The Mighty Militant Warrior’s

I AM the established cornerstone and this house is being built up into a house of Liberty and GLORY.  

This true house of Kings, Prophets and spiritual Priesthood shall rule and reign and I will display MY splendor in this hour in ways beyond what has been known in the past and even in the current ways you have witnessed.

You must catch what I send and perceive it as Peter perceived I was the CHRIST.  Yes I come in ways that will confound the so called wise and religious men of this age.

I will take the ruins of your lives and repair, build up, redeem and restore the broken places and you shall walk through what seemingly was unattainable.  Press into ME. Press into the hindrances before you; you will find they are smoke.  MY fire burns everything up in MY path; can you see the smoke?  I go before you and pave the way for your steps. Intimidate the intimidator and release those captives that shall be captive to ME says the LORD.

A greater level of faith is being released and built in you and what was so lofty you will now see how insignificant it really was.  As your strength rises in ME you shall blow away the smoke.  Forget what lies behind you and press into your future.  Press into MY presence.  Press into the darkness and watch the light break forth.  Lessons from your past are just that.  Lessons.  LESS of you and more of the SON.

I AM the chief cornerstone on the 12 foundations of MY Apostles.  I have established 12 gates made of pearls of great price and each gate named for the 12 tribes of Israel.

  • 3 to the north,
  • 3 to the south,
  • 3 to the east and
  • 3 to the west.

12 angels guard the gates.  These are the gateways coming in and going out.  Behold I AM making all things new and available to you as you are being formed into MY house.  In MY house are all things, you shall not lack any good thing.  MY GLORY shall fill MY house and I will dwell with you.

Can you sense it?  MY Queen shall shine forth like most precious crystal; transparent, pure and filled with MY GLORY.

I AM shaking the earth, sea and winds.  MY army emerges quick in offensive and defensive posture; terrible as a army with banners and I go before you on a white horse and I AM faithful and true.

In a vision I see squads, squadrons and bases.  I see a mighty militant war machine emerge composed of humble servants who are filled with love and have resolve and light in their eyes.

I AM establishing bases and end time strategies.  I will reveal these things to MY warriors who will command bases for I AM invading the earth.  Lands, continents and boundaries are being taken and I AM appointing MY chosen ones to have authority to rule and reign in those regions.

I AM your 5 star general. Commander and Chief.  LORD of Lords and KING of Kings.  I AM uncovering the plots and plans of darkness and they shall be brought into full light.  Nothing is hidden before ME.  They shall flee in terror before ME says the LORD.  MY army that is mobilizing is terrorizing the enemy.  These are terrorizing by land, air and sea.  I will reveal all targets of darkness.  When you hear the sound of the shofar, destroy the plots and plans of darkness with MY sword in your mouth.

In a vision I see a silver full bird eagle.  Promotion comes not from the east or the west but from ME says the LORD.  This is the time of promotion and placement in MY army.  Degrees of authority in regions are being imparted into my warriors.  These will conquer the lands I give them and many souls will be reaped as MY Glory and light rises upon MY warriors.  The enemy will run and scream in terror for the enemy sows in terror and he will reap HOLY terror and the whirlwinds through MY chosen ones.

In a vision I saw a scroll in the air and it was unrolled.  I AM rewriting the airwaves and taking back the communications ports.  MY messages shall go forth through every technological avenue known to man and the curse of sin shall be broken in many and masses will seek ME and find ME.  The satellites will obey me. NOW is the time for MY secrets to be released says the SPIRIT of the LORD.

Scripture taken from the Zondervan Amplified Bible unless otherwise stated.

“AGAIN I lifted up my eyes and behold, I saw a scroll flying or floating in the air!
And the angel said to me, What do you see?  And I answered, I see a flying scroll; its length is twenty cuts or thirty feet and its breadth is ten cubits or fifteen feet.
Then he said to me, This is the curse now your eyes and see what this is that goes forth.
I will bring [the curse] forth, says the Lord of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief and into the house of him who swears falsely by My name; and it shall abide in the midst of his house and shall consume it, both its timber and its stones.
Then the angel who talked with me came forward and said to me, Lift up now your eyes and see what this is that goes forth.
And I said, What is it?  [What does it symbolize?]  And he said, This that goes forth is an ephah [-sized vessel for separate grains all collected together].  This, he continued, is the symbol of the sinners mentioned above and is the resemblance of their iniquity throughout the whole land.  
[Amos 8:5.]
And behold, a round, flat weight of lead bithat goes out over the face of the whole land; for everyone who steals shall be cut off from henceforth according to it [the curse written on this subject on the scroll], and everyone who swears falsely shall be cut off from henceforth according to it.  
[Isaiah 24:6; Malachi 3:8-9.]
And he said, This is lawlessness (wickedness)!  And he thrust her back into the ephah[-sized vessel] and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth of it!
Then lifted I up my eyes and looked, and behold, there were two women coming forward! The wind was in their wings, for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the ephah[-sized vessel] between the earth and the heavens.
Then said I to the angel who talked with me, Where are they taking the ephah [-sized vessel]?
And he said to me, To the land of Shinar [Babylonia] to build it a house, and when it is finished, to set up the ephah[-sized vessel–the symbol of such sinners and their guilt] there upon its own base,”
   Zecherian 51-11.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter,”    [Deuteronomy 29:29; Romans 11:33.]   Proverbs 25:2.

“As the heavens for height and the earth for depth, so the hearts and minds of kings are unsearchable,”   Proverbs 25:3.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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