New Territory and a Season of Transitioning

There is a mass exodus, a mass transitioning going on with those whom the LORD is placing in our lives and with leadership.


There is a mass exodus, a mass transitioning going on with those whom the LORD is placing in our lives and with leadership.

These will support and man the base points, or the HUB’s vision of the mission.

There are many things happening at the same time.  Be not anxious, for you shall walk in the fullness of your calling.  I have prepared you and I AM doing things suddenly that for many years and some, even decades, have wondered if it would ever happen.

Some of you were at the point of retirement thinking I was finished with you.  You may not be a spring chicken, but you are a full bird eagle and I remember and created you so.

Yes, you were seemingly alone for so long; that you felt you lost your dream.

I met with Moses and he didn’t believe Me either, stating he was a man of slow speech.  He had no idea I prepared him on the backside of the desert and I would show myself strong in his life.  Moses was the meekest man who ever walked the earth.

My prescription for all my rebellious and prideful one’s is the wilderness and back side of the desert!  I called Moses out of retirement!

You have said even in the midst of people, I am alone and forgotten.  Listen here!  I know where you are and where you have been; but now listen again!

I the LORD say that everything combined from the beginning of your calling till now, will be far superseded in magnitude!  The latter end will be greater than the former!  Everything you have learned and waited on will now be released like the breaking of the dam!

In this season, My elect will be released and the overflow will flood the earth and cleanse the land so great revival will come.

Many are coming and going and yes some of you are loosing friends and leadership.  Do not look at the loss in numbers of people.  It is transition time!

PCS: Meaning ‘Permanent Change of Station,’ (to be permanently moved to a new post).
Yes, many are permanently changing duty stations!

There are some who are going, TDY: Meaning ‘Temporary Duty Assignments.’
They will fly it and fly out all for the mission.

I AM moving people on to other missions.  There these shall continue to be acceleration and mass transition this year as each find their own place and purpose.  Yes, there are many leaving and many coming.

Some of you are losing numbers of people who were once part of your life and ministry and now, these have moved on.

You have questioned me and now I express My heart and mind to you.  I AM bringing new people together who will function together as a base point or HUB.

New friends come as old one’s go.  Do not be offended if they leave you.  Each has to find their place in My purpose.  Right now is a season of transitioning to new assignments.

I AM placing new contacts, new friends and new ministry and kingdom connections.  Beloved, know this!  This is Not a demotion but actually a promotion!

For some of you at the beginning, it may appear that way, but I AM placing My vision in the earth and My people shall walk it out.

My militant ones are rising up and they have been made ready.  These will be tough!  Tough on the kingdom of darkness!  These are job shifting and go in like a skeleton crew to establish a base HUB for those who fly in and those who fly out.  I AM bringing in the rest of the crew and don’t be surprised who shows up!

Vision: I saw a skeleton key

I the LORD say that you cannot live in a closet anymore!  I AM unlocking old systems and issues that have been pushed way back.  I will deliver you from all that has been hidden in you!

All of the fragmented area’s beloved will be uprooted and the core destroyed. It has caused the church to be powerless for too long.

New Territory reclaims old invaded cultures in close and distant lands.  These are the days that My equipped people will be linked from all HUB’s in the world link by link.  These have learned to live and walk in the spirit and continue to learn more!

I will make room for your gifts.  Be patient and I will validate your gifts and announce you to those who need to know.  You shall know My alignment when you all speak the same thing, says the LORD.

NOTE:  Competition, jealousy, envy, and division should never be named among yourselves.


LORD, help us to be a nurturer to God’s people and have that type of ministry style.

People are fed up with religion and traditions.  Help us be different even as you are Jesus.   Amen!

Integrity, honesty, loyalty and trust are a must.  Each of us need to know we can trust our leadership.  Yes, everyone makes mistakes but look to their consistency of walk with the LORD.

Hear the voice of those seeking refuge and salvation!

”Before I let you in, I need to know if you really have good intentions towards me or are you just going to tell me how screwed up I am right off the bat?”

Leaders!  Before a person is open to salvation, healing or deliverance they must be able to trust who is talking to them and know they aren’t trying to harm them.

Trust is and will always be a big deal!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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