Come Closer in Intimacy and Dependence

If you are truly dead to the flesh, don’t demand an apology! Realize you are dead and your life is hid in Christ.

The secret to power with God, is in our intimacy and passion towards him. There are no short cuts in developing a relationship; it takes a lifetime.

A person who is dead to the flesh, doesn’t care about what people say about or against them. If they are talking bad about you, that is your proof you are doing something right for GOD!

If you are truly dead to the flesh, don’t demand an apology! Realize you are dead and your life is hid in Christ.

For your sake, release the offense and let them go! Why? Because the longer you hold onto the person with a grudge, the more your crucified flesh comes back to life! Once done, you can easily get into trouble and loose your sharp edge!

We becoming dull without feeling and then we find our self having a spirit of offense that sets up squatters rights!! Forgive the person and let them go!!! Give no place to the devil in your life!

We want our life hid in Christ for He covers us by his blood!

So while we are in this life as we die daily to our flesh, we should see ourselves as cracked earthen pots that house the glory of God! We host the King of glory on the throne of our hearts as we willingly host and breathe his presence.

Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, which is the church: Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfill the word of God; Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present everyman perfect in Christ Jesus: Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily. Col 1:24-29 KJV

“I am calling you away closer in intimacy and dependence on ME says the Lord. The closer you remain in me the further away you get from this world’s system. I AM calling you to live from a different system. My system, says the Lord!”

In HIS Grace and Mercy,

Sherry Edwards Mackey

The Big Top

The atmosphere was heavy with amusement and the expectations of entertainment. I heard the word “comedy.” I saw the taming of the tiger and in one ring was a person putting his head in a lions mouth.

“How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, and thy tabernacles, O Israel! As the valleys are they spread forth, as gardens by the river’s side, as the trees of lign aloes which the Lord hath planted, and as cedar trees beside the waters.  He shall pour the water out of his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters,”   Numbers 24:5-7a KJV.

In prayer I saw a big top tent used for a circus.  I saw three rings in the inside where exhibitions were performed.  There were spectators on both sides on bleachers with balloons, eating cotton candy, peanuts etc.

The atmosphere was heavy with amusement and the expectations of entertainment.  I heard the word “comedy.”  I saw the taming of the tiger and in one ring was a person putting his head in a lions mouth.  During this scene, the crowd applauded the men who were “taming the tigers and lions.”

The center ring was used for the main attractions, usually the trapeze artist, tight rope walkers, live canon shots etc.  I kept hearing, “Entertainment and Comedy.”  The crowd seemed to go wild the more dangerous the acts were.

I saw a clown with a frown and he was dressed and looked like a hobo.  This clown had a tear in his eye and down his face.  This clown was known as an outcast of the clowns.  Rarely was this clown allowed into the rings especially the center ring, and he stayed mainly on the outside of the rings and would mingle with the people as to get their attention off what was going on in the rings.

This clown was known as “Weary” as he would try to take an old broom to sweep the spot lights away from the rings and try to put the spot lights out.  This made the ones in the rings very angry and they would harass the clown.  This clown was very sad because no one quite understood the messages he tried to act out.  This is why he was so adamant about putting out those spot lights.  Because of his message.

The Big Top represents what a lot of Christians are sitting under, a circus type atmosphere.  The three rings are the counterfeit version of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The various acts are all designed to get the eyes focused on the actors instead of the TRUTH.  This also represents “one night stands with the Lord,” or prostitutions of the anointing.  Making something look real when it is not.

The taming of the tigers and lions are an example, because they are already tamed to do the act, just as the devil plays the game to make it look good so folks believe that they are right in their perceptions.  The people in the stands were eating junk food and quite swept away with the actors.  For they could not discern between what was real and not real because of their chosen diet, and the lack of the WORD of GOD.

The clown with a frown and tear that looked like a hobo represents the prophet and those who have been chosen of God to help get the focus back on the Lord through the various techniques HE shall use.

The clown or prophet would take the broom to try to sweep the spot light off of the entertainment.  His tear and frown represent the burden of his message, and the tears for the peoples release from deception and error.  The silence spoke volumes and the pantomime or acting out of the true prophets message would often go misunderstood, and he would be persecuted.

The sheer volume of noise in the place, and the desire of the people to see more spectacular acts would motivate the people to curse the clown and shout at them to make them shut up.  The clown was the outcast just like many prophets and Christians are that are proclaiming the truth.  It is the LORDS will that our focus be placed back on the main attraction of HIM and HIS WORD.

“But it seems to me that God has given me and the other  apostles the last place.  We are like men sentenced to die.  We are like a show for the whole world to see, angels and people.  We are fools for Christ’s sake.  But you think you are very wise in Christ.  We are weak, but you think you are strong.  You receive honor, but we are hated.  Even now we still do not have enough to eat or drink or enough clothes.  We are often beaten.  We have no homes.  We work hard with our own hands for our food.  People curse us, but we bless them.  They hurt us, and we accept it.  They say evil things against us, but we say only kind things to them,”   1 Corinthians 4:9-14 ICB.

Have we become entertained in the church and deluded because of it?  Have we depended on others to lead us in the right path instead of allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to guide and lead us into all truth?

Like those in history have we evolved into an organized pagan church with just the outward shows but no inward changes?  We the church must repent of these things, for the sakes of our deluded brothers and sisters. We have a work to do, to point people to Jesus so they can find eternity with HIM.

“For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord; because they called thee an Outcast saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.  Thus saith the Lord; Behold, I will bring again the captivity of Jacob’s tents, and have mercy on his dwelling places; and the city shall be builded up her own heap, and the palace shall remain after the manner thereof,”   Jeremiah 30:17-18KJV.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Recognizing the Prophet

We need to know what the office of REAL PROPHET is and they will be needed for guidance during blinding circumstances coming to America and the world.

We need to know what the office of REAL PROPHET is and they will be needed for guidance during blinding circumstances coming to America and the world.

You won’t know a true prophet for what they wear, eat or drink, contrary they will not be known for their charisma.  They will be well known by God and shy away from people trying to elevate them.  You will see them weeping in the midst of meetings completely different from the rest who are auctioning for money, “if you give a thousand – God will give you a Rolex.”

You will see them weep and pray as they watch pulpiteers taking the glory that only belongs to God and puffing up a person for their accomplishments.  You will see these weep as they walk out of meetings in the middle of what is seemingly important and the Spirit of God will be with them.  The spirit will weep through them and grieved by the sin in the camp.  They will oppose the meeting and give glory to God by WALKING OUT and not listening to gain sayers.

Those pseudo ministers inside, will be lead by familiar spirits that are anointed by satan.  YES, there will be an anointing. and that is the most confusing portion to people, as they want to believe the best when God is grieved with the whole lot.  People will say, “What a meeting!  Did you see minister so and so do that?”  Only God gets the glory and I warn you, if you see or hear ministers glorifying anything other than God, get OUT!  The Spirit of God does not contradict the WORD.  Please read and pray and bless those who sacrifice for your souls.

When a prophet shows up, the man or woman doesn’t have to say a word.  The demons will recognize a prophet long before people will, and will seek to silence them.

Do NOT, I repeat  DO NOT stand in the way of God’s will, for even in compassion, we can get into trouble.  Stand back and watch what the Lord will do.

People think it is mean to have to confront sin.  God thinks if sin isn’t dealt with, the ministry will be ruined and souls left for satan.  IF the five fold ministry was not allowed to operate, there are holes and avenues where the enemy keeps his strong holds.

Pray for the prophets and all the leadership as God is sweeping his house, refining over and over his ministers and burning the chaff and uprooting what tree will not produce good fruits.  This season God will lay the axe at the root of the tree.

It hasn’t been a easy process, but God has to break off all constraints that would hinder the prophet from speaking thus say the Lord.  Believe me, you can be standing in the midst of people you love, and have to deliver a word and YOU KNOW it is GOD, and the Lord gives that prophet confidence and often the confidence is misread as pride, cockiness, haughtiness, when in fact it is confidence to face those who oppose Gods will without flinching, and to stand in a whole group, and you, seemingly being the only one who is seeing it.  Jezebel makes sure to remind a prophet how alone they SEEM and how much they suffer to shake the faith of the prophet.

God does give the mature prophet assurance in mind and heart.  Yet the entire relationship with Christ is what the prophet lives for.  Remember to pray for those who walk in this place and if you know a real prophet, be a blessing to them.  Pray for them.  They get enough negativity and hell they walk through, yet God gets them to a place where there is no fear of man, only the pure fear and reverence of the Lord.

The mature prophet knows that he or she knows what they carry is right, and the strength to carry the word is powerful on them.  However, the true prophet has been so broken, they not only don’t want to do it, but don’t want to be seen, for it never fails that anointing will arise, if sin is in the camp.  I have seen it happen over and over.

The prophet doesn’t enjoy having to face adversity.  They are every bit as human as the next person, but they cannot love man over God.  That is a true living statement.  A true prophet, will want no profit or glory.  They only seek to give glory to God and be hidden in the Lord’s breast, to hear his heart beat.

True mature prophets are so broken and humble, they avoid all flattery and people trying to lift them up.  There is no profit in being a prophet except the closeness to the Lord and knowing that the Lord will be glorified.  These have given up everything, and are willing to give everything else if asked, because nothing will hold them or restrain them except the Spirit of the Lord.

It is not glamour and glitz, but on the contrary, humility and death to anything in life.  Don’t be surprised if a true prophet shows up in camel hair and eating crunchy crickets and wild honey.  Some are wild and they provoke an action to reaction to get to the heart issue.  Why would God provoke a heart to action to reaction?  It isn’t because God doesn’t know their heart, it is because God wants THEM to see their own hearts.  Big difference.

Remember when Elijah had to go to King Ahab?  He met him on the road and the king asked, “Have you come to trouble Israel?”  So we see that prophets facing leaders of all sorts and the devil uses a mirroring technique to try to shake the prophets will to obey.  They try to make the prophet think they are confused, like Jezebel did, and still does in churches today.

Elijah was anointed with a message to the gods of Israel.  “I have not come to trouble Israel but YOU king Ahab.”  As you read this, apply it and pray and bless those you know who walk in this office.

God will bless you.  Remember to let the writer know you are encouraged by the word from the Lord.  For it comes to help build you up into maturity.  To bless a prophet is to be blessed and to curse one is to curse God.

May God keep you conditioned to receive from whatever vessel HE chooses.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Godly Motives

We have entered a new realm in the Spirit, the higher we soar, the less want to go. Sacrifice is a bad word to them. They want the title and status, but unwilling to pay the price. Only a few will go with you, if any.

We have entered a new realm in the Spirit, the higher we soar, the less want to go.  Sacrifice is a bad word to them.  They want the title and status, but unwilling to pay the price.  Only a few will go with you, if any.  

However, there are eagles preparing their nests, and also releasing some with feathers to go.  Only those chosen will be willing to go.

Did you know you have to choose to be chosen?  Will you pay the price?  Some have thought that God does all the choosing.  HE gives us the choice to be chosen.

Will you, by choice, be willing to go through the trials, suffering, accountability, responsibility, correction, praying, studying, and more?

There are those among us that see our seemingly success, but are not aware of what it took you to get there.  These want what you have and act like they really want it.

If you continue to ask God to discern hearts, after awhile you will begin to see a chink in their deceptive armour.  You see character issues peek out in view.  Integrity, honesty, loyalty, to name a few, are some MAJOR character flaws.  These especially, must be mastered for the true servant of God.

These fakes, if truly known, they have no prayer life or give time to study God’s word.  They see what seems to them as glamour, glitz, and success.  So instead of paying the price and the time involved, they simply begin to ride on your anointing.

They see this as the easy way out.  They depend on the ministers gifts and mimic things they do.  They believe it doesn’t take all that suffering and stuff to get to the goal.  They are self deluded.

A good illustration: When you travel on the interstate, you can gain a lot of speed.  Those big eighteen-wheeled 10/4 good ole buddy rigs pass you by, and as he passes by, there is a suction that pulls you along.  You can get behind a big rig like that and follow them closely and be pulled along in that air trail suction with them.  You go the same speed and get to the same destination.  However, the vehicle behind benefits in getting better gas mileage, due to the suction!

I call these type of people, suckers.  They suck the life flow of the ministers, and suck the vibrant life out of the the saints.  Leader’s cannot allow this to go on.

There are people like that among us, who are jealous and envious who want what we have, and expect to ride along with us as long as it takes.  They think if they are around you long enough they will eventually acquire your gifts and place.  There is a price to pay for God’s anointing.

“If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our LORD Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings….,”   1 Timothy 6:3-4.

These people who have wrong motives are among us, beloved.  Personally, I have seen this happen several times and it always results in division and splits.  They want the preeminence, and like satan’s motive, to be like God, they want to be in charge in any authoritative position.

To handle things properly within the true church of God, there is order and submission to godly authority.  That’s WISDOM!

Not everyone is a five fold minister and there are sheep, lambs, goats, wolves, and false prophets, false apostles, on down to false believers.  Open rebuke is better than hidden love.  Godly love confronts, rebukes, corrects etc.  Why?  To Love the flock and protect the true sheep, lambs and the vision.

God is a God of order, and within Biblical boundaries I see this order clearly.  It isn’t some man-made religious order that is out of balance.  When there is bondage, there is a religious spirit at work.

With true servants, they must make themselves accountable and responsible to authority.  Lay hand’s suddenly on no man.  Time does tell all.  The process of time and waiting will weed out a lot, but there are some, how ever long it takes, they play the game.

What is sad is that these souls are truly self-deluded.  I would say that 98% of the people don’t realize they are self deluded.  However, I do know for a fact that satanist do infiltrate churches to take over and destroy them, and this there are some very hurt and abused people out there, who have been made, the way they are.

However, we cannot allow their delusions to have their way.  Once confronted, they can be delivered, and helped if they are repentive and truly surrender to God’s plan for things.  However, the true servant of God must be disciplined, discipled and trained for ministry.

“I charge thee before God, and the LORD Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.  Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure,”   1 Timothy 5:21-22.

We must have a balanced view of things in the Church.  The enemy wants into leadership and into our circle of laborers.  He wants into our circle of warriors.  We must be vigilant, watch and pray, be above reproach, professional, articulate and not slack.  Bottom line….WE GOT TO DEAL WITH IT.

What we have is precious and we paid for it dearly.  God is speaking this clearly and seriously.  I understand prayer partners.  I understand corporate prayers and fasting, but if there are people, or a person, who has invaded your life to the point when you don’t have your ALONE time with God anymore…. Watch out!  Jezebel got ya.

Once she destroys you and your ministry, she leaves you for dead and to the wolves, as she scatters the flock.  We need to knock that spirit out the window and let the dogs eat her nasty carcass.

We need to find that place again in God, where HE is your only Love…. FIRST LOVE.  NO ONE takes that place.

Take time, not make time, to sit with HIM in innocence with child like faith, but get empowered and mad to take Gods wrath to where the battle is….,the enemy!

Many of you have had trouble waiting on God.  You can’t just sit there, because a hundred things are going through your mind that you have to do.  You have a mind with so many care’s.  As you flee away, the LORD sigh’s, “Please don’t leave, please stay.”

If you are too busy with cares, too busy with ministry works, too busy to pray, you are too busy and you have lost your first love affair with Jesus our groom.  He want’s to restore your innocence and love.  He wants to heal you of ministry failures and of falling prey to Jezebel and other issue’s.

His timing is critical.  He wants you to cry out, “I want you LORD, in charge of my life!”  Oh how HE wants to renew HIS love affair with you in pure transparent glory…..  Selah


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey