Deep to Deeper Still

I saw a tall old-fashioned oil derrick and drill at work.  Plans had been made as to where they thought they would strike oil.

I saw a tall old-fashioned oil derrick and drill at work.  Plans had been made as to where they thought they would strike oil.

Then in this vision, I saw as they diligently drilled, suddenly a blowout gusher of oil broke through and a wild well emerged, the oil shooting high into the sky!

Spiritually, many of us are like that drilling process — we are seeking God with all our heart and we feel like we should keep drilling and pressing in so strongly.

But it seems like we keep hitting an empty well or wall!  Or it just seems too deep, and we get discouraged and just want to be content with the little experience, when God wants us to have everything He has for us!

However, we must understand that The LORD knows what He made us to be, and knows how we need to be equipped.

No matter how old we are in The LORD, we will always need to go deeper still.  In God, there is no retirement, there are always new realms and horizons to amaze us!

As we continue to drill in prayer and press towards God, He delights in our desperation and desire for He is our betrothed.

His desire is towards us, and He loves us when we desire Him.

“Blessed are they which hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled,”   Matthew 5:6.

Because you feel a strike is imminent, it also opens doors for us to experience more of His mighty power and His wonders to perform!

The LORD desires our time and our hunger towards Him, and He will reward those who diligently seek Him.

Sometimes we must return to our first love, because the cares of this life have kept us bound to circumstance and situations, (Revelation 2:4).

Our first Holy Spirit baptism was awesome, but now you are craving The LORD so much more!

God knows you need to be equipped and dripping in oil so you can ignite into flames of fire!

When we become desperate we drive our focus totally on The LORD for we need a deeper well of experience and a deeper desire to be immersed totally in the oil of the Holy Ghost!

Oil is the precursor of Fire!  He makes His angels spirits and His ministers flames of fire,  (Hebrews 1:7)

Deep will always call us to deeper still.  Selah…


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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