The Year of Coming Into Your Prime

Jesus called the disciples to works of service for HIS Kingdom and not only did HE call, HE chose and HE, JESUS CHRIST demonstrated the lifestyle of a SERVANT.

For those of you who have kept up with my life and ministry, you will have seen, things in my life have dramatically changed over the course of time.

I had asked The LORD in the beginning of the year if there was something that He wanted me to share with The Body of Believers in Christ.

During my of prayer, He spoke just as clearly as can be to me and said,  “Sherry… In all that you do, I want you to do ALL things as unto Me.”

Then The LORD had me look up the passages of Scripture that relate to this very thing below…

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to The LORD and not to men, knowing that from The LORD you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve The LORD Christ.”   Colossians 3:23-24 NKJV

And again, expanded below……

“Whatever you do [whatever your task may be], work from the soul [that is, put in your very best effort], as [something done] for The LORD and not for men, knowing [with all certainty] that it is from The LORD [not from men] that you will receive the inheritance which is your [greatest] reward. It is The LORD Christ whom you [actually] serve.”  Colossians 3:23-24 AMP

Little did I know how big of a Revelation that would become to me, and as I got home tonight after weeks of turmoil and still in hospitals, in service, being a servant in each situation of whatever was seen, heard, and felt.

For indeed, physically the good, bad, and the ugly has opened a whole new world of living the Christian lifestyle of service.

Jesus called the disciples to works of service for HIS Kingdom and not only did HE call, HE chose and HE, JESUS CHRIST demonstrated the lifestyle of a SERVANT.

My life as a believer and servant of God may not look or seem to be much too many people, because I have shied away from all the hoopla of a lot of various groups — that are all about themselves.

Most religious people think their staunch attitudes meet the standard of the status quo.  These are in all denominations and non-denominations who say they have the most articulated opinions or expressions of the Christian life and it’s our way or the highway!

A lot of Christians look at who has the most spirituality, or who can prophesy, or it is a total social scene in the clique and clubs of the who’s who, or whatever spiritual fluff they follow, so to be seen and to get the most importance from these groups or ministries.

It isn’t about who’s who, and all the cotton candy spiritual fluff having absolutely NO nutrients for true Spiritual growth!

Then they wonder why they burn out, and no one shows up at your house wondering why you are not there!  You were there for them, but they were never there for you dear one!  It is all about them!

I know this isn’t about me, never has nor will be.

I know that I am not typical, and am quite radical, and love Jesus with my whole heart, and I am who I am, and I am who GOD created me to be.

So today, for example, I was standing in the hall of a medical center, and a man I saw dressed in the whole pious show, clutching his notepad in hand.

I simply smiled and said, “You’re a preacher,” and for some reason he would not look in my eyes and he fumbled his answer and could not get away from me quick enough!

We must remember that religion kills, but the relationship with Christ lives, moves, and has our being! Everything we are, and everything we are not, we are The LORD’s, and HE can use us any way HE chooses no matter how odd we may seem to others!

Humility is a lifestyle of service all the days of our lives.  Humility is the mark of a true Minister of The Gospel, and that isn’t just leadership.

We are all called to minister to people in whatever way of service that may be — from the pulpit to digging ditches, or cutting grass for a sick neighbor, or caring for a lonely elderly woman or man, washing some clothes, or sending notes, or even wiping and cleaning unmentionables.  The list is endless — and noted by God!

The LORD said, “Do ALL things unto ME!”

Humility and Service go hand in hand.  So get out of that bed, come out of hiding and quit waiting on Church to come to you!

You be The Church that no one may see, but God sees it all!  It is not what you do in public that qualifies you to minister, it’s what you do in secret that matters, and The Father will reward you openly!

Stop waiting for The Church to come to you, and start being The Church!  Reach out and serve!

Whatever you do in all things do it as unto The LORD!  AND you do it out of your love for HIM not to attain manipulative heart strings or strategies to fit in cliques, and clubs, even in hidden places where no one sees what you do, give willingly, and fully, not as unto man, but in total surrender to nothingness, because our reward comes from Christ Jesus our LORD!

Just think of how many people’s lives will be changed when you do ALL things as unto The LORD!

He didn’t call you to fit in, He called you to be….  To be who you are in Christ and with what you have!

You are unique!  You are beautiful!  You are so valuable and wonderfully made!

Do you realize that you are a gift?  God wants to use you and give you out as a gift to others!

Just as you are and you don’t have to conform, just be and let God use you!

There are so many people around you who are treading water… Throw out that lifeline today!

As you serve, you are building The Kingdom of God.  As you throw out that lifeline, souls are saved and delivered!

People have asked me to predict what I think God has shown me about the year of 2023.  It is the year of coming into your prime….  the prime of Divine and Lifeline Service!

People run from service!  A servant will prepare a meal for 25 persons and do their best in serving, and not one stays to help clean a dish.

You see, this is only an example.  For it matters not.  Your Christianity is proven to God when you serve when no one is watching, and there is no glory in temporal life in washing a dish!

But to God, if you do ALL things unto Him, He rewards you with Himself.

Besides, the things that men want you to glory in, only glory in the flesh, they want the best seats, they want you to see how much they give and what they do for men’s admiration and account.

But the bottom line is, what God sees in secret will be rewarded, for you do it unto him as you serve.

Selfish people want you to come to them, but they won’t do anything unless you come to them.  They expect to receive from the flesh of man and we all know about religion don’t we?

We want religion, and I don’t care if they speak in tongues or prophecy, most want to be admired as they are lifted up in their pride and error in their congregations.  If you are in one of these places, RUN, RUN, and RUN!

Who are they?  They are all about who’s who and who will bend down and kiss, (I did not say that) kiss their feet being puffed up in their drunken pride, intoxicated minds, with their own sickening stench of the flesh!

Flesh will not inherit The Kingdom of God!  God doesn’t receive any of that as HIS ministry!  Religious formality with their beautiful buildings, padded and stinky pews all caught up in the spirit?

What spirit may I ask?  Selfish is opposite to service, both cannot function together.  We must take God’s Word seriously and study how Jesus lived life and taught us about service in all we do.  He came to seek and save the lost!

Our life is as a saver… You know like a life saver, yeah, just like the hoop they throw out when a person is drowning!

We are not only servants, but we are also life savers when we throw out the ring to live and not die and declare The Works of The LORD!

But there are many who are going down in the religious ships of life.  At least when a person jumps off that ship they can be saved and drawn into safety.

But there are those whom we must be aware of who are treading water and in need of the sustaining power that only Christ gives through the power of The Holy Spirit to reel them in!

Beloved of God, they are all around you and begin to look and ask The LORD if He wants to use you as that saving ring to rescue them and bring life to them.

Beloved God begins to serve with what you have.  The boy had five loaves and two fishes.  You use what you have, and God enlarges you!

Do you realize you carry within the sustaining life force in Christ Jesus!?

Now that is the revelation of 2023!

Do ALL things AS unto The LORD — in The Name of Jesus!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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