Arise Shine: Your Light Has Come

Remember how well you moved with Him? It is all coming back into your lives and God will take you further than you ever dreamed. He is taking some into a more advanced realm.

It doesn’t matter how hidden you are.  You do not have to prove anything.

God will make room for your gifts.  God moved on Samuel to visit Jesse’s home.  As all his sons came before Samuel the prophet, Samuel said there must be another.  Jesse said there was another in the field with the sheep and Samuel told him to fetch him.  When Samuel saw David he knew it was him, and Samuel anointed him at that time as king.

Like David being in the fields with the care of the sheep seemed a unnatural choice to be anointed, yet Gods ways are not our ways.  David was truly anointed but he didn’t reign as king till much later,   (1 Samuel 16:10-13).

You may have been wrecked for years and tossed aside, but the LORD wants you to get up, dust yourself off and prepare to ride.  You may have ridden a bicycle years ago but you are rusty and frankly don’t think you could ride that bike again because of your circumstances.  However the LORD wants you to get back on that bike and you may be rusty and unbalanced, but God is going to hone in on your ability.

As you peddle and weave back and forth, soon you will begin to remember and your body becomes one with the bike.  We must become one with Christ and our ministry.  We are not separate.

Like being one with a bicycle takes you places as you peddle, so God is restoring everything you thought was over.  Remember how well you moved with Him?  It is all coming back into your lives and God will take you further than you ever dreamed.  He is taking some into a more advanced realm.

God is launching you into the deep as a large ship.  He is christening you with new wine for such a time as this and launching you into deep waters.  People are attracted to movement and success.  Both good and bad.  Not everyone who comes, comes with good motives.  But you shall learn how to move forward in the midst of all motives.  Even in accusations; Nothing will stop you.  There is an acceleration in the timing of the LORD and a quick work He will do in the earth.

All sorts of people seek to be in your place or presence, and because you are quiet, they think you are a push over.  It is Gods job to elevate and promote.  There is no need to control or manipulate.

If you seek God he will hear you and will promote you in His time.  Anything other than this, is creating Ishmael’s.  We must learn to wait on God.  Going around those who are successful and looking for their approval is not of God.  These think because they are close, that they will be seen, known and advanced. May the LORD keep us innocent, humble, meek and gentle.

Keep me child like LORD!  Deliver us from anything and anyone that would latch on for ulterior motives.  You shall be spotless like a lamb but very dangerous to the enemy.

This type of thing that others want to prostitute or ride on your anointing; brings a pirates flag.  I heard the word “Piracy.”

In prayer I saw a pirate flag with skull and cross bones and ships that seek to rape, pillage and plunder.  I heard “poison” then looked and saw that the flag represents, a symbol of death, a warning of poison and danger.

The pirate flag and cross bones and skull are used in secret societies and military factions to make people move away and stay away from them in fear.  However there is an intentional deception that the elite to hide the true meaning.  In fact the cross bones and skull was used as an ancient instrument used by sorcerers to gain spiritual power.

We must guard against those who seek to obtain the anointing through prostituting or riding on your anointing.  We must watch our words and those of others that are poisonous.  Words bring life and death.

Is our motives to be seen or known?  Like David with the sheep, he had no idea God would find him there taking care of the flock and send for him to be anointed by Samuel.  God makes room for Davids kingdom choosing the under dog.

All those who decide to come along or join in our lives are not all for you.  There will be those who will make covenant with you and it will be very clear.  These are kingdom builders as they establish HIS kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

There are those who try to benefit due to the anointing in your lives.  Some want it like Simon the sorcerer. “Let me buy this power”.  Or like Ananias, with Sapphira that attempted to deceive the Holy Ghost.  Their motives were to make people think they were giving such a great gift, they were doing it for others to think they were some great pillars and they both planned in advance, conspired and schemed a very evil thing unto the LORD.

Because of this they died. “Wasn’t the piece of land yours to begin with?  Why do you lie to the Holy Ghost?”  The Sons of Sceva, a Jew who thought they could cast out devils in the name of who Paul preaches and exercised demons alright!  They jumped on them and beat them up,  (See Acts 5:1-11Acts 8: 9-20Acts 19:11-16).

Validity is coming to the Kingdom, and the way the Church was born is how it will continue and end.  Victorious!  God is very serious in this Kingdom age and those who are prepared by God will be strong and do exploits.

There are those who try to prostitute the anointing.  To ride on the apron strings as we go along.  God is watching this closely.  Remember Balaam?  How could he curse what God had blessed?  He could not.  Balaam played the field and straddled the fence for gain.  He gave prophesy for gain and it was very evil in Gods eyes,   (Numbers 22).

There are those among us that are there for their own ulterior motives.  They look and sound right and walk the walk and talk the talk and will appear as really spiritual and it will take walking in the Spirit of God to reveal motives.

There will be those who want to go with you, but can never catch up.  So onward you go.  You will see and pass people on your journey, all sorts of people and demons in people that seek to shut you down.  Just be aware at all times.

In prayer, I saw a woman in running shoes running circles around a person to try and get them in shape.  The woman in shape no matter how she tried, had to let the other woman move at her own pace.  The woman in running shoes ran and had to leave that person behind because she wasn’t prepared for what you are prepared for.

When we are in shape in the Spirit we will abide with those who are like us in our condition.  Like heart, like mind and like spirit.  Even every military drill demands that all run in step with the others.

If a person refused to remain in their place in rank and order, you cannot help them nor can you save them if they do not want to be saved.  As you abide close with the Holy Ghost, it will not take long once you know a person to see what they are after.

Satan’s ploy is to kill, steal and destroy. However, division is not always a negative word or action.

There is a line of Demarcation.  Demarcation is the action of fixing the boundary or limits of something: Separation – distinctions – differentiation – division, (see Oxford Dictionary).

Not everyone can walk where you walk, nor fly like you fly.  Because there is a mark and line of Demarcation.

You will notice people who are not with you anymore, and God is doing it.  Some don’t even realize why people leave you.  It can be because the enemy has grips through a person and when you are elevated many cannot go.

Or, they are just not ready.  Pray for them and leave them with God.

When you are released you will say to yourself, “Wow I did not realize how much oppression I was under.”  With that elevation comes much accountability for we answer to God for these things.

Some of you who read this, will have a weight lift off of you instantly.  Know it is God and rejoice that he has got this and you!

Arise and Shine, for thy light has come!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey


Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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