The Great Shaking and the After Shocks!

We must keep God first in America! We take ground spiritually and we must maintain the control of that ground.

God is moving mightily across the land of America.

Beyond this win, it cannot be a temporal thing and go back to what was normal!  What was normal is gone!

We must keep God first in America!

We take ground spiritually and we must maintain the control of that ground.

We need God to be first in America!  God has heard the cry of the intercessor’s day and night! Beloved; He has heard our prayers!

God is giving us another chance to do it right!

Wow people, don’t you realize and see how God intervened at the last possible moment awakening His People and letting us see how close we came as a nation to losing it all?

Beloved we must spread the news what this election means to those who consider themselves Christians.

We must remain an activist for the LORD for life!  We must educate ourselves and our friends and neighbors and remain motivated!

Freedom isn’t free, it cost everything!  It cost our savior everything to bring eternal life and it costs us to remain free!

There is a major revolution taking place as many sleeping God-fearing Christians who had been in deep sleep are now awake.

This is not just happening nationally but internationally.  As we go, so shall the nations.  We must continue to pray specifically for this! Everyday!

Trump serves “us,” representing us as our public servant of the people, by the people, and for the people!  He is not a dictator, socialist, or communist!

I heard the sound of a severe quake in the spirit realm and there are many aftershocks in the spirit realm!

The LORD told me that after these Mid-Term elections, we must continue to Pull down, Press In and get ready to PUSH!

We must break through Leviathans twisted Agenda, of Twisted Words, Corrupt Communications, Liberal Propaganda, Liberal Agenda, and Liberal News Media and prepare America for Severe Back Lash, sparking hatred and violence all over America!

We must prepare NOW to stand in the gap and listen to the Holy Spirit’s cue pressing in advance concerning these violent upheavals that are spurred on by satan himself!

If we don’t pray, these maneuvers may cause people to violently attack anyone that is involved in this win!

These evil spirits will provoke people by the desperate demonic spirits that satan himself is provoking by using what were the liberal voters and democrats to riot and war.

The enemy is losing held places from centuries and decades in cities, states, and regions by the warfare going on in the spiritual realm NOW.

I can see the enemy provoking people and the faces of people change into contorted images of demons with hatred, gnashing of teeth, and murderous plans in a desperate way they are responding to losing ground!

Many of these demons also are turning on each other and fighting one another!

Just because we win this election doesn’t mean that the spiritual war is over!

It has only just begun.  The enemy will now try to cause activist to rally into a Civil War.

We must press into God in prayer NOW to stop the demonically charged people so we may avoid Marshall law due to election violence.

We must press out so we will conquer the enemies plans.  May we break through the violence and protect our law-abiding citizens, law enforcement, and military members that are stationed to protect and serve!

We must pray and stand with President Trump keeping our borders and keeping America safe and supporting our own people who are legal citizens and for those who are going through proper channels to get aid and properly apply for citizenship!

We must stand especially for our Veterans, as we have many needs here on our own soil to be met! We must pray seriously for God to intervene in this mass invasion at our borders (spiritual invasions) and for God to step up homeland security, giving President Trump the power and wisdom in handling all these things.

We must keep illegals out and pray for protection of the military to guard our borders!

The Wave is here!  The Wave is here!  The wave is here!

Christians, Warriors, Intercessors, God-Fearing people and Spiritual Midwives we must prepare for the baby to be re-born in a day!

Israel was reborn in a day and so will America!

We are spiritually in labor now America!  PUSH, PUSH, AND PUSH in travail and prayer!

We stand strong with Israel!  The dragon will NOT devour this child!  We stand against him now In JESUS’ name!

“Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name’s sake, said, Let the LORD be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed. 6 A voice of noise from the city, a voice from the temple, a voice of the LORD that rendereth recompence to his enemies. 7 Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child. 8 Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things?  Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. 9 Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God. 10 Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her: rejoice for joy with her, all ye that mourn for her: 11 That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory,”   Isaiah 66:5-11 KJV.

Your new beginning is falling upon you in this fall season with increase and acceleration!

Now the militant, God-fearing warriors in America are awake!

We are fighting for our God given rights and heritage as a nation founded on God and His Holy Word!

God is revealing who are His true end-time prophets to America and the world!

We are at the apex of the most Powerful Revival the world has ever seen!

We the church must have revival, so that the nation will be set up for the Greatest Awakening the world has ever seen!

We must focus our sights on a National Revival and Awakening!

We need to pray like never before!  God bless America!

A new level of ruling and reigning is coming to America!

For so long, gradually we were in immersed into poison!

Many were so pickled and these became what they were immersed into.  That is why President Trump stated he would drain the swamp in Washington DC!

Let all of us pray and seek God for HIS purpose in and through us and in governing this great nation of America.

Let the God-Fearing people of this great land and nation be dedicated to God in returning to our first love in intimacy and intercession to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

God bless America!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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