The War and World of Words

Let us not assassinate our brother! Don’t get involved in the devils agenda’s; Unless you are going to confront it, bring closure and settle the matter

When we speak against our brother, we speak against ourselves!  When we are in a “group,” gossip and slander are mixed with words that kill, steal and destroy.

It matters not who should say something, even if you are silent.  We are known by the company we keep and the words we speak.  Don’t engage in a battle you can never win!

If you have the spiritual maturity, and carry weight and know better, we are accountable before God.  We must understand and beware of what we allow ourselves to listen to, and what situations we put ourselves in, speak and chat about.

Whatever means of communication we use, remember the enemy will line up to the content, long enough to make us think we are hearing the real deal!  The Word of God is always the real deal!  Line up to that!

Once that happens, we have opened the door against ourselves and others that may not understand!  The one with the maturity, ends up lining up with the deception, then once that happens, we speak words that we have no business speaking.  When we curse with our words we are doing the devils business and he sits up watching this horrid civil war with glee!

Learn to look at the root cause in a brother and in this war of words.  Realize that person really didn’t mean what they said!  Know a brother by his or her consistency as a follower of Christ.

Know them by their words and fruits; Fruits of the Spirit, and fleshly fruits.  It takes time to know a persons consistency in Christ.  As we grow in maturity we begin to see various levels.  We can recognize levels we once walked in.

Before honor comes humility.  All Honor belongs to Him who sits on the throne! He is able to abase those that are haughty, and pride comes before a fall.

  1. Our growth to child-likeness, is our end result with God!
  2. We will cast our crowns at his feet one day.
  3. We grow to places of service through humility. He must increase and we decrease!
  4. Innocence through humility! I ask God to Keep me innocent so I remain humble.

This walk is the opposite to our secular lives.  Everyone says to be an over achiever, climb the ladder of success no matter how many heads you step or stomp on!  The kingdom of God is opposite.  It is ALL about Him!

The growth we achieve through this natural world is nothing, compared to our inheritance which is stored up in heaven.  We came into this world with nothing, and we will exit with nothing.  That inheritance is eternally stored up as HE lives through us!

The object is to host the LORD on the throne of our heart.  What an honor we have!  To host the King of Kings and LORD of LORDs on our very own heart!

To HIM who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb, be blessings, glory, honor and power forever!

As we abide in the Word of God, by reason of use, our senses are exercised to discern good and evil.  Beloved of God, we can learn a lot by watching, being silent and listening!  There is wisdom in silence as we listen for His still, small voice.

God must be able to trust us before he releases us to minister to others.  We will die a thousand deaths.  We are supposed to die daily to our flesh.  Picking up our cross and following HIM everyday. As a friend shared with me, “we are dead men walking.”  Dying to self does not appeal to the flesh of man.  However we learn, grow and know it is part of Gods plan for us.

We ALL fall and mess up.  Don’t cut off a brother unless the LORD moves you away from them.  It does not mean something is wrong with you or with them!  He moves us to where we will fit the best.  Some friends don’t last in your life.

YES, Satan sets us up for a fall.  Many times our adversary just goes along with the program until he gains our authority.  Yes!  The enemy gains ground in our lives when we let him.  He wants us to give our authority to his agenda.  So who has the power?

The devil is no dummy, he has had centuries of people to practice on.  Once he does the deed, and we fall for it then WE release the poison through our words.  WE must repent as quickly as we can once we realize what we have done. Then we cast him out of the entire situation.

Initiate closure and peace to all, no matter who was used by the enemy.  All of us at one time or another can be used by the devil.  Show mercy and kindness, and soon others will show it to you when you fall into the trappings of Satan.  Look at the example of Peter, when Jesus recognized Satan voice in the disciple.  Jesus did not throw Peter away, He rebuked the devil!


Study the bible about words.  Study what God thinks about gossip, slander, tongue and mouth.  There are many other topics that can be used to fuel a Spiritual Civil War among us.

Let us not assassinate our brother!  Don’t get involved in the devils agenda’s; Unless you are going to confront it, bring closure and settle the matter.  Amen?

As God takes you further into ministry there will be fewer people on your path.  He increases and we decrease.  Not everyone can just hang out as you mature in the LORD.  Why?  God takes his special vessels and places them where He can trust them to be. He has tested them over and over again before he releases them.

Please don’t be offended that they cannot be where you are.  If truly known, they wish at times, could hang out.  There is a plan they were presented with by God and they accepted it.  Depending on the task of Gods plans, it can be a most lonesome path especially when you love people and are extroverted.

Yet these love the LORD so much, they have laid down their lives for him eternally.

We must offer up ourselves as living sacrifice’s to the LORD.  We learn to lay our lives down on the altar and remain there abiding in the presence of God.  We have learned by experience to ask that our tongue and mouth be filled with coals of fire.

Do you think everyone can abide there?  There are many levels in the kingdom and each just as important with different responsibilities.  Not everyone can go where you go.

God may require something from you that others can do freely, but you cannot.  Measure yourselves against the Word of God.  Stand against the wall as a plumbline, he will make you line up to his will.

Jesus wants our attention and he is jealous over us.  He wants to be our best friend regardless of the cost.  Oh to know Him as he is known, to experience Him in this life as He is!  Amen?  Amen!



In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey