Whose Mission Do You Promote?

There was once a young prophet who was sent by God to deliver a message to a king. God clearly instructed him not to stop and abide anywhere, but to come straight back, with no detours.

There was once a young prophet who was sent by God to deliver a message to a king.

God clearly instructed him not to stop and abide anywhere, but to come straight back, with no detours.

The young prophet prophesied concerning the judgment as he was told by God.  On his way home, the young prophet happened to meet an older prophet who had heard what was said and done through the word of the LORD.

The older prophet urged the younger prophet to come aside and eat and drink and be refreshed.

The younger prophet adamantly stated that he cannot stop, but must continue on the way home, as stated by the word of God.  But the older prophet lied and deceived the younger prophet, so he would heed him and come to his abode.

The older prophet said it was surely God’s will for him to eat and drink and be refreshed awhile.  The younger prophet, against his better judgment, heeded and relented.

The older prophet, through much control and manipulation, encouraged the younger prophet to eat and drink.  While they ate, suddenly the spirit of prophecy overtook the older prophet and he HAD STRONG WORD to prophesy to that younger prophet!

The LORD said he would die, for not being obedient to the LORD!

It matters not who or what the obstacle is that stands in your path to obedience with the Lord;  one must never deviate from that path!

As the young prophet quickly left the older prophet’s home, a lion met him and he was killed by the lion.  The lion and the donkey then stood by the road, to one side of the young prophet’s corpse.

Conviction came upon the older prophet and when he was told of it, he went to see this great sight, to see the lion and donkey still standing by the corpse, seemingly as a sign and wonder!

The older prophet grieved for the young man after the fact.  He was so convicted, that he said that when he died, he wanted to be buried in the same spot with the young prophet.

Just because a man or woman of God are highly favored and mature, aged and refined, doesn’t mean they know your assignment or requirements.

What did God tell you?  It matters not who they are or what they say.

What takes the preeminence is to obey God!  Be true to God, and let every man be a liar.

“God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged,”   Romans 3:4 KJV.

In your Christian walk, you shall be tested with this important point; TO STAY ON TARGET!

People will even get angry with you when you tell them “NO, because the LORD said No!”

God told the younger prophet exactly as He commanded.  He deviated due to what he reasoned in his mind and saw in his own experience.

The younger prophet doubted, since the older one had such persona and was so reassuring as he lied to him!  Thus, the young prophet doubted his own mission.

How many people have twisted your arm and caused you to doubt your mission?

What gets us in trouble?  Unbelief and doubt?  Thank God for grace, mercy and forgiveness.

That younger prophet was deceived through another prophet of God with a lie.  Imagine this happening to you?  This was a big lesson to all those who watched it unfold.

Maturity isn’t age or status; and not always or automatically God.

God was teaching all involved in this situation.

When in doubt, it is always best to remain on task with God’s plan at the beginning.  Always wait and return to your first love, to that love relationship which is always our first assignment.

Don’t deviate your path until the LORD begins releasing you.

This is a lesson we each must learn from God.  When things are confusing and foggy and you cannot get clarity; It is always good to go back to what God said at first.

Spiritual fog brings a deafening silence and confusion.  The motion suddenly stops and leaves an eerie silence.

Trust and remain steadfast to God!  God did not deviate His message!  Just because there are some who think they know better than you do; stand firm!

Just because people have needs and want your attention, doesn’t mean we fill it.  Be not hasty and miss the way!

*Study* 1 Kings chapter 13.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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