What Is Transitioning In This Time Concerning Front Line Conflicts

You have backed away from who you are because of fear. These things you feel and sense are squeezing the reserves of your boldness and courage!

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“What Is Transitioning In This Time Concerning Front Line Conflicts”

You have noticed a major change in your confidence and faith. It is such a level that you have never felt or witnessed before. However, even the things you see and say have shocked you, after the fact. As when a person’s reflection, reflects in a mirror, so you have been shocked at what you see coming up and out of you. I didn’t create you to be timid, but bold! Be who I have created you to be. Celebrate My artistry, My creative power in you.

You have backed away from who you are because of fear. These things you feel and sense are squeezing the reserves of your boldness and courage! Why? Because you are so desirous to be so right with ME says your Lord.

Because of the new things, though prophesied long ago, you have feared because of how people perceive you. I know you, and I know you only want MY will in your life. Your flesh has externally and internally felt the stress and even your stomach has been upset. I shall soothe your anxious feelings.

You are in a new particular place and the drawing is of ME, says the LORD. There you will start a new work in a new place and fortify and become strong! I am doing this! Do what I say and obey whatever I lead you to do; You follow. Leave the critics to me says the Lord!

As you continue to enter new things and become strong, I WILL give you strength to be able to blow the works down! This opposition comes because they fight me. Nothing can stop you because My work in you is founded on the ROCK. There will be battles fought in reclaiming this land, but I have decreed, you WIN! This is much bigger than your finite mind can comprehend therefore take the limitations off your mind says the Lord!

Satan cannot stop the momentum that is building greater and greater! He is scrambling to try to stop all the threats to his overall plan, but he is spread so thin. I AM RISING upon MY people says the Lord.

Countless numbers of angels are being moved into positions with MY RISING. MY angels shall care and keep you from dashing your foot against a stone. These are being released in greater measure to fight off retaliatory attacks against MY chosen ones so they may continue to press forward regardless of attacks.

I AM steering you in the right directions.” Quit trying to take the wheel yourself and trust and wait upon ME, for I will direct your pathway and make it straight. Stay on target, stay on target, stay on target!

I shall move upon MY servants who are yielded and in agreement with ME!

Consider signs and wonders MY beloved! For example look upon MY servants Ezekiel, Hosea and Jeremiah. By today’s standards, these men who were moved by MY HOLY SPIRIT to be signs and wonders to the nation of Israel, would be considered false prophets or worse, psychopathic or paranoid schizophrenics.

How could a man lie on his side for many days, as an order from ME and eat his food cooked over dung as a testimony against what was to happen to Israel? I say they were signs of impending judgment that could have been reversed as in the case of Jonah and Nineveh.

What about John the revelator? He was on that island all alone. I used him, says the Lord! All alone, but not alone!

Many people wondered and laughed at MY servants as if they were some theatrical act of amusement to them. Many said the prophets were mad!

Speaking and writing visions and the acting out prophetic re-enactments and people will laugh, making fun of them or worse calling this false or daring to touch MY anointed!

I will choose their words or judgments. My prophets shall act out pantomime and poetry and every other way I shall choose, to get the attention of those whose hearts are hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. The anointing will be such as gives incredible strength to maintain awkward positions for days and not blink or move. These servants will be sustained and held in My hand.

Touch not what you don’t understand.

Prophetic signs and wonders will increase, and I shall give the interpretations. False prophetic signs and wonders will increase as well. For those whose eyes are fixed upon ME, you may not understand what these wonders are, but you will have a witness in your heart that I AM that I AM has sent them to act out a message. For I take the foolish things of this world to confound the wisdom of the so called wise.

I also address the nations and THE nation of the United States of America. There are many that think women are subhuman creatures in religious houses. I shall take My women in as a lionesses goes after the prey. The women shall hunt down the works of the devil and devour their works.

I decree and declare that particular women will be established in using their destinies to be first responders! These shall thoroughly destroy strongholds and all the works of the devil so the troops can flood in.

Many mighty acts shall be done through MY handmaidens in the dust, dirt and deluge of rain that is coming! Yes, even these women shall pioneer new works and not just build on another’s work. Some of these women shall fully function in the office of Apostle and will have all of heaven’s authority and resources to back them up says the Lord!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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