Regional Take-Back Recovery!

The LORD says, “I have seen the weariness in body and soul, but I sustained you, your seed, seeds seed and your many generations of times gone by.”


“Is the battlefield your mind, or Mine? Have I not said that you are not forgotten?

Yea, there has been a long drought and famine in the land of My Word of Truth to feed and to quench your thirst!

Yea, indeed there have been afflictions and needs of all sorts and you have felt parched like Death Valley, the lowest place you could go.

Many afflicted and needy seek the water that never runs dry and are parched, but I shall answer them myself for truly I will unearth springs of life and they shall never thirst again!

I have seen the weariness in body and soul, but I sustained you, your seed, seeds seed and your many generations of times gone by.

Yea, even as a confederate being weary of life and longed for death in the seasons of the night has seen a great light, though it seems tiny indeed!!

Yea, I AM bridging together the ancients, and what remains of the gathering folk with kinship (AND Kingship) that shall be allied in conjunction with those of like heart, mind, and spirit into an end time event of MY Glorious and Victorious Alliance.

Yea, I shall gather My Kindred from the four corners of the globe and My Remnant shall knit together a Covering that will cover and blanket the world!

For it is My good Pleasure to give you The Kingdom and all that it entails! Truly this is Kingdom business and Kingdom Alliance! For those who do My Business, I will take care of their business!

My Wailing Warriors have not labored in vain! And My prophets have decreed and declared a thing to rule and reign in this life and the life to come!

For truly it is My good Pleasure to give you the Kingdom Alliance you see before you! So, fear not, little flock; for it is no longer crumbs from My Table, for you have tasted crumbs of those who rejected you!

You shall no longer exist with this mindset, but I AM lifting you up from the chains that use to bind you that made you feel worthless.

You are no longer a slave, you have been given My Signet Ring of Authority, the Robe of Righteousness, and the sandals that cover your feet! I say unto YOU, Arise Child, Sit and Eat!

Yea, the battle has raged and nearly depleted your SOUL and your Body. The battle is The LORD’s!

I AM about to do a NEW thing that will totally shock and shake the mountains of this region and the land of your outreach! It will be for a sign and wonder to confirm My Word!

Stretch forth your hand and reach for the impossibilities! You will surely stretch forth your tent and strengthen your stakes and you shall break forth to the right and left and your seed will inherit the nations!

All those who assemble shall know that I AM The LORD who saves, for the battle is The LORD’s! (Judges 4:9,21)

I tell you a secret truth that no one can stop. I will give victory by hammer and nail into the hands of a woman!

Is not My Word as a Fire, and as a Hammer that breaks rocks in pieces?

I will break hard places as quakes will render new paths for your feet; for everything that can be shaken will be shaken that those things that cannot be shaken will remain! (Judges 4:9,21)

Everywhere your feet shall tread has been given unto you to possess! Take possession in the Spirit realm by faith!

Everywhere you go take the land as your Spiritual Heritage and Inheritance! By FAITH we obtain the promises! I shall also reveal and break down hard hearts and hard heads.

Take back everything Satan has stolen from you! Take your daughter back! Take your son back! Take your sanity back and anything and everything that was stolen from you and left for dead. Arise and shine! (Ephesians 1:17-19)

Author Speaking:

Beloved, it is time to KNOW who you are in Christ, and KNOW why you are sent!

It will take ALL of you to receive your destiny and call for souls for The Kingdom! It begins in us getting right with God, repent and get delivered.

After that, it will begin in your homes and families, then outreaching to your world! Yes, take it seriously! Watch over them in prayer and keep track of them, watch out for their soul and pray for them!

It is NOT the pastor’s sole job to follow up on everyone! The day of the one man shows are over! It will take ALL of us to build, strengthen, pray, and keep up with the Church!

We are each lively stones being built into a Spiritual house with Jesus Christ the Chief Cornerstone and we stand on the Rock Solid Foundation of Christ!

We each individually are the temple of God; a building without walls! We are to be helping in building, and by keeping track of those whom The LORD has shown you! God is the author and finisher of our Faith!


“I AM searching out for those who have the seed of righteousness and are Mine! So many have been deeply disillusioned with so called Church Houses who hold a form of godliness but deny the power thereof!

Turn Away from them and RUN! These who have scattered My Sheep by wicked Charlatan’s who are skilled in playing a role of a Con-artist, Liar, and Fraud!

Yes, these Religious, Fraudulent, Vipers spew hatred at My Beloved. Listen and Be Quick to Hear!! Be ye not CON-Formed to this world, but be TRANS-Formed by the renewing of your mind. (James 5)

MY Sheep have been tossed to and fro with the winds on every mountain, valley, and crevasse!

Wounded and Afraid, I hear their sounds and cries for help! It would be better for these who have raped and exploited My Sheep if they would tie a millstone around their neck and be cast into the sea than to touch and hurt one of them!

I AM the good Shepherd who laid down My Life for My Sheep! For those who have ears to hear, let them hear what The Spirit is saying to The Churches!

I shall demonstrate My Power and Authority that shall render the sinner and saint as the rain shall render their escape!

The Religious, false prophets, false teachers will seek ways for exploitation, to snare, trap, and to douse the fire. Give no place to their intimidation and threats! The Greater one lives in you!

Beloved, there is nothing to fear! For perfect love cast out all fear for fear has torment. It is the fear, awe, and reverence of The LORD that is the beginning of wisdom!

I will keep you in perfect and constant peace who mind is stayed on Me, because you trust Me! The provision and answers are the same; when centered and aligned to MY HOLY WORD, you shall be raised in holiness with confidence!

However, be NOT intimidated or afraid of personal threats! Let them say what they will, for payment is soon due, for they shall reap every word they speak upon their own head!

The critics speak with the forked tongue of a fool! For he who digs a pit for the righteous himself shall fall into it!!

Yea, they shall spew their venomous treason to all who will listen! Beloved, give them no place to your face or the airwaves of sight and sound, but in every way, they try to target and touch My Anointed!

This is a very serious threat to Me and I take it personally! In touching My Anointed will carry a quick and swift measure of retribution on the hard, stony hearts of the religious! For they deny My Power thereof, from such turn away!

Touch not, will carry a hefty weight for it is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living GOD! Yes, I have a people you do not know yet.

But you shall know them by My Spirit! These have been prepared and seasoned a long time through trial, and I will truly accompany My WORD with Signs and Wonders that shall follow the preaching of My WORD!

The Glory of The LORD shall be revealed all flesh will see it together for the mouth of The LORD has spoken it! It is MY job to vindicate and correct, in this NEW season of Visitation!

Be ye Holy for I AM Holy and keep thyself pure. But know this, that you have never gone this way before. So, continue to seek Me with thy whole heart and stop trying to figure it out.

Just as the Church began on the day of Pentecost so long ago, so again I AM bringing MY Church full circle with the demonstration of Power, signs, and wonders! And the last shall be first and the first last! (Acts 2, Joel 2.)

I have not forgotten the promises and prayers that were made. In thy generation I have seen it all! Nothing is hidden and your condemnation, shame and guilt are no more!

I have NOT forgotten you, nor have I forgotten the prayers that have gone up on your behalf many decades ago!

Exceeding, Precious promises were made way before you were ever known or born. But you have laid them aside through the years in discouragement.

But I say; Pick them up for I will visit you again! Yes, and Amen! Your Spiritual impartation is at hand!

Thy generational prayers are forever told in heaven before My face, and thy generational Ancestry of service hast come before Me as a memorial, and I have NOT forgotten!

I will honor you! For in thy prison of frustrations, condemnation, shame, and guilt, I will make all things New! Although banished and branded as lost you remained; but I have a plan!

Yea, even Gideon was the least in his clan. Yea, this is the set time to regain for your entire clan, for the last shall be first and first last! I shall vindicate every tear that your soul has cried for they are ever before Me.

I AM Alpha and Omega! For My Word is sharp, active, and it is piercing your heart and dividing the soul and spirit, even the joints and marrow!

I know the intent of things of the heart and depth of it all! Fear not to be transparent, fear not being real, for the time is upon you to take back everything Satan has stolen from you!!

And Now I AM telling you before it happens so when it comes to pass you will believe that I AM who speaks. Truly, I tell you, whoever receives the one I send has receives Me. And whoever receives Me receives the one who sent Me.

NOW FAITH IS! Thus, saith The LORD, I AM Moving by MY SPIRIT to foretell what shall be. For truly you have only skimmed the surface of your entire life! I know the plans I have for you and what I decree for you!

As Joseph was received as a proper child yet through envy, jealousy, and murder that burned within thy bloodline, but You have been chosen and shall spearhead thy generation!

Though seemingly cursed, by those who called you outcast, you began to believe their very words, and actions!

Take no thought of your past or present for I AM going to manifest MY Glory and your hearts will once again take hope for your future.

For yea, you have said there is no hope as I have only existed. Give ear and eye and see all they who return unto thee!

I shall foretell the Plan, and truly I will reveal My Secrets to My Servants the Prophets. They shall know that I take what is the foolish to confound their so-called wisdom. I AM taking what is ignoble and Making HOPE Filled!

There shall be a great Artesian well springing up to life! I shall Revive this dry land to be nourished and kept by My Hand.

I have tested you to see what your response would be! You have been remembered, and you have recognized My Servant!

Shake off the restrains that have been around thy neck! I shall make this place a house of blessing in that region and nation so that many sons and daughters will be born and raised up to go forth!

NOW FAITH IS! Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. You have stood your ground and did not reject or run from the vision, and NOW shall your head be lifted up above your enemies all around about!

Therefore, offer sacrifices of great JOY in HIS Tabernacle sing, yes, sing! For SUDDENLY as the mountain shakes you shall witness the gusher as it breaks forth like an Artesian spring!

Bringing life again and to remind you of MY Faithfulness and Goodness!”

Author Speaking:

I release this Prophetic Decree, Declaration and establish it as SO, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

Prepare ye the way of The LORD, make His pathway straight!

I go before you in the NOW of Faith, and Prophesy that soon and very soon you shall rejoice, for great joy shall fill you with strength and as you shall dance you will find yourself in all things NEW for truly a New Beginning has begun and you shall be found walking in it!

For it is by His Decree and Declaration that I speak!

For the GREAT I AM Has spoken!

Amen and amen!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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