hear Him say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant….”

I would not dare share the things I have witnessed in my life to gain other’s confidence or some type of ungodly reputation for myself. For to KNOW Christ is gain, but me? I am only His servant, one who seeks to bring honor in this hour to HIM. This is an hour when NONE of us should depend on any man or woman, or child if need be. DO NOT even believe a vision or dream, without it first bearing witness with our spirit (1 John 4:41).

Why would God share a message to you, through another individual, unless He desired to personally confirm that you’re hearing Him correctly?

Now I understand we have babes in the body of Christ and they depend on others for a season of time, but ultimately, we always point them to God, to depend on God, and not on man.

Leader’s have an awesome responsibility to train, teach and live life in front of those new believers in a way that is real and not some far off theory, no man can attain. For to live is Christ and to die is gain. Amen?

The issue I want to touch on here, is regarding those who abuse the body of Christ. These are those who depend on others for feeding, praying and doing all the work ,while they sit back and think they are okay, without developing the Christian relationship and disciplines it takes to grow.

I can say ultimately and humbly, that I am very knowledgeable in abuse; physically, sexually and psychologically. I also can say I have sat under spiritual abuse in many forms and I now know how to discern it. And if I don’t discern and for some reason it slips by me, The LORD makes sure to let me know ultimately.

In the coming days, no one will be able to knock on my door or anyone’s door for help, as no one will seem trustworthy. You will have to know how to knock and how to hear and how to appropriate the blessings of God.

The LORD Jesus has graced me with the ability to see things that are happening now and in the future. Sometimes, He reveals things which has caused problems from the past, which affect us today in how and why we live.

Yes, we will always have the poor among us and the weak, but as wise ones, let us continue in our wisdom. Yes, and for those babes and the weak, the injured and the wounded let us be mindful and aware of where they are, lest we fall under the same thing. Amen?

For those who think we are to listen blindly…. I am sorry, but that is out of order, WRONG and cultic. It does NOT line up with God’s word and it isn’t happening in my life.

God has an order of things and it speaks to all creation, yet in the true church, many balk from true authority and God’s true order of things.

I must say this again. GOD HAS ORDER and it is not a religious term nor a controlling term. Read the Bible, and you will see a God who is very organized and has order and events he has planned things from before time began. NOW that takes some serious time.

Well, I am one of many being sent out and I will say it like GOD says it is. God is cleaning house!

We are in a very serious time and it is not time to be lulled into sleep, but we must move into consistent prayer and fasting.

In getting direction from God, means you will be in tune with the rest of those who are hearing his voice too. And we speak the same thing. (*1 Corinthians 1:10).

I cannot help but say this and please take it seriously: This is NOT a time to frolic and play around thinking you have plenty of time to waste. It is a time to know where YOU NEED TO BE LOCATED….. a time to KNOW how to grow your own food and raise it.

You may laugh, but I warn you, it will be as needed to hear discerning words from God on a daily basis as it will be in harvesting corn or other plants that you eat on a daily basis.

The United States of America

The axe will fall on America and it Is just a matter of when. In the Book of Revelation, many ignore the common themes of Babylon and how closely we are related to that description. Many won’t acknowledge that God can let such a thing happen here.

None of us want to hear this, and many of us may not be ready. Indeed, most people in the USA are not ready for what is going to happen. So I would be negligent if I did not speak this or prepare you.

This nation of The United States of America, will suffer judgment, and very soon, and everyone, even church members, do not want to hear this.

I warn them and they say to me, ”I don’t want to hear such things…. I am old and want to enjoy the rest of my life.” I responded, “If I didn’t warn you and this happens and you are not warned, then God is not with me. But if He is, you better repent and seek Him like you have never done so in your life.”

If you cannot survive in a green tree, how in the world will you dwell in mass hysteria and in dry arid places?

God said to me that, “if he didn’t judge America he would have to bring Sodom and Gomorrah back from hell and allow them to live again.”

Hear the WORD of The LORD:

The outcry of those who seek justice and seek Him who sits on the throne, has reeked in the ears of The LORD of Sabbath, and none doth take it seriously. But ye shall take it seriously when I move, storm after storm, quake after quake, wave after wave, fire after fire, and star after star.

Shall not the judge of the whole world do right? Can I not keep and protect? Can I release fury? Yea, many shall be released and even now an Army entrenched in thy soil awaits and none doth want to see it, yet I see it and I allow it says the almighty.

Shall not I display who I AM in My creation, to bring those who relentlessly vaunt themselves and say, “Oh we have seen this before and many years ago this old earth has displayed her issues?”

Yea, many will say such things, but I AM about to display My splendor in this hour and I AM cleaning MY HOUSE first that I will have a nucleus of survivors who have fought valiantly to create a place of Goshen.

Yea it is My will to have a proper place for those who find me to come in and find protection even as the angel of death passed over they were there and felt the foreboding and heard the screams.

How can I send a new man into an old letter? How? How can I bring change when all they want is the same old thing?

Nay, but I say, I will respond in such ways as to make ears tingle and not itch. YOU shall surely know that a prophet has been among you as you will be able to see again and My blind body will come to light even as Paul came to proper vision of who I was. So do not despair, I will arise on you and on the saints who made themselves ready and you will see what it was in the beginning when the fear of The LORD was truly the beginning of wisdom.

I will not tolerate those who defile My spirit and seek and defame My character and My spirit’s character.

YOU will know in these days before, that I will visit you radically as it was was on the day of Pentecost and as the hearts laid bare so again hearts are being made manifest and I AM doing a shocking work in My Church and uncovering what afore was hidden even from My prophets until now, as I used such hirelings for My own purposes and now I have laid them bear.

Touch not the unclean thing and remove yourself from those who choose willingly before witnesses to rebel. Turn away from them and give them to Me, says The LORD, and worry no more.

This is not a time of bypass nor a time to relax spiritually. This is a time to perplex darkness and let no enemy have his way, for I will be lifted up in these days and My spirit will be made manifested in ways that even the Pharisees thought they could recognize through their teaching…. yea, indeed their teaching taught them about Me, and yet they couldn’t see.

For I will be made known to those with a contrite heart and spirit. In these I will not despise.

I AM releasing My hand back as this nation has cried for liberal ideas and not wanted Me, says The LORD. These types have even kicked My name out of this nation and schools. I have become a laughing stock to what nation I blessed and I must judge America so the rest will learn from her.

My saints, I seriously plead to you to seek Me for timing, for season, for provision for everything! I plead with you in such ways as a minute of sand that will be counted in that space of time millions of people will be engulfed while standing on their feet.

You think you have seen storms and earthquakes and other super natural disasters in the earth. May I ask this of you? Can you think you can boast to Me and say things that cause anger to continue as stench that rises to My Nostrils?

I have long been patient with this land and to those who have persecuted My chosen generation and those who deliver MY WORD.

Will you shake your fist at Me and declare you are greater than I?, says The LORD. Nay, you will be nothing and you will find your beliefs only shadows and find emptiness in the midst even as a sand castle is built and it looks so stout, yet when the tide comes it washes it all away from the bottom up.

Yea I have seen it all and I must move in this time and season. Most do not want to believe I will do this. I always have provided for my children in the midst of judgment but think not that it won’t check your door…

I will check every blood bought door and those who have pretended will be known and seek for those who know the truth for truth brings light and hard times and no one is exempt.

The truth will be divided and each person will be known for what they stand for. No blood redeemed of The LORD will be divided. Those who love me, DO WHAT I SAY.”

So many in this nation have become dull in hearing the truth and wasted into fatness having a false sense of security here and getting so called orders from The LORD. These not realizing what they hear are themselves or worse, familiar spirits they are controlled by.

Beware if you hold grudges or hatred, for these are only symptoms of evil but the root is witchery.

Many go from one prophet to the other. YOU get your own comfort from the comforter and get your own direction from the director. We all need a place of accountability and a place where we can be excepted as we are and seen for who we are. The LORD makes manifest our gifting and he makes room for us. Those who God connects us with will be like minded and there will be peace among them.

I have seen with eyes so deep, so pure…. .eyes that purge you with just a glance, eyes that sink me deeply into recesses of eternity that only those who are prepared can grasp to be able to enter in.

I may turn many off, but this I know of……. I always have the fathers love. Once you see that kind of love and see beyond this existence, it liberates your soul, and once and for all, you know that you know He is yours and you are His.

Please read this and grasp this deeper; I am not self-centered and only looking for one experience after the other, because I seek much more.

Once you see Him and look deeply into His eyes, nothing satisfies. The only way I can describe it is to say, It is like you face a great chasm and it is not earthy but heavenly and if you cross this place and been shifted to another zone, you shift in time with Jesus and you lose all sense of time and space in awareness of this life. It is not just experience, it is HIM. It is ALL about HIM.

As a woman of God, I speak what HE wishes. Nothing more, nothing less. I owe my allegiance to HIM alone, not you or anyone. It is very different, as for those who have experienced true warfare as God brought in his spirit to bring change. Very often we are happy about such words of good will and pleasant themes, never dreaming maybe, just maybe, HE may be refining ME? And the words may not be so nice or comforting at that time.

We must remove blockages that would keep the blood flow from our body. Moving closer to The LORD in intimacy is not just relationship, it is also survival in these last days. It is not only for us, but for the body of Christ, because when we are in our place, we function according to His will.

The LORD has shown me, we must learn to draw near and return to our first love again, and remove physically, whatever is blocking us from full devotion to Christ.

Do you remember in the book of Acts when the saints begged Paul not to go to Jerusalem and Agabus a NEW TESTAMENT Prophet, told Paul he would be bound there? Paul still went, didn’t he? Why? He had a prime directive. He knew his vision and knew so well that NO man could tell him otherwise. How many of us are that confident in our relationship with Christ?

I believe many who say that they love The LORD are liars, and during this season, The LORD is opening and uncovering wickedness. I have been witnessing this in several ministries and one in particular, that breaks my heart. Yet the choice is there to be made. WE CANNOT MAKE IT FOR THEM.

Many can say a lot of things, but the proof is in the hoof. Many are being uncovered, and when confronted, these will not repent or submit to authority and accountability, no matter how many other prophets or apostles are involved.

Scripture says, the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. Well, that tells me something, that we have others judging the words we speak, write, or whatever.

Frankly that scares me to death, to dare not even pray over a reputable word, even if we think it maybe off. I would rather read it, hear it, than out-right reject it before I pray over it.

I fear God with awe and honor and I would rather fall into His hand than into the hands of man. I Have the fear of God in my life and I know I had better listen when my spirit is perked up, and I know and have seen, over and over, those who have rejected or downright attacked prophets and ended up dying, or being very sick.

The word is clear, we must not touch Gods anointed, for when we do that, we touch him and offend him, and it does not matter how churchy you are. God doesn’t want to know how churchy you are, but how godly you are and how obedient you are to HIS word.

Herd mentality or group mentality drives people, but Jesus leads people and sheep follow willingly. Those who rebel, He deals with.

Herds can only hang on so long and soon they go away, for there is no root. A herd cannot keep up long, as they run out of strength, because it is their own power, words and articles.

I have learned to keep my focus on The LORD and I try to keep myself from focusing on others in ministry. That way, what I write and give to others, will be straight from God, not being influenced by or of man.

God has been speaking to me of judgment beginning in the house of God, and if it doesn’t first begin with us, what will become of the unbeliever?

Part 1 Vision

In the first part of the vision, The LORD almighty showed me a house made with old fashioned bricks and stone. On the outside, the house looked fine and it had a nice yard with flowers and shrubs. As I walked into the house, I noticed it had fine things and nice expensive furniture. Yet as I walked through the house, I could smell something bad, like sulfur.

The house seemed fine, except for that smell and I asked the person inside what the smell was, as they had candles lit to keep the smell down. They could not offer any answers. I saw this house three times in the vision, and the house represents people and ministries.

The 2nd Visit to the House

The second time I came back to the house it was 7 years later. The flowers were gone and the shrubs were burnt, like from drought. The yard had hardly any grass, looking like a severe drought. The outside of the house looked okay, but the yard seemed as if it had suffered drought.

As I walked in the house, the smell was horrid and there was stuff growing in the ceiling, floor and walls everywhere I went. It did not matter where I went, it looked as if the house had had no one care for it, during all the time that had elapsed.

I noticed a window and I opened it, and then others, as I started throwing out diseased furniture and all the furnishings of the house.. Once finishing that, I had to find the source of that smell, as I couldn’t find it.

I pulled out all the carpets and floor coverings and began to see the greenish hue of stuff that was on the floors, walls and ceilings. First I knew I had to burn the mountain of diseased furnishings, so I lit them on fire until they were burnt up. Then I went in with torches and burned the floors, walls, and ceilings, to burn away that greenish white leprosy that had taken over the house.

I raked out of the yard and the home all debris remains and buried them in a pit, far away from the other healthy homes, and then left. It was my hope that the home wouldn’t be lost, but I was so hopeful through my efforts, I just knew that it would recover and be established again.

The LORD commanded me to prophesy to the house and declare,

“You house, who has been the habitation of buzzards and all abominable things, I have come to you and I have judged you righteously.

I have uncovered the crime you commit against Me, by defiling My people by saying, ‘my sin you shall not see,’ yet your blatant sin kept Me from visiting you. You asked for revival, yet you cannot see in front of you.

You copy other’s prophecy, so others will think you are real, but I The LORD uncover what is wicked, and I will remove your name from this place if you not repent, says The LORD.

Is not My house called HOLY and are not My ministers called HOLY? For be ye holy for I AM HOLY, says The LORD.

Yes I will speak, yes surely I will. You have abhorred My prophets and cursed them, and sought to destroy them. You dig a pit for My righteous and think I will look away?

You think you dig a pit or trap one of My beloved and I say to you, that what you plan will fall on YOU! YOU who dig a pit for the righteous shall himself fall into it.

You think to destroy my beloved in whom I have tried and tested…. you better think again as I AM watching over My servants closely, and I see your ways and your words and actions in secret. Shall not the judge of the whole earth do right?

I AM going about and I will make it plain about My name and about My servants and you shall know surely that I love them.

Many of you who dare touch my anointed shall begin to see retribution of misery, for you reap what you sow, and many have quite a crop of corruption. You think to deceive ME says The LORD? You think you are to be hand fed through fraud?

The cries of fraud have been an irrevocable noise to MY ears! As they cry day and night at the spiritual abuse you force on My beloved. You live in pleasure, lie and become wanton; you have nourished your heart for slaughter.

Repent, for I AM coming quickly. Turn away from the deceitfulness of sin. Had it not been for those whom I have placed in your life at the right time to provoke you to reaction, to action, you would have continued therein towards destruction.

TODAY is the day of salvation, not tomorrow. Think NOT because you are a Bishop, Apostle, Prophet or whatever title you hold dear.

Think not on titles, as I see you and your heart and know your actions and I have proven to you what is right, and what is Holy, and who to confide in, but your pride wouldn’t let you.

You know to do right and repent, but instead of that, you continue to hide. How long will I endure?

MY SPIRIT will not always strive with man, and in this season, if you are found wanting, you will find swift destruction.

Repent, so you may be blessed to receive the former and latter rains. Establish your hearts and get right with ME says The LORD, for I AM coming very soon. Grudge not, lest you be condemned, as I AM standing at the very door.

As Job had to pray for his friends to be forgiven, many will come to YOU My beloved, who have suffered much, even unto near death, and endured, and they will repent to you.

Receive them and pray for them, even though you do not understand, says your God.

You will surely know a prophet has been among you. There will be those who in that day seek, but it will be too late for the door will be closed. Seek me now and live says The LORD.

You will seek a word and words will be sparse. When you finally repent of your pride, rebellion and repent to my servants, I will repent of My actions towards you.

I have purposely chosen to limit myself through MY people. BE CAREFUL to HEAR the WORD OF The LORD.

The plans of the enemy shall be revealed to My faithful. As drought was in the days of Elijah, in the space of 3½ years until the sound of the abundance of rain, when My servant was just like you; he had problems and suffered with many of the issues you suffer with, yet he prayed earnestly that it would rain and it rained as spoken.

So shall I do in these days, and greater things shall I do through My children as I predicted in the days when I walked with My disciples.

My Spirit is at work, both to will and do My good pleasure and I will command a blessing to those who obey Me. Be not afraid to sow into those you know are mine and when you do, surely you will reap back as you speak My word.

MY WORD is HOT and ready to hit the mark and I will move and the earth shall bring forth fruit.

In this season, realize I come quickly and be open to ask for help from ME and those I place in your life. I will use some of the most unlikely bred souls, yet they are bred by ME and trained in the wilderness for such a time as this.

Draw near to ME and I will draw near to you. Those of you whom I reveal, have one of two choices:

You can repent, and be restored or

Refrain and continue on the path of destruction.

I, The LORD almighty, save and love justice and show mercy. Yet I AM a GOD of Judgment and Justice and I give you free choice.

Not everyone will choose life, and I will not make anyone love me. They are free to do as they please.

I AM a GOD of [second] chances, but in this season, the chances will begin to shift and time will shift exponentially, and as the door has been open and offered to many, and many refused, so also shall I begin to test the door and test your resolve, and bring My Bride into splendor, that all may see her glory that radiates from her face.

For there is coming a day soon, when the door of which I speak to you, will begin to shut. Remember My word in the days of Noah, as the world around them feasted, got married and continued to live the way they always did yet, Noah found grace in the eyes of The LORD.

Noah could see the invisible and impossible, only through the spoken word of God. When Noah and his family finished and I commanded them into the ARK, I closed them in and brought rain 40 days and nights.

The 3rd Visit to the House

In the vision, The LORD shown me the same house, but another 7 years later. As I looked at the outside, it was barren as a desert, with no plant life at all.

I went into the door, hopeful that the house was cleansed of the green and white leprosy. As I walked in, I saw the green and white leprosy everywhere. The smell of death permeated the whole place, not only the house, but it was apparent to anyone who was close by.

I took tools and began to break up the floor and I found literally a death bed of leprosy under the stone floor. It was thick and it climbed up the walls and ceiling. No place was untouched, and I knew what had to be done. I began to torch the house with fire and the fire was so hot, it would lick the rooftop which had some wood and straw in it. The fire burnt all the wood and it spread so fast through the house, that the roar of it sounded of screams, bellows, with images in the flames.

After the fire, I then began to tear down the house, brick by brick, stone by stone. Nothing was left but a pile, I then hauled it to the area of death where the leprosy and debris were buried, to control the outbreak of it ,and to remove the sin therein. Nothing was left on that property but a burnt mark.

Soon grass grew back and a new cycle began. But there was no remembrance of that house again, for they had been warned 2 times and the 3rd warning came to pass to their peril.

This vision was hard to see, as I saw so many faces in view, and as I saw it, I didn’t want to write it. Yet I knew it was for the Father’s great love that HE sent His prophets and warnings to His Church to prepare His house for what is coming.

For judgment must first come first to His house and then we will be ready to help the lost. But if they pretend to be ‘saved,’ then what will happen if NO ONE gives the right message?

How will they hear, unless a preacher is sent?

Yet many have been sent into houses of buzzards, living off the dead flesh of sin and dry formalities of religious spirits that make themselves out to be the true church having lying signs and wonders too in mass that make others think they have the true account!

We should always be thankful for the preparations of The LORD and not ram our heads against His messengers or worse, seek to destroy or hurt them, for in doing so, we hurt God and offend Him greatly.

Sometimes His messengers maybe a bit premature or immature and need a bit of help. None of us start off perfect, nor do we ever remain perfect in the flesh. If a man or woman of God gives a word that is awkward, or out of step, take them aside if you are a leader, instead of crucifying them for trying. This is the whole message of discipleship.

(His messengers and prophets are loving people who labor in prayer and many tears over such words and grieve over people’s souls, yet many people don’t see the labor, tears, and sorrow they bear, but see them as hostile and they bite the person who simply serves them.)

When GOD’S messengers give a word that provokes a reaction to action, it is designed by God to bring action. YES or NO. We decide. God has no gray areas. There will be no one in heaven who will be forced there, because it will be their own decision. The choice belongs to each individual.


I had a vision and I saw The LORD Jesus standing next to the statue of Liberty in New York harbor and He had His arms out stretched and as He cried with a loud voice, I could hear the agony and the sobbing……

”Oh America, America how I have longed to gather you together as a hen does her chicks but you would not, therefore as your union grows My Spirit goes and you shall know what it means to be terrorized, desolate and have regulated security.

For chaos and fear shall come and men’s hearts will fail them, for fear for the things they see coming on America.

Many will watch from all over the globe in fear, as they see the things happen.

O Harlot of nations, you have paved the way for My gospel and run away to whoredoms. I convict and I command you to repent America!! Repent I say, REPENT, so that there will be salvaged lives and cities.”

“Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of The LORD.” Acts 3:19 KJV”

“For in the midst of great upheavals, shall come a great awakening, unlike hath ever been seen before, and it shall come in great calamity.

Many will seek me and live in these days, as they see these things fall on the earth.

Seek Me with all your heart, for this is not a time to stray, but pray. Many in that day shall understand that I AM the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, no man can come unto The Father except by Me.

I say to you, HEAR the WORD of The LORD.

There must be one more great awakening! For those who have studied awakenings and revivals, think not that I AM limited to your thinking.

I will do such things that no one will explain. Souls will be gathered and many shall see the manifestations of My shekinah (glory) and will not be able to speak, as it will be experienced and them changed, even in a moment of time, something divine.

I have My players in position. Some see them, those who discern them and know, but when I move, do not try to be as the Pharisee’s who thought they could figure out My ways through the words they had. Yet, they could not see Me in that day, and it is true today!

I moved regardless and frustrated their methods and the very God they thought they served, they rejected, but soon they shall see, as My Word is preached, great wonders and signs will be performed by My Spirit and no man shall obtain the glory, as I will take over regions, cities, states and districts.

I will move in the midst of trauma, tragedy and great loss and riding on this crest, you shall ride this wave.

My Bride will be made ready and many will come in the midst of great calamity. As sudden as birth pains come, so shall I be and in a short time I will do a quick work.

For the plowman shall overtake the reaper and truly the word shall be made flesh and the fear of GOD shall return to the true blood bought bride of Christ.

Many will seek you out asking you, ”Do you have the words that give life?”

Yes, a great Harvest is coming and a true revival to prepare My People for My SON and to be caught away to the wedding feast in the air. So shall it be forever more, says the LORD OF HOSTS!”

First published: January 17, 2016.

In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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