The Process of Change!

I am learning constantly and amazingly how quickly a life changing event can affect us in all in body, soul and Spirit.

I am learning constantly and amazingly how quickly a life changing event can affect us in all in body, soul and Spirit.

Experiencing life comes with all sorts of challenges.  Nothing stays the same except Jesus is the same, yesterday and forever!  Thank God He is never late and He never cast us away.

Our life change could be a new move to a new location or an “out of our comfort zone experience.”  I have found in so many experiences in my life, that such times bring to the surface areas of things that haven’t been understood.

Aren’t you glad that all of us are not always going through the same thing at the same time?

When one is up flying high with Jesus, these see from such a greater distance and aren’t you glad they are part of your life?

I know I am!  I am so grateful to God for my true and loving sisters, brothers and friends!

Aren’t you glad that God infuses His power through these the beloved of God who are sent our way to grant us the fortitude, determination, and strength to help us who are less fortunate, and those who have been wounded or who have fallen helplessly on the narrow road of life.

We are not exempt of these times, but God knows the training we need and especially the development of compassion to treat others the way you would be expected to be treated?

There will come seasons in ALL of our lives.  These seasons will affect us all!  How we react to those who need our loving tender care will be measured by God’s plumb line as we all are being tested in many ways.

Being the one on the receiving end often find out they have a hard time receiving due to pride.  Receiving is just as important as giving.

We want to be on the giving end all the time when there are times when we are in need of mercy, compassion and help for ourselves.

Religion dons a mask to make you think that something must be wrong with you!  As we grow we are going through hard trials in life.

This isn’t easy.  As we learn to yield and yearn to learn the process, we will begin to see things from a more positive faith filled experience, instead of trying to hide who you really are from people and having to admit that you are not always up in the stratosphere somewhere!

People want to identify in the reality of the truth of Christ in this life.  These hunger to learn truth from other Christians.

When people have confidence that they can open up, these will find good instructions as these truths then bubble up coming from the deep recesses to the surface of our understanding.

I have noticed the flashes of revelation that have broken through the error and lack of balance that are held by the demands of various groups that hold out of balance lie, demanding that we must be flying high all the time.

If we would be honest with ourselves and to each other, none of us are flying high the majority of the time.  The true breaking process breaks us up to make us more aware of those like us who desperately need God’s mercy, grace and compassion.

Godly Humility is acquired and learned through real life encounters and situations that humble us.  Our stance, is often with tears, making us feel vulnerable.

When there have been a lot of religious wounds it can be very hard to receive from anyone due to lack of trust.

There are some right next to us whom are so wounded, but they are so afraid to open up.  Yes, there are even those of us who are homeless and have nothing.

Be aware of the results of our own situations.  These times of change prepare us with life skills, equipping us with what it takes to bring understanding and compassion to our neighbors.

We must all be aware of our surroundings because God will often send us or place us with the fruits of His Spirit in his actions and His words if necessary.

However, in so many ways, actions do so very much more than words do.  God has a divine set up in mind today to display God in you in His grace, goodness and Mercy!

Become aware of all those who are around you!  This is a “God set up!”  Begin now to focus on those who are down and out.

Don’t glare and stare in disapproval at their inconsistencies.  Ask yourself, What would Jesus do?

I have found in my humanity that had it not been for God’s Grace and Mercy where would I be!  We really have no idea what we are made of until we have total disorder and mass pandemonium in our lives.  How do we react?

To have everything in its place and purpose brings the facade of order and a clear mind.  When in all actually we are a mess!

Look at Job when all was in order and blessed by God in his life and then suddenly all changed.  We are only one step away of being tested that way.

I have been thinking a lot about the seasons and the varied attempts of change we go through.  None of us are exempt from trials, tribulations and change!

We want to change but when it comes knocking at our door, we often find we are unprepared.  The answer to all of our changes is to trust God through the good and the bad and to learn to go with the flow of the Holy Spirit!!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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