Exposé Uncovering Revelations

The LORD in this season, in this year, is exposing and uncovering people involved in shocking activity!

The LORD in this season, in this year, is exposing and uncovering people involved in shocking activity!

The LORD will cause facts to surface with revelations, uncovering high officials and the endless rabbit trails shall be unveiled and there shall be many disclosures even within religious church organizations, and some “spirit filled “organizations.

There will be exposure for they would not heed The LORD’s warnings and there will be retribution upon those who have taken the innocence and the purity of My children, entirely, Spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

There are those who look for another spiritual person to use for their own personal agenda, gain, and benefit.

Once they are found to be deceivers, they will threaten us once their plan is made manifest by God to use a mirror technique to make you the problem instead of confronting the problem.

There are veiled threats from the enemy who doesn’t want you to succeed. He realizes you see his plan now and he has tried many years to keep you blinded and bound in chains and fetters that you drag behind you.

But NOW, he sees that your eyes are open and you can see this therefore he is panicking and in terror!

What has been unveiled and so enlightening is that these ‘Christians’ say they are part of the Church but are very deceptive, pious and religious! But behind the scenes, they prey on the simple.

They seek out the naïve, the innocent. They target the weak and ignorant and seek those who are generous. These users will study to find weaknesses in a person so they will serve their selfish benefits.

For demonically led people target by watching and observing to see if we are easy pickings. The whole idea is to plunder so they devise a plan to get their selfish desires met.

The demonic agenda manifests by keeping the lie hidden. If The LORD doesn’t watch the city we wait in vain.

“Unless The LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain; unless The LORD protects the city, its watchmen stand guard in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for bread to eat — for He gives sleep to His beloved.” Psalm 127:1-2 BSB.

There are users and abusers and will do just enough to keep their plan in motion. (Stealth)

However, patterns and cycles end up right back at the same place when you surrounded that mountain before. God is enlightening and exposing everything that is hidden.

There are those who master people through manipulation, control and by witchcraft to get what they want.

Also, religious witchcraft is used as people twist the scriptures and speak them against the righteous. They laugh and make fun because of innocence, sincerity and purely naïve.

These master manipulators study those who they have marked out in a crowd. Of course, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing!

They see the favor of God in your life and they try to ‘usurp that place’ by entangling you into their bondage and web of deceit.

There are those who seek to prostitute your anointing and gifting to get to your benefits! They come with an agenda of veiled motives and in ‘MANY’ cases they are jealous and envious of God’s favor in your life.

It is time to say, NO More!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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