Don’t Believe the Enemy’s Propaganda!

The LORD says: “Beloved, don’t think for one moment that My People can’t see what is happening in America!”

In a powerful vision, I was seeing myself in the midst of many military type people in uniform with various forms of insignia on their shoulders and arms, yet the uniforms were camouflaged and it was hard to see who were the officers and who were the noncommissioned officers, and it didn’t seem to matter.

In this vision, it seemed like the people were in chaotic circumstances of war time without rationality.  Yet, I had such a great level of peace and calm in the midst of trouble!

The only way to describe it was like I was in a bubble of absolute peace and protection and there was no doubt.  I recognized something had changed!

Suddenly I witnessed what looked like snow at first, but flying down like snow, were so many papers falling through the air!

I felt that these papers were negative, but I watched helplessly as the people would grab the papers and the words on the papers negatively affected the troops putting them into fear!

I then heard the word, “Propaganda”

Propaganda:  Information, ideas, rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation etc..  The deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc..  The particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement,”   ©

Then I heard,  “Weasel in the coup!

Just as King Balak and the elders of Moab tried to hire Balaam to curse Israel by promising the rewards of witchcraft, the enemy, the devil himself, is terrorized by the enormous sight of the people of God coming together across the land!

My People are coming together link by link and prayer by prayer! 

The enemy cannot keep up with the ever-changing, shifting landscape of Washington DC and America!

It is because of the many prayers of the saints!” (Numbers 22).

The enemy is panicked to see how far reaching God’s Kingdom comes, for it is covering this great nation and covering the face of the earth!

Whoever negatively touches the King or the President, touches GOD!  You shall be found to fight GOD!

“The devil has tried throwing everything against this administration, but MY people hear My Sound and will remain keep the line!

Satan has tried to keep many driven, but even these are falling away from the very propaganda he sent to terrorize the God-fearing people!

The enemy is spread so thin he can only call for larger amounts of his demonic forces in one place at a time.”

God’s people are rising to the occasion and driving many of the forces of darkness out!

The enemy’s strategies are to send shock waves of accusations to discredit and shame indiscretions done when they were children!

Pray beloved!  Keep pressing in!  The devil is losing ground and in desperation in the political realm he is running an all-out smear campaign.

“Beloved, don’t think for one moment that My People can’t see what is happening in America!

All of the forces at work in the governmental realm wish to destroy the current administration!

All the ads and negative plans are going to back fire!” says The LORD!

“MY People!  Do not fear the Media’s propaganda tactics!

Do not fear or give place to the liberal agendas!

Though it may look bad, look to Me,” says The LORD. “The devil and his people are gnashing their teeth at this President and administration in office. 

Do not fear liberal networks and all methods of broadcast!

I have a people in the heart of My land that have awakened and this awakening is covering the land! Fear Not!”  says The LORD!

“Many people are awakening and they are smart and I have given them vision to see through the facades and circus atmosphere in Washington DC.

There are many famous people thinking they will fuel the liberal fire, and when I pass by, their words are suddenly in league with My words,” says The LORD!

“They will look at each other in amazement as in mid-sentence, and I will speak through them to their disdain of their own group and party,”  says The LORD!

Like Balaam was hired to curse Israel, Balaam could do nothing to curse, he only could bless Israel!  America, America, God shed HIS Grace on thee!

“I will speak, and who can stop me?  Yes, this is a time like none other in all history and I SHALL ARISE in your midst!

Shall a nation be changed in a day!!?  I will bless those who bless you and curse those who dare curse you!

The prayers of the righteous availeth much!  Yes, continue to seek ME with your whole heart so that I will do a preserving work through your prayers!”  says The LORD of Host!

“A national revolution is taking place as many sleeping Christians, who were kept in deep sleep, are now being awakened.

I see their resistance initially, but these are irritated at being awakened from a deeply demonic sleep, but NOW their eyes are being opened wide to see what is happening!

This is not just happening nationally, but in all levels of governing even in grass root efforts in their regions, their cities and yes into their homes even through their front door!

Home is not home anymore!   There is a battle waged for the soul of this nation and the troops have been called to war!“


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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