The Red Telephone

I had a vision. I saw a Red Telephone with a dial like what we saw in the 70’s. The LORD shown me a hotline to Heaven.

There are new realm’s being established as each HUB has the planners, movers and the shakers.

These leaders bring a cohesion to the wheel within the wheel.  As we have grown closer to God, we have developed our identity.  Yes different, yet these come together as one.  Each spoke into HUB in the right connection and wheel within the wheel.

There is much turbulence going on through the body of Christ.  We are recognizing and sensing the storms and battle.

At times you felt so pressed down that you couldn’t get up, and you were tempted to give up.  There are some who were rooted deep and no matter how they were blown by the storms, those planted deep shall not be moved by any threats.  Those demonic winds will not intimidate those who are prepared by God’s hand.

There are more warriors coming and you will begin to recognize immediately the authority and rank they carry.  Is rank and authority is only for the elite?  This is a lie from the pit of hell!  Evidence of hard struggles as seen behind the scenes, which show what lessons they have learned through their journeys.

A person cannot just walk up stairs to the stage of a auditorium in uniform, to receive commendation medals or other insignia or rank and authority they walk in.

People love the frills and titles that come from boasting and puffing each other up.  This is NOT authority or what rank means.

There is a high cost to carry weighty messages.  One must be prepared by the LORD through much training and testing.  There are those people who seem to have come out from obscurity to come before the general who announces their new rank to all those in that place.

God is seriously cutting away any hindrances.  Leeches and friends, even godly friends are being removed because of the mission.

There is a line of demarcation.  Not all can do what The LORD has chosen you to do.  God is putting together structures and canopies (tents) over the structures to hold up the ceiling.

You shall be like that structure, to provide accommodations.  These have suffered immensely to be tested.  These used by God’s hand will demonstrate all things by the Spirit of grace.

There will be other tests.  It is during these times when those who know you, shall be taken back in shock as they begin responding to how much you have changed!  Even you shall stand before a mirror and be shocked by what you see.  CHANGE!

In a vision I saw a huge auditorium and there were many thousands upon thousands of warriors.  Upon further observation, all were wearing the same uniform from top to bottom.

These were in unity with each other.  As I continued to look I could not see facial features.  In this place I recognized there was order, rank and authority, but I could not see their faces.  It was tangible, you could feel it in the atmosphere.

I understood that individuals were being called to the platform to receive rank, promotions and orders.  I knew that these newly ranked individuals were given orders to fulfill the task ahead.  I noticed everyone had same uniform, but what made them different were the insignia, stripes, ribbons and medals on their uniforms.

I noticed the only face on the platform I could see, was Jesus.  He was ranked high above anything and everything.  He wore a uniform and a Five Star General’s insignia on His lapel.

I knew what this rank meant.  It is the rank that contains the five-fold ministry of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist.

There was total unity and harmony among the ranks.  I also knew in my mind that there were others coming to be promoted.  I knew that more were coming.  After the commencement, people moved quickly to their places and into position.  These I saw, immediately recognized and clearly understood what their orders were, and where to be.

Those who are training will shortly, in a single moment, be made ready to go into their station and base.  Even those who had been in training knew the exact time of coming together in squadron formation; being obedient to their commanders.

No one can see the faces of those in this army, as it is a faceless group who are coming into position under authority.  There were none struggling for position, as each knew they were chosen for this purpose, to destroy the works of the enemy.

The LORD shown me that a strong coalition once scattered abroad is being unified by the war and the Commanders movements.

The Red Telephone

I had a vision.  I saw a Red Telephone with a dial like what we saw in the 70’s.  The LORD shown me a hotline to Heaven.

There are those spiritually who are like the Command and Control Centers, buried deep within mountains and under the ground.  I saw on all the walls, classified, technical and strategic maps on huge computer screens.

I saw the red telephone again.  I keep hearing about the cold war and how the Bear is trying to revive again access over the sides of the north.

God’s Command and Control Centers are sending out orders to those with skeleton crews to lay the foundation so the air support can come.

Red Horses  

These tactical maneuvers of defense, missions are strategic.  All the runways will be kept moving.  When attack comes, these are repaired so quick there is no time for the enemy to calculate his next move.

For in a moment’s notice, these will be ready and many are coming to man these offices and stations on earth, sky, sea and space.

I also saw that God is sending in militant trained warriors.  Those whom God trained who and have been hidden for decades, shall come forth, recommissioned and reactive.

There are those who carry great weight on their shoulders.  The rank is what you salute and respect.  The LORD is sending warriors all over the world into every place.  Some people have given up with the soldiers in exile, for now these are coming forward and all of earth will declare that there is a GOD.

I noticed a thrust of energy transitioning this great army into position, and no one had problems where they fitted.  These knew immediately where to go.

Looking behind at the last offensive, it was a vicious attack of darkness and at times you thought you wouldn’t make it.  You have seen changes and felt such strength.  This is new spiritual muscle.  Being shocked, you have seen a new rank on your uniform.  You will be shocked at the level and strength of yourself and others whom know you.

God is increasing on the earth!  As we decrease He increases.  God has given us a reprieve to be ready and be on course.  For truly times of refreshing come from the presence of the LORD.

It is hard to explain, but I know something is settled, something solidified and finished for this level.  It is very different and strong, however misunderstood.

Listen for your orders.  Trust Him for there will be many signs and wonders to follow those who minister the Word of God.  You must not fear the future, but look to see the fruit clearly.

There is something so historic, never seen or known before, that will bring divine encounters with intensity in all nations, especially in godless countries which hate Christians.  The LORD himself will make these to know who He is.  There shall be more visitations.

We will be clearly seen, dancing and waving banners!  These shall bring holy terror to the devil, as he falls back flat, encountering the beloved of God!

The enemy cannot stand against the beloved, as they carry the banner of unity, in one heart, one mind and of one accord.  His banner over us is Love!

These ranks, as they press through, will begin to see things very quickly and get answers very quickly.  Even thoughts are thought before they are spoken or written.  It is for unlimited declarations, decrees and demonstrations into the whole world.  These shall overtake and recover all.

Quickly Equip God’s People

Structures will be made and a place of provision and protection for the sheep and lambs.

God’s true Church will walk in this new realm.  You have never passed this way before.

God will give you strength and confidence and shall surround you with those of like heart, mind and spirit.  Yes, there are those who pioneered a new way, and these have set the structure of the HUB.

You shall become structures to the entire vision.  Each has their place in the war and show down with the devil.  These who have founded the HUBs, who have plowed and seeds sown in each season, shall find that the plowman will overtake the reaper.

God is connecting those who will truly be your family.  That may sound simple to you, but many in outlying regions who think they are outcast and abandoned shall be provided through technology, so these will have spiritual fathers and mothers concerning the faith.

This is the time to be anchored into this very historic sacred time we are entering.  You have never past this way before.

The enemy would like to throw a wrench into what God is doing through His people to upset the flow of the wagon wheel.  However, these pioneers in this season, these are a new breed.  These will solidify the key ranking soldiers and they shall build many HUBs, working the wagon and the wheels together as one.

The heavy attacks come because of the powerful rankings and what you have gone through.  These who are highly ranked are clothed in humility.

During this transition, those will go through upheavals and will carve off any leach that would try and remain hidden.  Usually, many flock to prophets who have flowery messages but have no lasting changes.

God’s prophets will get more intense and more precise Words for the matter.  God is saying WAKE UP and REPENT!

These who are sent in, will be loaded down and carry God’s glory.  Each will carry precise words and weaponry.  The LORD’s presence and intensity will cause absolute conviction and repentance of every precious soul.

There will be great signs and demonstrations of God’s Spirit.  Repentance precedes revival and revival empowers all the people within their location and regions.

I saw thousands and thousands of wounded and battle weary souls.  There were those who fell by the wayside.  I felt the compassion of the LORD.  I heard a sound, a rattling and a coming together.  These are those who planted seeds long ago and who had given up.

I saw oil lamp wicks almost out suddenly flame up.  Those I saw were considered lost and seemingly dead.

I saw myself face to face and nose to nose with satan.  He came to me nose to nose and toe to toe and screamed at me to intimidate me.  When the devil screamed in my face, I could feel the wind of his fury and my hair was blown back of fierce winds.

The devil messed with the wrong woman!  He didn’t realize my root system was deep and forged through trial and I stood under the fiercest winds.  Before I new it, the power deep within me pressed forward and I did not bow, bend or move.

Then God opened my mouth!  I opened my mouth thinking I would scream back and I heard out of my mouth the sound of a lion’s roar to such a powerful degree, the devil flipped end over end, got knocked off his position, then was blown away with fierce winds,  while I had no intimidation or fear.

The position he once had was taken over and recovered by the mighty warrior.  The devil threw out his best, but was no match for a blood bought, know-who-they-are soldier, of the Kingdom of God.

He tried to use the power he had gained previously and was far outweighed by the new power gained in promotion.  God never equips or send us unless we are prepared.

I see new weaponry for this new day which we are in; state of the art provisions and capable to the minutest detail.  Even our loyal patriots from nations will join in arms.  God will be greatly glorified in this day.

It is his anointing that breaks down all hindrances and all yokes.  He has given weaponry not of this world to His warriors and given instructions at a moment’s notice.

Yes, know your enemy and never underestimate his tactics, however the LORD is going to blow so hard that demons who have held regions, will be blown away and those places will be taken over by the Army of God!

There are people in out-of-the-way places who have been standing in prayer and fasting.  This is for their regions to be cleansed of the defilement.  God will set up His people to rule and reign this spiritual territory and take back what satan had stolen from them.

It took one man, Elijah, to stand in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation to speak the truth.  No one knew who was right, but God had a people who had not bowed their knees to Baal and God showed up to destroy the prophets of Baal.  The prophet also cut the head off the religious, demonic corruption in that hour.

I saw myself in deep water.  I came up for air, gasped and back under I went again.  I was able to watch all the while being able to use a periscope to see and watch above and then dive deep.  For deep calls to deep.

It was like a submarine.  God has you on His radar and the periscope watches above, then you go and dive below.  It is those who go into deep water who will see the miraculous.

Some of you can feel you are so different and so new.  God is going to give you a test run and you will be escorted by angels and those warriors whom will be connected to you.  There will be such cohesion and you will finally know where you fit in.

Social media will continue to reach all parts of the globe with those who are in out of the way places, through technology, social media and satellites.

There are those who have no Church building or fellowship.  In this time, there is no Church building necessary to be the Church.  The five-fold ministry will be available at a moment and click.

Many seek a pastor where they have none.  The LORD shall pastor His people through on-line Churches and meet the spiritual needs of the people.  There shall be social media through which God will bring in the harvest, even through online methods.

The LORD will restore the Church the way He has intended it to be.

In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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