Balance and the Net

I saw a tight rope with a person walking and holding the pole for balance.  Underneath, I saw a net.

The carefulness of each step, is the walk of the hour, making sure what we do is accurate.

I believe this means that those called to walk in high places will have a very narrow margin.

For the way is narrow, contracted by pressures and few there be that find it,  [Matthew 7:13-14].

To whom much is given, much is required,   [Luke 12:48].

The pole is to keep us balanced, which speaks of our message and submission to the net.

The net is our corporate network of safety and protection where we fit.

The net also provides us with safety when we fall, so we won’t fall down to the ground.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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My Quest

~~  Prophetic Prose  ~~

I desire thy eyes that I may see
That walk in realms of eternity

Such eyes that make thy kingdom come
In a world of obscurity and gloom

Thy lady desires the depth so true
That she may go and stay lost in you

Deep pools formed from mountain streams
So pure so clean the depth
No one can fathom or dream

I understand your passion too
I long to swim deeply in you
To rise entwined circled in time

Lost in depth my private steps
Going only with MY lovers breath

The oasis found in desert sounds
Only confirms where love abounds
Springing up his glory comes

As lost in you within your pool
I safely abide in your shadow too

Identity lost the cause the cross
Cannot begin to measure the loss
My lover my life I am lost in thy quest
To gaze upon thy lovely face

To look into thy eyes so deep
So divine that surpasses all time

Depth of soul and spirit that knows no bounds
That is seen with an everlasting crown
Royalty and reign I sit with you in heavenly plains

My lover is mine and I am HIS
Nary doth another hold my heart like his

When my champion conquered the mark
How glorious to walk in HIM through the dark
Lighting each step each pain regardless
Of shame I know the way to guide others in

Thy eyes I desire so deep so true that fill
My innermost pool that others won’t see me
Only you

Depth that none other can compare
For His eyes see all that is everywhere

For eternity hath no end and depth
Who can fathom the vastness of it

My quest is to see my lovers eyes and be
Consumed in his love divine that surpasses
All time

To know my lovers breath and touch
That keeps me secure to His cross
To keep me sound when all I feel
Is bound nary doth another hold so
True to be engulfed in you

Keep me in your hidden way so when
I go through troublous times I may gain
Insight through the pain

I desire to wholly lean upon my lovers
Breast to hear his will in the secret place
How can I ever say no to you
As I choose to be established in you

Naked I came and naked I remain
Last Adam you are wonderfully the same
Yet in the passion of my heart
I long to draw into your part
Fate and destiny belong to me
How can I say no when you are my destiny

I beheld the face of a man one day
Who walked in a very humble way
I observed the facts of his case too
Yet I knew that this one made the
Way for intimacy in realms unseen too

I know my beloved is in me and I in HIM
And where does one begin to describe
The glory of HIS marvelous Grace
That causes me to see HIS face

To fathom life in a new and living way
By stripping the blindness from mine eyes
To finally see with the masters eyes

Lost in depth and private steps
Going only with MY lovers breath

The oasis found in desert sounds
Only confirms where love abounds
Springing up his glory comes

In thy eyes I see depth like I never known
Though the world pulls at me to anchor me bound
I know you will never let me down

I choose to follow the sacred eyes I see
That will never cease to be
Depth of soul and spirit that knows no bounds
That is seen with an everlasting crown

Royalty and reign
As I sit with you in heavenly plains
One can only remain in that place
Satisfied with our lovers face


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Cut Down the Tree

“For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.  Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant…
I can tell you assuredly that EVERYTHING I have suffered both willingly by choice and through other means has been used as a testimony for others.  The fruits of the Spirit are growing within as the pruning takes place and more grafts come into the vine bringing fullness to others,”  
Job 14:7-9.

Some of you are wondering and wandering, “Why am I here or there?”  You feel cut off, you feel pruned, you wonder.  That pruning process isn’t just to cut away dead wood, it is also to cut away live shoots and can be grafted into another tree to aide it in producing more fruit.

I have seen many splits but not all of them were bad.  If you read the book of Acts you will find that Paul and Barnabus had a SHARP disagreement and they parted company.  Yet they still advanced the gospel and it continued to grow.

So in the midst of death of VISION, GOD brings a New Beginning and the gospel will go on. We got to move on and learn from it all.

When God puts you somewhere, you will feel that you fit there.  When God is working on moving people out of a church or ministry, often people do not understand the fullness of it, yet they know God is telling them to go.

We all go through various stages of growth and once we acquire what the Lord has us learn often he will lead us out unless HE keeps us there to help make disciples and help that local body of believers. It’s all about souls.

A reminder; In the place God puts you, there will be agreement as it is so important to have a protected sheep fold where people can come in and learn from the Great Shepherd of our souls.

Other types of splits can result from unrepented sin, especially in the financial realm, integrity, honesty, loyalty etc.  I don’t believe in a board, I believe in a circle of advisors.  “For in the multitude of advisors there is safety”.

It scares me sometimes the way some in the body only want YES men.  I would rather have 7 people around me that know my good points and bad, know all my faults yet they love me and pray for me.  That is safety, that is comfort because God has tested them, and proven to me their faithfulness to God and to me.  I am now seeing God set things up for me.  I am seeing signs and God is revealing people to me who will be a part of ministry.

Whatever we come under, we become. It is a dangerous thing also to hide behind facades.  I know also that I am human and I cannot do ministry alone.  It is dangerous to seek after only yes men and only listen to what we want to hear . Yes ultimately, I have to make decisions based on prayer and the bottom line is, we all need accountability with our responsibility.  I KNOW I can’t do it all and I know how to delegate and I want God to prune me and keep me in a place of light.

So here I am again, asking for your prayers and I hope as you read this something in you is stirred because I am stirring up the prophetic pot and the dregs got to come to the top.  Yes I am prophetically releasing words into your soul and spirit to be stirred up, “Not by might nor by power but by MY SPIRIT says the LORD”.  Woe be unto me if I am not transparent because if I died with him, I was dead, buried and resurrected to live in newness of life. If I died with him I will reign with HIM.

What is defamation of character or reputation, or accusations?  Dead men don’t talk.  So I am sorry if my humility offends you, it is meant to.  God break us until we are what you called and ordained each of us to be…..  I don’t seek great things for myself. I don’t seek to be known except to be well known by the Lord.  I could care less if I ever preach, teach or prophecy.  I just don’t care anymore.  I want Jesus.  “IF your life is hid in God, seek those things which are above”.

In this current season and beyond, as you develop your ability to become more transparent in the Lord be prepared to be visited by angels that will bring divine strategies’.  Prepare to be visited by prophets and apostles who will come in ways that God will test your devotion to Christ.

These who are being sent who have been brutally broken through trial to the point of despair will portray the meekness, grace and mercy of the Lord.  Many of these sent ones have lost everything and gave it all for the Lord.  These who are being sent with a mandate to establish, confirm and settle matters will come with such anointing, many of the religious will miss out because of the mindset of lumping together the false and true.

God will be testing many leaders in these days.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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