Maturity Prayer Goals

Trying not to have problems, isn’t the goal. Using each attack and challenge as an opportunity to grow and become stronger should be the goal.

Trying not to have problems, isn’t the goal.

However, using each attack and challenge as an opportunity to grow and become stronger each time should be the goal.

So, don’t try to run, or will it away, because it won’t leave you be. You must master it, or it will master you.

As you battle in prayer and war, remember that this is a way God uses to exercise us to give us strength and to grow into maturity.

If we never had opposition, we would never learn by experience how to overcome. God wants us to become teachable so that in time we become teachers. God takes everything in our lives and turns it around for good.

You will have as much opposition possible in direct proportion to what your destiny demands. God will use you first, then family to conquer what is come to advance your authority with God.

It always is to teach us and to help others in the body. But He always begins in the home.

God is loading us daily with benefits and he will require much from you but take heart, The LORD is involved preparing you for your destiny.

As you take each step directed, first with daily repentance and prayer, your family is your responsibility lies first, then your extended family.

In any war, there must be a base that is strong, and if too much happens away from that base that draws you away from there, the enemy will continue to draw you away so to keep turmoil in your own home.

Your answer is in finding the secret place daily and like dressing, get up and dress you, your family, and home, protecting it and speaking the word over it.

This is how we must live these days because they are so evil and the enemy wants inside, because if he can smite you and your family, the rest will be scattered.

God’s got to get us right and together before we can handle helping anyone else. If you dive in after a drowning victim and you don’t know how to save the person, you both go down.

On an airplane, if the cabin pressure drops the one with the knowledge and strength is to put on your mask first before you can ever help someone else or you both die. We can’t help them until we can help himself.

To be standing in the gap in prayer for others is to intervene and take responsibility for their condition so that God will hear and favor us and intervene with our prayers for them. God cannot hear the prayer of sinners unless they repent. It is why we must learn to stand in the gap for others.

In the eyes of Satan, we are like walking time bombs because he knows intercession and warfare destroys the plans of darkness.

He can’t tell exactly what God will do through us but he watches us, distract us, and fight us so hard in the area of prayer and warfare.

Satan oppresses our minds to think in the natural but the devil knows you are very dangerous especially when you finally come to know who you are and what you have.

Yes, the greater one is in us and is far above anything the devil will try, and his goal is to keep you ignorant of his wiles.

He can sense and know from the things said what you are thinking, but when we start thinking the way God thinks and when we speak what God says, he is terrified and you will be fully released like a wrecking ball against the devil’s strongholds.

Be that wrecking ball in the spirit and take that dominion everywhere you go and listen and respond with the word and that love be supreme so that great damage will be done on your avenues daily.

Agree with God’s word that whatever ground has been given to you is holy ground and be the place where the mouth of the devil is bound from souls, deception, and all false doctrine be destroyed in Jesus’ Name!

We have amazing power when we learn to use it beloved!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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