Great Waves and Revelation

It is the light that breaks through the darkness into all situations and the anointing that breaks the yokes.

The LORD has a design in mind for joining particular groups together.

Especially those which work together well and which complement each other.

He wants us to reach specific cultures and to go where the work will be received.

There are practice’s within the body that lead to bondage and loss of monetary provision for the vision.

We are the ones who derail.  Trust is always a big issue because trust that has been violated must be re-earned.

I see an immense time of repentance with one another and with God.

Each time true repentance happens, it will bring us nearer to God and each other.

God’s desire for our destiny will unfold as we work together, and realizing we are all one with different aspects in gifting.

As a separated ligament and tear causing pain happens, we will realize how much we are connected to each other.

God’s desire with those we know, who are separated or torn is to bring us together as a body, so we can be healed.

It is the time of building and adding to the sheepfolds and walled defenses for the little ones and those who desire to be trained.

This is not a natural wall, but one that’s made through prayer and intercessions as our defense.

Protect His flock and defend the weak among you.  The little one’s shall dwell in the fortified settlements.

We must have walls of defense for all of those who come to learn and grow in safety, in knowing the LORD and in what each of us are chosen to do.

Many warrior’s shall go armed and ready for battle before the great body.  The goal; to bring them into their inheritance that Christ’s paid for in His own blood.

The attitude of these armed one’s is to win the victory for these who come that are “little ones” so they may grow, be discipled, be equipped, to rise and go conquering their portion.

Turnover, is where it is at in making disciples of all nations.  Being equipped isn’t for us to stay put unless He calls us to remain at the base, however for those who are being trained in learning who they are, and who’s at work in them, it is these that are being trained and equipped so they can go into the whole world!

You will stand and fight for their inheritance, but you must remain rooted in the planting of the LORD.

“If you will do as I say, by going armed with your weaponry before the LORD to war against the adversaries; I will drive out all of your enemies and you shall subdue them before the LORD. 

Then you shall return and I MYSELF will vindicate, validate and escalate your lives.

KNOW that you shall be counted as guiltless before all your accuser’s. 

It isn’t necessary to stop the building to take valuable time to chase down every accusation and hurt feeling in an attempt to plead your innocence.

Give them to Me,”  says the LORD.  “Let Me declare your innocence.

Your accusers through their frantic activity, shall cause a double whammy, as you are lifted up higher due to all the enemies controversy that they are stirring up.

So what the devil means for evil, you are being lifted up above it all!

You are being taken to a greater level of effectiveness and you shall learn to surf over the pressures and hang 10 as you feel the pressure of the waves.  Let the pressure come!

You are created for this!  Don’t run from the pressure, press into the pressure!

Ride the crest of the spiritual waves.  The tsunami waves and the storm surge will not keep you afraid anymore.

You will learn to trust Me deeply and hang on to what I said to you at first.  For NOW shall you be lifted up above all your enemies roundabout.

The devil is defeated so do not trust words and feelings that go against what I said to you at the beginning.

For those who fight My battles, you shall see great changes in many secular places.

The chasm will widen, and the true remnant warriors will be known.  These are not known for their outward looks, appearances, or attitudes, but for the light that breaks forth in them!

It is the light that breaks through the darkness into all situations and the anointing that breaks the yokes.

In those secular places you shall find the lost, the backslidden and the strays.  You shall find those who have been terribly wounded by their friends and in desperate need of the healing light you carry.

Your light shall make their light, brighter and better.  There are some whose lights are smoldering, and your light shall reignites their flame.

Don’t think so much about tomorrow because each day has enough concerns Consider this day and pray.

I will send you into areas that many in the religious world would scoff at, as you allow Me to move you, you shall see My signs and wonders.

Wait for My trumpet call,” says the LORD.

“I can see the accusations of My People one to the other.  Judging on outward things instead of the heart.

Have I not said that I would choose the unlikely ones to lead My people?

I myself rebuke the devil out of your lives and ministries.

How dare My enemy touch them with soulish, witchery prayers?

I MYSELF choose to pluck them out of the very fire, and they shall be MY branding iron says your God!

Do not look at the outer garments and the mistakes of MY chosen.

People, do not understand that the mistakes could come knocking at your door if you are not careful.

I have taken away the iniquity and I will dress their ministry,” says the LORD.

“It has been said, the elder shall serve the younger. Is this injustice?

My gift is not according to your striving, but My Mercy and Purpose.

Don’t I have the right to determine what the clay is molded into?

Who are you to criticize My works of My chosen vessels? 

I say to have a healthy respect for those you may not know. 

Beware of touching things you don’t understand fully, as these could be the works of MY own hands, says your God!”

“Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ,”   1 Peter 3:16 KJV.

“And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, now is come salvation, and strength and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night,”   Revelation 12:10 KJV.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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