Recognizing the Prophet

We need to know what the office of REAL PROPHET is and they will be needed for guidance during blinding circumstances coming to America and the world.

We need to know what the office of REAL PROPHET is and they will be needed for guidance during blinding circumstances coming to America and the world.

You won’t know a true prophet for what they wear, eat or drink, contrary they will not be known for their charisma.  They will be well known by God and shy away from people trying to elevate them.  You will see them weeping in the midst of meetings completely different from the rest who are auctioning for money, “if you give a thousand – God will give you a Rolex.”

You will see them weep and pray as they watch pulpiteers taking the glory that only belongs to God and puffing up a person for their accomplishments.  You will see these weep as they walk out of meetings in the middle of what is seemingly important and the Spirit of God will be with them.  The spirit will weep through them and grieved by the sin in the camp.  They will oppose the meeting and give glory to God by WALKING OUT and not listening to gain sayers.

Those pseudo ministers inside, will be lead by familiar spirits that are anointed by satan.  YES, there will be an anointing. and that is the most confusing portion to people, as they want to believe the best when God is grieved with the whole lot.  People will say, “What a meeting!  Did you see minister so and so do that?”  Only God gets the glory and I warn you, if you see or hear ministers glorifying anything other than God, get OUT!  The Spirit of God does not contradict the WORD.  Please read and pray and bless those who sacrifice for your souls.

When a prophet shows up, the man or woman doesn’t have to say a word.  The demons will recognize a prophet long before people will, and will seek to silence them.

Do NOT, I repeat  DO NOT stand in the way of God’s will, for even in compassion, we can get into trouble.  Stand back and watch what the Lord will do.

People think it is mean to have to confront sin.  God thinks if sin isn’t dealt with, the ministry will be ruined and souls left for satan.  IF the five fold ministry was not allowed to operate, there are holes and avenues where the enemy keeps his strong holds.

Pray for the prophets and all the leadership as God is sweeping his house, refining over and over his ministers and burning the chaff and uprooting what tree will not produce good fruits.  This season God will lay the axe at the root of the tree.

It hasn’t been a easy process, but God has to break off all constraints that would hinder the prophet from speaking thus say the Lord.  Believe me, you can be standing in the midst of people you love, and have to deliver a word and YOU KNOW it is GOD, and the Lord gives that prophet confidence and often the confidence is misread as pride, cockiness, haughtiness, when in fact it is confidence to face those who oppose Gods will without flinching, and to stand in a whole group, and you, seemingly being the only one who is seeing it.  Jezebel makes sure to remind a prophet how alone they SEEM and how much they suffer to shake the faith of the prophet.

God does give the mature prophet assurance in mind and heart.  Yet the entire relationship with Christ is what the prophet lives for.  Remember to pray for those who walk in this place and if you know a real prophet, be a blessing to them.  Pray for them.  They get enough negativity and hell they walk through, yet God gets them to a place where there is no fear of man, only the pure fear and reverence of the Lord.

The mature prophet knows that he or she knows what they carry is right, and the strength to carry the word is powerful on them.  However, the true prophet has been so broken, they not only don’t want to do it, but don’t want to be seen, for it never fails that anointing will arise, if sin is in the camp.  I have seen it happen over and over.

The prophet doesn’t enjoy having to face adversity.  They are every bit as human as the next person, but they cannot love man over God.  That is a true living statement.  A true prophet, will want no profit or glory.  They only seek to give glory to God and be hidden in the Lord’s breast, to hear his heart beat.

True mature prophets are so broken and humble, they avoid all flattery and people trying to lift them up.  There is no profit in being a prophet except the closeness to the Lord and knowing that the Lord will be glorified.  These have given up everything, and are willing to give everything else if asked, because nothing will hold them or restrain them except the Spirit of the Lord.

It is not glamour and glitz, but on the contrary, humility and death to anything in life.  Don’t be surprised if a true prophet shows up in camel hair and eating crunchy crickets and wild honey.  Some are wild and they provoke an action to reaction to get to the heart issue.  Why would God provoke a heart to action to reaction?  It isn’t because God doesn’t know their heart, it is because God wants THEM to see their own hearts.  Big difference.

Remember when Elijah had to go to King Ahab?  He met him on the road and the king asked, “Have you come to trouble Israel?”  So we see that prophets facing leaders of all sorts and the devil uses a mirroring technique to try to shake the prophets will to obey.  They try to make the prophet think they are confused, like Jezebel did, and still does in churches today.

Elijah was anointed with a message to the gods of Israel.  “I have not come to trouble Israel but YOU king Ahab.”  As you read this, apply it and pray and bless those you know who walk in this office.

God will bless you.  Remember to let the writer know you are encouraged by the word from the Lord.  For it comes to help build you up into maturity.  To bless a prophet is to be blessed and to curse one is to curse God.

May God keep you conditioned to receive from whatever vessel HE chooses.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey


Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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