Elevation ~ the Place of Humility

Often we all get impatient by not waiting for God to prepare us for our day and future.


Often we all get impatient by not waiting for God to prepare us for our day and future.

God will make room for us, and our gifts in His time; He will do the revealing and He will show where HE wants it to happen too!

Be at peace knowing He has your life totally mapped out, for He goes before us and makes the crooked places straight.  You are, and have been, always on His mind!

Your relationship with God is THE most important purpose you have in this life and the life to come.  We never come to a place where we never need the Holy Spirit, each other, and the body.

People think we must be in certain circles or around specific ministry for God to elevate us, but that is not true.  As we lay in our prayer closet and intercede for others, He can elevate us.  God can elevate us in secret and reveal it publicly. God can prepare us to do anything!

John the Baptist was elevated in the desert.  Look at the apostles and what they went through to be elevated in the kingdom.  They suffered for their stance in obedience to Christ and they were elevated because of it.  Their elevation was not comfortable.

“Being elevated” is not some popular catch phrase that people speak about.  To be elevated, is to have the heart of a servant that keeps us humble, broken and lowly of heart.  The last shall be first and the first shall be last.  Elevation is actually a low position in humility.

The qualification for each person is not limited to our circles or specific ministry either.  The Holy Spirit has the ultimate paradigm pattern shift.  He’s got the goods and we got HIM!  So as we abide in Him, we will know the thoughts and intentions of His heart.

We aren’t to cast our pearls before swine.  Don’t take what is precious (in your life) and uncover the message about your life until God brings you to the front-line for HIS purpose.

Your life is hid and valuable to God!  We must learn that about ourselves then we can properly relate that and understand that value in others.  We must know who we are and why we are sent.  We don’t come with pomp and circumstance, but contrary, as a lowly child of the living God.

What is our motives?  Are we doing and following others to be accepted?  Or are we running the race that is set before us?  God knows the truth, but He wants us to see the truth in our own hearts.  It isn’t what pleases man that’s important but the one who pleases the LORD!

Disrespect is rampant in the body.  We need to respect all the body and build each part up.  Each part of the body is of such great importance.

Political games with ploy’s, always try to get others to climb the ladder of success with them.  These are wanting others to climb with them.  These that think once they get into that high arena in the church, In their minds, they have arrived.

These deceived will gain some sort of elevated stance with man.  Their attitude is that “we are so high and mighty and those others are so low”.  In reality, we are ALL so low, but God will have to humble us so we can be proper ministers of the new covenant.

The church is not a political group.  It is to be the LORD’s body in the earth representing Him!

Pride, arrogance, and haughtiness are a stench in the nostrils of God.  God knows when we get too big for our breeches, and have no time for God.  Yes, NO Time for GOD!  Being too busy for God is a very serious place to be.  Why?  He is to be our first love!

Being too busy for our spouse (if we are married) or allowing ministry work to take our time away from God, can become an idol! It does when it keeps us away from our quiet time and intimacy with the LORD and our family.

We can never graduate from our relationship with God, no matter how popular or well known we are.  Pride is a very dangerous attitude and sin.  We can be doing so well that we forget where we came from.

Then we start believing we are above the sin of pride, because we seem to have success in ministry.  People tend to elevate certain ones because of Pride.  These will have to fall because God will not share HIS glory with no man.

Remember the anointing is for the people not for our benefit.  Just because there is an anointing on us for the people doesn’t mean our life is in order!  Behind the scenes, God will use us in spite of us.  We must find out who we are, and be content.

A flattering mouth worketh ruin.  Man can puff us up, but God looks for a man of a contrite, humble and lowly heart.

Rejection is in the life of every prophet.  Once we learn and know who we are in Christ, the words and rejections won’t move us like they use to.  Humility comes before honor.  We are not to seek after honor, we seek God, and He will honor or promote us.  Many are the plans in a man’s mind but it is the LORD’s purpose that will stand.

Jesus wants all of our undivided attention and within that place is HIS purpose and plan.  I refuse to minister and in the past I have shut down service’s if we grieve the Spirit of God.  It’s all about God not us.  Be still and know that I AM God!

It is so so easy to trust in man when we get so many that follow us and our ministry.  We can flow by the anointing or flow from the anointing.  God wants us to minister from the overflow, as we listen for his still small voice as we are still, small and quiet.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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