America: A Prayer Strategy

I see a swarming of rising demonic activity released in a desperate and aggressively way to attempt to destroy President Donald J. Trump!

I see a swarming of rising demonic activity released in a desperate and aggressively way to attempt to destroy President Donald J. Trump with the wave of political unrest and confusion.

Have No fear beloved warrior intercessors!  Trump was raw ore when he entered office.

He was no career politician but God has taken him (like clay) and has been forming him daily and breaking and remolding him refining and defining him like fire.  Like a brand taken from the fire.

“And The LORD said unto Satan, The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan; even The LORD that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?”   Zechariah 3:2 KJV.

Moment by moment this is The LORD’s plan and Trump is a work in progress.

He is teachable and listening to his advisers and those who are praying for him and national interests.

Prayer Points:

I heard the word, coup d’état.

There are forces at work spiritually and physically to undermine our whole nation founded on God’s Word.

These demons and people are out to totally discredit Trump and his whole administration.

But I must warn publicly, that he who digs a pit for the righteous, himself shall fall into it!

There is conspiracy nationally and internationally to undermine America and totally destroy Trump anyway they can.  But the God of heaven will always have the first and last word.

We must war in prayer against all demonic plans of impeachment, threats, plans and plots of assassinations worldwide with our interests nationally and internationally.

I see these demonic spirits using men and women in an all-out campaign to trash our nation with all sorts of abominable practices and those who demand to preserve their rights to murder innocents!

Pray beloved!

Hell has released demonic fury sending forces to stop Christians!

Beloved don’t doubt, there is truly an awakening in the land to take back all of our God given rights and freedoms!

I see demons and people gnashing their teeth against  The LORD’s armies!  Stand with God and his armies and hold the line!

Pray beloved!

There are secretive meetings of the ministers of darkness even in their bed chambers!

However, God is showing the secrets to His servants the prophets.  These ministers of darkness are devising conspiracy, schemes and plots to destroy the boundaries that God fearing people were given.

Through apathy and complacency these demonic spirits were able to gain access to this ground that once belonged to God fearing people.

Well now, God has sent HIS clarion Trump!

God is sounding awakening to this nation!

The sound is being heard in the land and it is now time to take back everything the enemy stole from us!!!

Pray beloved!

God has graced President Trump to continue this mandate and plan of God.

He came in knowing very little prayer or God’s power, but through this warfare and opposition, he is now seeing clearly what is at stake. Intercessor and warrior alike, cry out to God!

Weep, mourn, and intercede for the soul of this great nation, taking back everything stolen from her!

Pray beloved!

Trump came in with a plan and many have no clue that their resentment and hatred of him, is being resentful to God.

Trump came in with a shout, but he shall emerge as a lion and a Trumpet that shall sound in this nation and the nations of the world!

Pray beloved!

God is great and God loves America!

Millions upon millions of angels have been sent and are assigned to the White House and this great nation!

God bless America!

Pray beloved!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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