Here’s What the Sovereign Lord Says

Get your relationships repaired, quit squabbling, betraying and attacking each other and get with the program. Church move as one!

To My watchmen, intercessors and prayer warriors!

I saw in the Spirit an atom bomb being detonated in slow motion.  I was inside the
process looking at a microscopic level.  I watched the splitting and chain reaction.  All of this was being done in the air space, not on land.

Chain Reaction is the process where the neutrons/protons released in fusion, collide with other nuclei causing them to split and release more of the neutrons/protons which results in the domino effect.

Explosives are detonated on the outer surface of the bomb instead of the inner part.  This causes the shock wave to move inward, that crushes.  This is called implode which is the opposite of explode.

Here’s what the sovereign LORD says!

Make a Chain reaction!  Prepare a Prayer Chain!  For the land is full of bloodshed, conspiracy and violence!  I seek a combined prayer effort to WAKE UP and make a chain!

For like a nuclear device, I shall use you in the heavenlies in warfare to Implode into the enemies devices.  Yes, I AM giving strategy to MY Generals to instruct how to pull down and destroy the works of darkness.  There is a heavenly war being waged for control of this nation, as the devil knows his time is short.

If My people who are called by My name, would humble themselves and pray!  I seek for those who shall stand in the gap for this nation!  I AM raising up a chain in the land!  Link by link, click by click, voice by voice, through every device imaginable!

I AM bringing together an end time weaponry anointing that shall be extremely effective towards the targets I set in view.

These are the last days spoken about in MY Book when Satan shall come in like a flood I AM raising up a standard against him.

That chain reaction of prayer for this nation shall defend, deliver humanity and destroy the works of the devil.

There is a chain re-act-ion!  You shall act and react on MY orders to the corporate body.  For this device is for corporate warfare!

My church shall be fully equipped in these last days not only to stand against the
darkness, but to prevail!

All natural elements parallel the Spirit realm.  There are warriors in the nation, and there are warriors in the Spirit realm.  The battle must be fought and won in the heavenly realm so it will manifest in the natural realm.

Arise My warriors! Wait for My commands!  Connect and link up by internet, telephone, computer and all means of communication.  As you act upon MY Word you shall make a chain, for there will be a major reaction!

As the shock wave crushes your flesh, realize that the Spiritual implosion of combined chain reaction effort will level the devil!

If My people do not stand in the gap and pray, nations that are not of this nation will come and take possession of houses and lands.  Distress, panic and destruction shall come.  Calamity shall come and many shall seek a vision of a true prophet.

Intercede for this nation! I will hear you if you come to me in sincerity and continue therein!

I have seen the development of the intercessory prayer chain, but many more are to connect.  You must touch and agree on this matter.  The corporate level of this anointing shall be like none other.

The network must be connected to each part of the chain.  The warriors and intercessors are in the most important line of defense in the ministry for ME says the LORD.  These fight in the heavenlies by taking on high level demonic forces. I have given them authority to level the devil.

This Chain ministry shall serve to network many together and they that are placed in high levels, will be responsible to keep the net mended!  These will lay their lives down and suffer for the stance they take, being hidden.  However, they are not hidden from ME says the LORD!  Not one will be lost!  I AM calling MY Warriors and Intercessors to Attention!  Get mended and stay at readiness, praying without ceasing.

Not only have I established an Advanced early warning system, I have also developed all the strategies, says your God.  My church shall glorify My Name as she enters her finest hour.

I AM Commander and Chief!  You shall be fully equipped!  Those that are coming will be equipped also as they see with their eyes the implosion in their Spirit.  Your obedience in making a prayer chain shall have many in high alert and prepared!  For I AM opening the Spirit realm bringing light to the matter!

Get your relationships repaired, quit squabbling, betraying and attacking each other and get with the program.  Church move as one!  Get in your place and shut up and march!  When you hear the sound, you will be given orders! March in rank and authority.

I AM sending YOU as an advance guard.  Remember this MY intercessors, because of your sacrifices, many souls shall be brought into unity and obedience to the faith.  Press in and link up says your God!

People will run to find a prophet or run to established churches to hear what I will be saying, says the LORD!  Many again have been lulled to sleep with nursery rhymes with a false sense of security!  Yes!  Many will be awakened out of sleep when they see and hear the attack happen!  I MUST wake up MY people!

A Real Seriousness shall come to MY people on the heels of attack and many shall awaken and get into their place.

Intercessors, get into place, be in place!  Find where you fit and be there.  You are MY Reaction to this attack on this nation.

A Great Revival is coming to America in the midst of great confusion and turmoil.  Get prepared MY Warriors!  Prepare MY Church says the LORD!

I see a Rat trap, and I see the Rat getting caught in the trap.  I saw a bear trap I saw it sprung but only hair was in the trap.  I could see the tracks how the bear got away.

Look to Russia!  Pray for Russia!

Look to Korea!  Pray for Korea!

Frustrate the plans of the enemy MY Warriors!

Pray for America!  Intercede and pray for your president!

Pray for the leaders of this nation!

Pray they make my decisions says the LORD!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey


Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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