My Beloved Weary One’s

I have set up an appointed order….  with anointed orders, set firmly in place.

I have heard the whispering of many.  Many want to denounce legitimate visions!  How can you denounce, what I have blessed?

Your battle is not with flesh and blood beloved.  You must remember, the works of the flesh shall always persecute the working of MY Spirit of Grace.

The idol of jealousy shall not stand in MY midst.  I AM the LORD who is the Dreaded Champion!  I fight for YOU!  All of the persecutors of MY works will stumble and fall.  They will utterly be ashamed and disgraced.

To know MY mind and heart, one must know each situation and circumstance to be accurate in MY timing.

To be led by MY Spirit will give you the edge to know in season with reason, the theme of the hour.  MY beloved weary ones, I see the enemies sly thoughts bombarding your identity to get you to doubt who you are to your very core.  You are not alone in this; many of MY most seasoned saints are suffering the same harassment, seemingly alone, but you are not alone… many are with you.  Take comfort knowing this beloved.

The works of the flesh always persecute the working of the Spirit of Grace.  I AM the LORD who is your Dreaded Champion!  All of your persecutors will stumble and not prevail.  They will utterly be ashamed and disgraced.

MY beloved, know that through it all, I AM with you and never forsake you.  You were just thinking how weak you are.  There is no shame in this, for let the weak say I am strong.

It matters not how weak you feel, because I AM with you and in you.  You accepted My sacrifice for your eternal soul, and there has never been a time when I wasn’t with you.

Even when you felt so alone for such a long time, I was there.  Even in such silence, I have been working a greater measure of grace in your heart.

Beloved you are eternally accepted   It’s not that you got Me….. but beloved, I got you and I GOT THIS.  Be at peace and continue to look up, says the LORD.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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