The Hidden Resources of My Presence

You shall increase in great joy according to the joy of My harvest. For I have broken the yoke of oppressors off of thy shoulder. You shall be yoked with Me and those I yoke together with My heart and mind says the Spirit of the LORD.

There is a great shaking. not as you may think.  Yes, a great shaking in the world but in the midst of this great shaking I AM causing My remnant to come together like bone to bone, muscle to muscle.  Yea in the midst of your great afflictions and darkness a light shines.

Her dimness shall not be as it were in her vexation, when I lightly afflicted her.  Afterwards stages of afflictions did more grievously afflict her to gain her attention.  My people that have walked in darkness will see a great light, even in the midst of great darkness and the shadow of death.  Upon My remnant, these shall My light shine so brightly.

You shall increase in great joy according to the joy of My harvest.  For I have broken the yoke of oppressors off of thy shoulder.  You shall be yoked with Me and those I yoke together with My heart and mind says the Spirit of the LORD.

Vision: I see a gavel like what a judge uses in court.

Shall not the judge over the whole world do right?  I AM the Judge of the whole earth and I declare My judgment shall be in the midst of great turmoil.  However My remnant shall be found strong in Me. I Am shaking everything.

There is no fear My remnant, for this great shaking in the world must happen, but this shaking will also bring together all they who were thought to be finished and pushed aside.  When this shaking intensifies many of those who were backslidden and those who are out of place will suddenly come together.

I will awaken My people to prepare and keep their lamps full.  Those who were wounded and offended will again be shepherded in the hidden resources of My presence.  Places that have long awaited My revealing.

You shall ascend and come like a massive storm in this world; however you shall be protected as a cloud to cover the land, you, and those bands among you.  My shekinah shall be over you as it was when I protected My people in the exodus.  So thus shall My Remnant find this is her finest hour.

You will feel the shaking and even watch it, but it can not touch My Beloved Remnant says the LORD.  For you are sealed until the day of redemption.

I AM connecting bands of many people that shall come to thee.  Those who see the great shaking and feel the judgment on the land will know it is for her crimes against My name says the LORD.

Many will not pull away to seek My face for themselves.  These depend on others for their spiritual life.  These put their trust in themselves and others.  This is a dangerous place to be in trusting man.  There is so much confusion for those who won’t seek Me themselves.  They depend on the arm of flesh which will fail.  This is a dependency of the spirit of grace and not man. Seek Me while I may be found.

When you are in My presence and seek to remain and abide there,  I will confirm what you need to hear and see Myself.  In the midst of great turmoil My remnant shall rise as she has prepared herself and made herself ready.  My remnant bride shall be glorious.  It is said that  My remnant is seemingly in pieces.  This shaking shall gather the pieces of the puzzle together.  I have waited for such a time to showcase My soon to be bride.

It is dangerous to seek others especially those who tickle the ears.  The fear of man is a snare.  Depending on man will cause jealousy for I AM also a jealous God.  When you are in My presence,  I will confirm what you need to hear myself.  This is about a relationship with Me says the LORD!  Talk to Me, listen to Me says the LORD of host!

Pull away, come away My love into our secret place!  I have the words that give light and life.  I want to equip you with so many things!  Pull away from all the clamor and noise and come away with Me My betrothed. Keep close to Me for there is no fear when you abide in Me, says the LORD.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love,”   1 John 4:18.

My eagles are getting off the ground with such great determination and discernment.  These have been forged and prepared on the back side of the desert as they know My voice.  These have learned humility and are learning to fly high and wide and to remain in high places as they watch and screech in panoramic view.

It is of great importance for these to remain in high places and only come down to snatch the prey.  The danger is when they become earth bound.  Many I say have fallen hard, but they shall come again when their brokenness is finished.

Yes those with young shall be safe.  The young shall be accountable once they learn to fly.  Not everyone can go with you but you shall train and remain in this element, says the LORD your God.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey