Guarding the Gift and the Giver

I saw such a precious vision: I see the LORD taking the hand of his children and as they walk they look up to Jesus with such a smile, innocence and wonderment in their eyes

Come unto me and know that you can trust me.  Don’t you know that I AM rooting for you! 

I AM encouraging you to continue the race set before you!  I AM for you not against you.

There is no boxing in My Kingdom.  You won’t fit in boxes, nor fight in those boxes.  You cannot box me in with your view of things.  Nor will I allow you to fight one another divisively.  I will make sure you don’t.  Lay down the religion and traditions you hold dear and seek Me and live!

I do not manifest myself to all people the same way.  Nor manifest to others the way I do with you.  I prepare people through time in the furnace of afflictions.  Live up to what you have attained in Me.  For that is what you are held accountable for.

There are those like Paul, who in his religious mindset, thought by killing Christians he was helping Me, says the LORD.  Had it not been according to his ignorance he could have been held accountable for all those he killed.  I declared to him and others after his conversion that he was a chosen vessel unto me to bear My Name and that he would suffer greatly for My name sake.

To each one is given the measure of grace for gift.  I cannot manifest Myself to everyone the same, for each gift has instructions and requirements that not all can handle or understand.  Remember My children, I have known you from before the very foundation of the world.  Being accountable and responsible for those gifts, requires My grace.

Not everyone will walk with you due to My purpose and plan.  Quit trying to fit into religious boxes.  I have released end-time strategy into those chosen to receive it.  There are only certain people I can trust with My secrets, presence by My grace.  Had they not been prepared in the furnace of affliction or in the wilderness and caves, they would be lifted up with pride and fall.

I prepare My vessels over and over to be able to carry My glory.  The vessel is empty without Me.  These that are prepared to show forth My glory, shall host My presence as they welcome all into My presence and plan.

Not all have the gifts of prophecy and not all function as the lungs or heart of the body.  Yes, many are hidden from view, but these are just as needed and more so! The body must function in union.  There are outward gifts that all can see, but it doesn’t mean they are greater.

In fact they are lessor, for they decrease and I increase.  No one thinks about the blood in the body.  It is like a river that goes into all places to nourish the parts of the body they are sent too.  Many are like that blood.  These carry nutrition and spread the messages and purposes linking together the whole body.  They connect and are hidden, but their purposes are vital to the working of MY whole body.

Understand and don’t be frustrated that others won’t seek Me the way you do.  Also don’t be frustrated when they are lead in a different way.  You cannot expect everyone to understand you.  Each part will understand their own way as I reveal their anointing to others of like mind.

I have given to each in the body, My grace according to the measure of My gift.  Do not lump everyone into your own experiences.  Let them alone as they function in My name.  These are My vessels of honor fit for My use, not your use.

Not all are prophets, lungs or blood in the body.  Not all have the same function.  Don’t measure or pressure them to put on your gift and mantle.  They belong to me not you.  Those gifts that are outward, public ministry must decrease.

Yes there are some even outwardly that need to be covered with clothing as they are naked before me.  You shall be naked and transparent and not afraid, says the LORD.

Those that are hidden parts of My body are more needful.  Not everyone can do what you do.  Don’t judge according to your experiences.  You do what I give you.  If people demand you to follow them, don’t!

If there are those who trouble you saying that you don’t meet their requirements.  LISTEN to ME says the LORD.  I gather those of like heart mind and Spirit together all over the world.  These are the parts of the body that fit together.

I came to My own and My own knew Me not.  They made my house a den of thieves and corrupted man and proselytizes them to be worse than they are.  I looked over Jerusalem and wept for My city.  They did not recognize Me as you must do also.

Yes, weep for them and move on.  They don’t recognize Me through you.  Move on to where the highways and byways take you.  Go outside of the box of religion and traditions and go to where the people are!  You are to function in what I gave you!  You are so important to Me beloved.

I saw such a precious vision: I see the LORD taking the hand of his children and as they walk they look up to Jesus with such a smile, innocence and wonderment in their eyes.  They are enjoying and listening to Jesus.

As the seasons change in life, My love will remain.  I will never let you go.  Be child like, be like a little child with Me.  Kings still have daughters and they are precious and will inherit their portion.

Your history precedes you and others may know your past, however, I have chosen to wipe it all away.  Man may reject you, but look to Me!  I will never reject you beloved of God!  If all men turn against you, be confident!  I AM here and will never leave you or forsake you My beloved children.

Why do you compare yourselves among yourselves? I see how you try to fit in. You are unique and precious. Don’t play the games, “who can top this!” This is not a game or a worldly way I do things.

To be great, you become a servant.  The first shall be last the last shall be first. Yes, do glean from others fields of ministry and learn from them.  I will send them to you, but understand not all will go or be with you permanently.  When you learn the lessons from them, I will move you on to others.  Each has their own relationship with Me and accountable to me for it.

The time at hand is serious!  The clock is chiming to be ready to go.  Even the birds of the air know the signs of the times but My people do not.  My people need to be readied.
There will be those that say in that day: “LORD, LORD haven’t we prophesied in thy name and done mighty works in they name and I will say to them depart from Me ye that work iniquity.”

The Levites portion is the LORD and his temple.  These eat and are provided for as they minister about the temple.  Please do not go through the motions.  The time is at hand and many are still not ready.  Prepare the people to know Me and show them I AM the way, the truth and the life.

Hear what I say beloved; I want you in intimacy in the Kings bed chamber.  You must guard our intimate time and not share our secrets.  Why have you invited people into that sacred place with Me?

I want you there alone beloved.  My bed is undefiled and pure.  How can you be intimate when there are people all around that have invaded our intimate space?

This sacred place is pure and I will have you there and speak secrets to only you.  I will not share you with anyone else.  I AM a jealous God.  Don’t let anyone into that private personal intimate place with Me.

You have given place to people even letting them come into our bedchamber.  Beloved come away with ME.  You have allowed others to have a say that has brought division between us.  These things disrespect and desecrate our time of intimacy.

How can you become impregnated with vision if others are desecrating our intimacy?  For to desecrate is to treat My sacred place with disrespect and violate our communion alone.

Put no trust and guard against voices that would try to desecrate our intimacy and never let them into that sacred, secret place again, says the LORD.

See also Luke 23 and Ephesians 4.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey


Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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