Confederacy, Union and ‘As One’!

God has a design for our life and knows every step we must take. Our hearts and motives are laid bare before God.

God has a design for our life and knows every step we must take.  Our hearts and motives are laid bare before God.

There are things we hide behind that we don’t even realize.  When things seem so strange and I cannot pinpoint it; I get confused, it usually signals that I am getting exhausted.

Because of exhaustion and not having time to build up my own reserves, I become susceptible to enemy attacks.

Unknown or forgotten motives of our heart can sometime be pricked because of our hidden issues, especially when we have no idea that we harbor any measure of grudge, unforgiveness, things we thought were resolved.

We may need to seek greater resolutions with our brothers and sisters for healing. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we have to agree with their point of view or walk with them.

We can have times when we thought a wound was healed, and we are shocked that we didn’t realize that scar can be aggravated and inflamed.

Even from thinking it was long ago resolved, then the shock and reality of what we are feeling now!  Having to face it now after all these years?

There are levels of healing we go through when God knows we are ready for them.

God knows our heart and motives, even if we do not.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.

I may not understand why I react a certain way, or why I feel so bound, but I have learned that God’s Word is not bound.  God knows where we are on His timeline.  Trust Him beloved.

God brings hidden things to the surface because He wants resolution and healing so we can move forward into His perfect will.

When we come across this type of thing, God wants to take us deeper in healing and placement in the body making us one heart, mind and one accord.  For when we love each other, we love God.

At times we have hidden our hearts.  Wounds have a way of joining in with others who agree with our wounds.  This is only step one in woundedness.

When step two in woundedness happens, that causes us to separate further with division opening us up to step three; religion.  I am not saying it is always the case.

When we respond to what takes us away from God’s will and His people, it is not God’s way.  We are to pray with a pure heart with pure motives.

Do we always handle things that way?  Is it perfect?  NO!  Are we to strive for the mastery?  Yes!   He wants His body to be one.

Yes, we move on the path for our feet and do our best to forgive and let them go.

I know everyone doesn’t fit together.  I am talking about those of us who are tender hearted and pricked in the heart about lost relationships.

Our part of our healing is to pray, forgive them, loose them and let them go, with our blessing.

I humbly submit this exhortation of our Lord Jesus, to those who hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  I don’t know what all has happened with people.

God keeps me from becoming too close to any group or any individual.  He will not let me read other prophecies or words unless He specifically leads me to them.

As for me, He wants what I say to be pure and not be motivated or influenced by man.  It is rare that I read many words from others.  Seriously, only after I post a word does He allow me to read the responses and confirmations that come my way.

Being loyal is first to God, then to stand with our beloved brethren and to try our best to help bring healing.

Division comes, and we must guard against it.  However, it is often one way the gospel is pushed out into other places regardless of how it happened.  Paul and Barnabas parted ways due to a sharp disagreement.

And the contention was so sharp between them, that they departed asunder one from the other: and so Barnabas took Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus; And Paul chose Silas, and departed, being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God.  And he went through Syria and Cilicia, confirming the churches,”   Acts 15:39-41.

We learn and grow and then we outgrow our placement and move on.  Not all will remain with you.

God moves people where He wants them.  We are not to attach ourselves to man, but be connected with each other and respect one another and each of our boundaries.

We must guard against those who seek to attach to someone, when it isn’t with the right motive.  This behavior is typical for someone who recognizes the gifts which they also want

If not taught properly, this focus (on gifts of another) can become a form of idolatry and invite Jezebel in.  We are free and we each are individuals who have our place.  We seek Him for that place, and yes, we respect leaders.

Our enemy is satan and our enemies are demons, and they use people.  We need to remember that when we shoot a arrow, that it is aimed rightly and it hits the demon and not the person.

There is a civil war raging within the church.  Let us remember freedom is never free, it cost many lives for the freedoms we enjoy.

As intercessors and prayer warriors, we understand the battle and we must become sharp and aim at the right targets.

Even seasoned intercessors or warriors can become burned out.  We get tired, worn out, intolerant, judgmental, become religious or legalistic, because we move further away from dependence on God alone.

Then we slip on the slippery slope being susceptible to the voice of the enemy.  What we then begin doing is relying on fumes, instead of being energized by the Holy Spirit.

Once this happens, the works of the flesh will take us further away from dependence on God alone.  When you get to this place, THEN is the time to pull away from everything, everyone and press into the LORD.

Retreat is God’s method of order, beloved!  Learn when to pull away; watch for signs.

In this hour, as we yield, abiding in the LORD’s presence, we must be so sharp with God’s Word as to be able to rightly divide the word of truth and to use the Word of God as our weapon against our demonic enemy; not against our brother.

Harvest is upon us and people get saved and free!  However, immediately, well meaning people then try to put us under their specific type of bondage.

Confederacy and Unity

A confederacy is a political union.  For example; a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose.  ©

The southern confederacy held bids and catered to the shareholders on their plantations that were worked by the purchase of slaves.  In American history, this was the stench of our nation’s history; the slave trade in our nation.

These southern state soldiers were also referred to Rebels.

Are we free or are we enslaved with a yoke of slavery?

We must learn how to be free ourselves, for then we can set the captives free.

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness as idolatry,”   1 Samuel 15:23.

As Christians, we fight for the freedom of our brethren and those who need to be saved, and bring them into UNION; the unity of the faith, in Jesus’ Name!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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