A Plea for Help — Will You Answer?

“As these innocent ones beheld my face, even within the confusion of darkness that took them away, My seed and Destiny kept them safe.”

“As these innocent ones beheld my face, even within the confusion of darkness that took them away, My seed and Destiny kept them safe.

For great evil was determined, planned, and imprisonment too. I saw it all, and I will bring it all into full view!

This circle of vile abuse is now exposed, and My Gavel of Judgment shall fall, and Justice shall be served too! For they abused and touched what was sacred, an innocent, and tore them away from what was pure!

The time is at hand, and Justice and Judgment shall be served! I AM that has come, and like a swift sword, My evidence shall prevail!

When all of the evidence surfaces, and what was sketched into the tiny minds of innocence, of such things these couldn’t have known, unless they were the witness of it.

Such vile acts, shall all be exposed, found, and they will be taken away! For I degree a thing and it shall happen, and declare they shall stand trial before me! And it shall be established as so, for I will enforce My Words,” says The LORD!

These children were violated in a most heinous crime of stealing their innocence and identity. It will take strong Godly counsel, and guidance, committed Godly Church involvement, what are proper relationships, what is good and what are bad feelings, and proper ways of play, and hugging, touching, and proper show of actions of affection.

What is Godly moral conduct? Correction in love, and support for all involved, lots of proper love, prayer, and a place of safety, so that when things manifest and come to the surface, and they feel safe.

Then deal with the behaviors (spirits) as they manifest through talking about it. Then teach what is good behavior, and what is not good. Showing lots of love, prayer, and deliverance is needed.

For instance, things that were done to them, were also what was imparted into the child. The abusers taught with their actions and behavior. Manipulative behaviors manifests, because the child witnessed their bad behaviors.

For example, with their abuser; there was no structure, or what was right and wrong. Whatever the abuser did, lying, stealing, drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual actions, or other bad behaviors, etc. The child witnessed it all and probably witnessed pornography, and pictures, web sites etc.

The child, depending on the amount of time they were their abuser, were, brain washed. So, comes confusion for the child.

They begin missing their abuser. It will take a steady hand and prayer to help you know how to deal with misplaced loyalty and love of an abusive parent or other abuser.

There was emotional damage done. The child will need to feel safe, and secure, due to the confusion over what is right and wrong. These children need a stable, God fearing, loving home, and proper structure in their environment.

It is important to have a structure and a disciplined schedule, because they had no stability. Structures are built on the firm foundation of Christ.

Then with stable love, and proper relationships, there will be needed biblical correction and discipline to begin to deprogram all of the damage that was done.

With God’s help through prayer and Godly counsel it can turn everything Satan meant for evil and turn it around for good.

Then, my personal belief, if at all possible, try to home school as long as possible, until they are emotionally ready for public school.

Damage control must be realized. As they can act out many ways for many reasons, and most of the time, they don’t even understand it.

Have a family plan of support. Mistakes will be made, but keep on building structure in the child’s life. Unless God builds the house, we labor in vain.

So very important to keep God first everyday. Maybe start a prayer together, and a Bible story or a scripture verse for a word study, like what is love?

With God all things are possible, and he is able to heal the emotional trauma and sexual abuse.

God’s Warriors must break through all human trafficking rings and those who are sacrificing and selling children!

Break all the perverted organizations and rings, of sacrificing children to wanton pleasures, and lusts! Their perversions, and games they play, to win them they say, in tracking down runaways, or those innocent ones who were stolen away!

Abductions are gaining momentum in selling what are missing children of every age, and women too, stalking them, and kidnapping them!

In a deceptive world, the world wide web, has the evidence! And The LORD knows how to direct them to the evidence.

Warrior, you have an inside job for God will share secrets to you, and so share with law enforcement and justice served, if you will continue to pray and war for the innocents and human trafficking!

You are making a difference! Don’t stop!

You must count the cost and press into the cross!

We have the power in The Name of Jesus to break these rings and organizations in the United States of America and around the world!

The satanic seek out sacrifices, perversions, and unimaginable things done to innocence that kills, steals and deeply scars their minds.

Through your warfare and prayer, you can be apart of a missing soul and pray them released! In The Name of Jesus!

There shall be a release of greater degrees of exposure! Warrior! You have asked to make a difference right where you are! Do not give up for all you have prayed and all you war over!


“I have heard you, and your labor is not in vain in The LORD!

Do not give up mother for your child that went missing!

Don’t give up father. Don’t give up brother or sister, or a missing mother, for I AM covering the land!

I shall smite the land of this wicked generation! All these heinous crimes are even found in Church Houses, and religious organizations!

I AM Judging this generation, and I have sent My Sword to smite and split right down the middle and expose what is hidden behind the walls of religions and Churches!

Many are at the very doors of Hell’s flames! I will smite them all with My glorious right Hand!

My little ones are never lost from My View, and the burden of proof is written in My Book!”


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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