Motives of Elevation

I AM bringing together a net. The mending of it will be for the harvest of the great catch of the hour

The greater the anointing gets, the greater advance of satanic activity, in proportion with the other.

Satan looks for positions of influence, he wants power over groups, not just people.   He targets authorities with unrelenting effort.   He wants the worship, the praise and the control.

I AM bringing together a net.  The mending of it will be for the harvest of the great catch of the hour.  However, it will be at the expense of warfare for many prayer warriors.  A lot of warriors will cover the network to keep in mended.

Consider my servant Stephen as he was stoned, his face beheld My face and it provoked a response of anger.  Don’t be surprised that your presence is not welcome.

These current attacks against you are designed to corrupt the communication links, between you, I and my body.  The attacks against you reveal the location of the enemy.

Aim and fire in warfare, prayer, intercession and travail.  Do not retaliate in the flesh.
Let no man stand in judgment of you and let not their opinion of you move you.  Let no man steal your crown.  It is who I approve of and what I think, that shall stand.  Not what people think.

See a tactic of the enemy: He accuses My beloved of what he is, therefore mirrors a reflection back to you so you will receive it.  Abide in Me and stand strong against this image, for it is not My Spirit accusing you, says your God.”

Vision:   I saw a shoe horn and someone trying to put on shoes that don’t fit.  These shoes were military shoes, not combat boots.  The kind people in authority wear in the Pentagon.  I understood this to mean:

“There are some who are trying to walk in places they are not called to.  They are still caught up in the seemingly belief of deceitful glamour, and pride of man’s positions.  The opinions of man are still a strong force in their lives.  They want the authority without the proper training in humility to handle such authority.

For no weapon formed against my beloved shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against her in judgment, those words shall be condemned.

I have entrusted with eyes to see and voices to speak and I require much more from you!  Your suspicions and innuendos have come up before My face.  With what you see, you have been chosen to pray, not criticize, not curse.  Do not engage in a battle that you cannot win.

I have not chosen you to fight each other, or even fight your physical enemies, but I have chosen you to fight My battles in the Spirit.

For your battles are not with flesh and blood, but with evil spirits that are at work, to bring a scattering and isolation to the parts of the body.

Don’t trust your neighbor.  Pray for your neighbor.  Don’t even trust a friend.  These are your own brothers.  Members of your own family are making plans against you!  Don’t put your trust in man!  They will even speak to you like friends!

Be careful of what you say to those in your own home, for adversity shall even arise in your own home.  One moment they love you, the next moment they hate you.  Put your confidence and trust in Me!  I did not commit Myself to any man, for I knew what was in the hearts of man.  Yet I loved them and only did what My Father revealed.

At any moment a brother could be deceived like Peter was.  I simply said to him, “get behind Me Satan.”  Any of you can be deceived at any time; none are exempt.

I aimed at the adversary, not the claimed territory.  Peter was one that indeed was claimed as mine!  I take it very personally when one of My children get hit.  Touch not, or you will be touched!  Whoever digs a pit for the righteous, will themselves fall in it! Says the LORD of Host!

VISION:  I had a vision of many being elevated and as the people were rising, I saw others that were earth bound trying to hook or snag them so they could keep the ones from elevating.

Those who were trying to hold them back had bad motives and thought it should be them advancing, when clearly the LORD said “No”.

These elevating ones were hooked and snagged with all sorts of distractions, however these continued resisting for they were being held back and determined to advance even with hooks and snags.

Then I saw the ones elevating break free from all snags and hooks!  The earth bound ones got angry and jealous because they said they knew just as much as the others.

These continued to try to hook or snag any of these rising ones.  Soon though, I saw those who were being elevated able to pull away and elevate with the strength and integrity of the LORD.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey