Soul Mate

When HE first glanced at me my heart skipped a beat, I felt the deep connection and it scared me…

When HE first glanced at me my heart
skipped a beat, I felt the deep connection
and it scared me…

As the pages of my life unfolded in my heart,
My mind became light out of the dark

How could a woman such as I think to enjoy
this man of my heart; such a man of stature
That has remained from the very start?

Thinking it unfair for him to capture a woman
as I of so many lost years…

Being the son of man of prime and strength,
How could one as I be worthy of such a feat?
I wondered if HE truly knew how my heart beat

Such wasted time I spent, why would HE even
look my way when all I ever did was push HIM
away. How could I think after all I had done,
That I could possibly ever be considered His love?

My mind raced so quickly throughout my years,
How could HE recognize me as one who is dear?
Tears flow at the revelation of His Son as one left
Undone because it was so amazingly true that
He wanted me too!

Layer by layer true, HE peeled away all the lost
Years, hopes and dreams too, that in this life
I thought hope was lost, but amazingly he made
clear, that He paid the final cost that I hold so dear..

Yet in all my doubts and insecurities, I see the
Possibilities, as God is up above watching my life’s
turmoil come undone, could it be that He has
Provided the desire of my heart as a stronghold
And refuge in times of trouble in this son of man
That appears as my double?

Shall I experience only what I have read and
dreamed of?  Or is it true, that I have had eternal love
that existed from times far above?  How can I not
Realize this all along, for it has been a journey
In finding this amazing Love…..

I have wondered if my life was spent in meaningless
Regret thinking that God must be done with me
and I must be worthless yet, yet the Lord finds me
In my lowest place and shows me His amazing
Unmerited Grace….

Again I see His everlasting arms even when I had
Pushed HIM away for HE provided me a New and
Living way…..

I will follow my heart and trust HE is guiding me
from the very start, I will not fear, but follow HIS lead
so dear….

So this new man that I see in my view, who I will learn
To trust and obey too, Lord I will say I do, for you
have won my heart and have put love in me too…….


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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