Unholy Motives and Attitudes

Watch what happens when they cross you! They will manifest when you disagree!

I do not want to hear from anyone who belittles, gossips, slanders, and play games with God’s beloved children.  The LORD see’s it all.  He knows it all.

I bind all corrupt communications out of our heart, mind and mouths.  Especially those who talk about other ministers, ministries and Christians.

Guard your gifts.  Protect your gifts.  You are a steward of them.  You know God has given you a two edge sword and we answer to Him.  He will show us as we spend time with Him in prayer and abiding in His presence.

Always pray, be mindful and watch what those religious spirits say when you say NO to participate concerning slander, gossip and touching HIS anointed.  You have determined that you will NOT speak against anyone in the body of Christ.

Watch what happens when they cross you!  They will manifest when you disagree!  Guard your heart and mind for out of it comes the issues of life.  Be angry and sin not!

We are all individual’s who must learn and especially understand that we have the mind of Christ.  Guard your words, thoughts and weigh every word against Gods Holy Word.

Be determined to give no place to the devil.  Tell those who are tale bearers they are wrong and let them know you won’t participate in such communications.  Guard your heart, mind and tongue.

Those who are jealous and envious, will play nice as long as you agree with them, but once they have managed to manipulate and control you then we must Deal and Confront them.  Pray and speak what thus says the LORD!

Let no man manipulate and control you for that is a form of spiritual abuse and it leads you right to a spirit of Jezebel.  Those spirits make us like puppets as they pull our strings and lead us the way they want us to go.

We are all individual’s that must learn these things, for we will face many more.

Decree and declare that you have the mind of Christ.

Touch not Gods anointed, do his prophet’s no harm.  Realize and be quick to repent so that times of refreshing come from the presence of the LORD.

Be mindful that we carry the Holy Spirit and He sits on the throne of our heart.  Remember, we can easily grieve HIM.

Do not attribute the works of the Holy Spirit to be the enemy.  That my friends is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

I bind all disrespect.

I bind all corrupt communication out of the mouths.

Help us LORD to deal with us!  Help us to remain aware about what comes out of our hearts and mouth especially those who are on our friends list.

There are differences in gifting and purposes in the body of Christ.  We will not always agree, but we must love.  Just because they don’t agree with everything we believe, doesn’t make them bad.

We must walk in what we attained by faith in Gods Word.  If these type of issues continually come up to me, expect to be confronted.  So if you see pages gone and articles deleted, it is because I am done with such antics.

If you see things that you think are wrong, please talk to God and keep your opinions to yourselves.  Let God be God and He will reveal the truth as needed.

Only one person knows me very well.  His name is Jesus, the Son of man.  However God has given me a husband in this life who supports and prays earnestly for me.  I thank God for that!

If you see things that you think are wrong, please talk to God and come to me in private; but keep opinions to yourselves in the body.  Let God be God and He will reveal the truth to us.

We are to be stewards of the mysteries and treasures of secret places.  He is our King and we, His beloved.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey