Godly Agendas

This is for the life or death of our nation! We need end time outpouring of revival so harvest comes! The LORD is going to come the way he left. Will we be ready for his return?

“For surely GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets,”   Amos 3:7 KJV.

To the Church of the living God, the remnant of God!  Listen!  Just because the reprieve and victory in our American elections doesn’t mean God is pleased; especially if we return to our previous way of thinking and doing things prior to the election.

We are chosen to be proactive and seek the will of the Father in all of this, everyday. We have been chosen for such a time as this.

Just like Queen Esther, had she not heeded the word from Mordecai and reacted and agreed to go before the king on her behalf, deliverance would have eventually come, but at what cost?

She agreed and asked for all the Jews to fast and pray three days before she approached the king, which was unlawful by death, without invitation of the king.  Evil forces were at work to destroy Israel even in captivity.

The wicked Haman planned total annihilation of the Jews even built a gallows meant to hang Mordecai once his deeds were done.  However, the king knew nothing of Haman’s plot and once learned from his wife after a dinner; (after she and all the Jews fasted and prayed)

The King had Haman arrested and he was hanged on the very gallows he built for Mordecai.  Haman’s whole family was put to death.  God had a people in the midst of another people.  Because Esther heard the threat of annihilation and obeyed in this midst of facing death; she and God’s people were spared. ***Read Esther.

Just like America is divided, God has a people.  We must fast and pray that His Kingdom comes and his will be done.  God will give us victory if we will fight for the soul of the beloved remnant church.  We have been grafted into the vine, and we are His people!

Seriously, we are called to do spiritual warfare, not just pray for me, myself and I.  We, the church really need to come together and intercede for the foundation of the heart of this nation.  Not only our prayer, but group prayer and intercession, warfare and fasting should intensify regularly.

This is for the life or death of our nation!  We need end time outpouring of revival so harvest comes!  The LORD is going to come the way he left. Will we be ready for his return?

Satan is not wasting time.  The enemy is planning many things to seek to destroy this great nation that was founded by God and godly people.  There is so much warfare that is going on over the soul of this nation.  People were awakened as they finally saw what they would loose if they didn’t pray and vote.

We thank God He gave “The Church” another chance.  I pray that the LORD Jesus puts upon people to come together for the healing of our nation and for the church.

In the election, do we the church realize how close we came to becoming a socialistic, atheistic and progressive society?

While in prayer, I saw the nation of America, including all of Alaska, Hawaii and all territories, I saw in this vision a continuation very much like the word I wrote prior to this one:  “The Soul of our Nation.”  Or you can find that article below in my writings archive here:  ‘Articles by Sherry Mackey‘.

The outward wound to our nation was jagged and very uneven, looking infectious.  Then I began to look closer.  Not only did I see the heart of the nation split, I saw all sorts of agitations, violence, revenge and all types of indicators that there is a type of civil war in our nation and in the church.

It’s a WAR for this nation.  It’s a WAR for the Church, a spiritual warfare.  How the church goes will be how the nation goes.  In the vision as I looked deeper, I saw a very jagged separation down the heart of the nation.

God is not elated by the condition of our nation, whether it is Republican or Democrat. He is giving “THE CHURCH” another chance to get it right.  His desire is that this nation founded by God for the people and by the people, will rise up and govern this people for end time harvest to come through a mighty historic revival, unlike history has ever seen, nor will ever see again.

Beyond the national scope, vision and jagged wound, I saw a very deeper heart issue.  I knew that something deeper was going on.  With much more foundational spiritual emphasis to the heart of God and the true church.  God gave us a reprieve, but what we do with it matters for the soul and for the reaping of this nation.

We are that generation and we have been sent for HIS purpose.  We are equipped and ready.  It is time for judgment in the house of God.  It is time to rise and shine!  It is time to engage the battle.  God has given us what we need, now it is up to us in prayer and actions.

I then was able to zoom in and as God allowed me to look deeper, I saw a much greater heart bursting within our nation.  I saw into the true heart, the nation that was founded by God himself.

In this vision I saw a big heart that had been stabbed and looked jagged looking.  This was no cut of a surgeon, but a act of hatred and persecution.  Wounded in the house of friends.  Cut open like no surgeon would, but it was ripped and stabbed with no remedy.  The remedy will come when someone prays.

Revival cannot come until someone prays.  Paul Yonggi Cho in Korea has a prayer mountain and God has moved mightily through that ministry and brought major change.  Prayer changes things!

Some have given up and see no reason to change or pray as they say America is modern day Babylon.  So that mindset says, there is no use to pray or make a difference because it is already here.

Remember Esther when she made a difference by fasting and praying for her nation in captivity?

I continue to hear that this nation is hanging in the balance, and yes even though we are a minority, God hears us and watches over His Word to perform it.

Yes, Jesus is coming soon and we are to be ready but that doesn’t mean to camp out doing nothing.  Instead, He wants us to occupy till he comes!  That is a militant term and his desire for us is to continue to fill the earth with His Word, Power and demonstrations of the Holy Ghost!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

A Warning for the Hoover Dam

Rivers are arteries that bring life to a land and the LORD wants the waters and lands reclaimed for His Glory.

In prayer I saw the Hoover Dam and the LORD prompted me to go back into archives from back in 1998 to release some words that need to be heard NOW and written and prayed over diligently.

This is the second time I have received this warning. This is very serious as the LORD has revealed to me that the Hoover Dam is one of the targets of terrorists that would have catastrophic effects.

I have no access to terrorists, neither do I know any.  I received this directly from the HOLY SPIRIT after fasting and prayer.

I will relate some historical data so you will understand better.  It is my hope that we all pray!  I know that judgment comes on a nation who forgets him.  However, as we pray and obey, God can forgive and he can change things and relent.

Intercessors/ warriors as you read this realize, we have received intelligence from the Holy Spirit.  God will reveal things of the enemy plans in the Kings bed chamber.

We have received a reprieve in our nation, and God has given America another chance.  It is up to the church, especially the intercessors to break through into the heavens and wage war with the demons sent against this nation.  Please heed this warning, pray and intercede and for this nation.  As the church goes, will be how the nation goes!  May we pray urgently!

I wrote this prophecy originally written on July 18, 1998.

“The spirit of avenging had been trying to cloud the revelations, but now I feel this is the time to reveal them.There will be historical data mixed into this article that the LORD prompted me to give.


I saw an angel with a horn in flight and I heard, “Herald.”  I saw a microscope that I believe means, microscopic revealing.  Looking down from up above, I saw the color midnight blue, then I saw a huge dam in between two mountains.  I then heard “Hoover dam.”

Personally I never heard or seen Hoover dam or read about it at that time.  I did some research and found some interesting information on it.  The pictures of it were exactly what I saw in the vision.

At first, I was above looking down at the reservoir of water from above, and the shadows of the mountains made the water look midnight blue.  Further into the vision I was standing at the bottom of river, looking up and it was massive in height and size.

The LORD had me look up some information on the dam.

“The dam is near Boulder city Nevada very close to Las Vegas and Arizona.  The dam was built during the Great Depression in Black Canyon during adverse conditions.  Thousands of men and their families came to Black Canyon to “tame” the Colorado River.  It took almost five years to complete.  The American Society of Civil Engineers call this dam “One of Americas seven modern Civil Engineering Wonders.”Authorized purposes for this dam are,

  1. Flood control,
  2. Improvement of navigation and regulation of the Colorado River,
  3. Storage and delivery of Colorado River waters for reclamation of public lands and other beneficial uses exclusive within the USA,
  4. Hydroelectric power production.

There are 2 spillways on each side of the canyon.  To the north of the dam is Lake Mead, which has enough water to cover Connecticut, ten feet deep.

One of the amazing sights at Hoover dam is the winged figures which stand guard on each side of the flag.  The artist gave them the look of eagles.  The artist called them “The winged figures of the Republic.  The artist was a Norwegian born naturalized American.

The upward thrust of the eagles wings and the powerful arms, are a symbolic gesture of the readiness for defense of our institutions and a reminder that our spiritual eagles are ever ready to be on the wing. The creator of these figures said, “They express the immutable calm of intellectual resolution, and the enormous power of trained physical strength, equally enthroned in placid triumph of scientific accomplishment.””

Hears what the Sovereign LORD says,

“Who can harness the winds and make them obey?  Who can harness the waters and make them obey?  

A dam is a barrier to prevent the flow of water.  I say prepare My people that have been made ready for flood control!  When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the LORD shall raise up a standard against him.  I have been tempering some of you in the back side of barren lands.  A people who will release the flow when I say.”

Rivers are arteries that bring life to a land and the LORD wants the waters and lands reclaimed for His Glory.

The power that is harnessed by hydroelectric generators brings much light, heat and other energy sources to a land.  The dam harnesses the power of the river to create energy for positive purposes.

Produced power creates much light that covers a greater area.  Above the dam is a great reservoir and below is a river that moves through the land all the way to the Pacific ocean.

Prophesy interpretation:

I believe above the dam speaks of the magnitude of power God wants to release, but at the current time, He can only release a trickle as represented by the river beneath.  The spillways speak of our overflow from our Spiritual Union with Christ, that adds to the river beneath to be carried on to others.

The winged eagle figures speak of the keepers of the gates and the calm resolution of Trust in God and of the power of trained Godly strength as they are humbly submitted in triumph of Gods accomplishments.

The dam was named after Herbert Hoover the 31st president of the United States.  He was considered by many a scapegoat of the Great Depression and all that seemed wrong with America.

The Colorado River is one of the most important water systems in the United States. Draining watersheds from seven western states, it is divided into two major districts, the Upper Basin comprised of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico, and the Lower Basin formed by Nevada, Arizona, and California.  With its headwaters in Colorado and its mouth flowing into the Gulf of California, this river serves as a focal point for both prehistoric and historic events in the west.

I believe there is something very prophetic to future events about this river and dam. Let us continue to watch this river and dam prayerfully.

Prophetic meaning:

I believe lean times are coming..  I’ve seen drought, famine, fires, storms etc.  “We” the true church like the Hoover Dam, will have the ability like Joseph’s storehouse to release provision in every area. The key is the unifying work of the Spirit.

If something ever happened to the Hoover dam, or if the Colorado River was to ever dry up, the ramifications would be catastrophic.  Could it ever happen?

God is one who holds the winds and the waters.  He holds the keys of every gateway.

His promise of provision is for the righteous and those who love His Word.

Even in famine the LORD provided for Elijah at the brook Cherith.  But when the brook dried up, the LORD sent him to a widow woman and God multiplied the offering of food to where the oil never ran out and the jar of meal did not fail, all the time the famine raged.  They ate many days.

I believe we must remember to sow now and to continue to build up the Storehouse in heaven.  For if we haven’t sown in good times, how are we going to sow in bad times.”

See also Jeremiah 50:1-46 and Jeremiah 51:1-64.

See References http://www.accessnv.com/ and  hoverdam.com


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Becoming Jaded or Accepted

Becoming a child of God is a high honor to God

We tend to judge others, because they are so different from the way we see things or do things.

Or others may have a seemingly successful ministry and people become jealous or think they are the sheriffs to the body of Christ to handle those poor misinformed souls.  The judgmental actions taken therefore with words speak; This must be wrong!

To have unity and love makes us function as a true part of our body, which all parts are a necessity.  I hate the division, and this is my personal way I see things.

I consider myself a child of God, period.  No man can come to Jesus unless they become “like” little children.  I remember never having an enemy as a child.  I obeyed Daddy because I love and trust him.

I ask God to keep me innocent, so that I remain humble.  A child knows other children and play together and there is no issue of race, creed, belief etc..  A child remains close to ABBA, because they only know the love of Abba.

Through hurts, shame and being among negative people and other issues, we can become JADED.  Through our growing up experiences, they teach us that we cannot trust Abba or others.  A child doesn’t have to know everything.  AND…. I don’t know much, because I want to sit on Abbas lap and listen to his heart.  I want to sit at his feet and learn from HIS heart and hand.

There are many things that I don’t need to know, unless ABBA tells me.  Just as in our growth to child-likeness, we learn to decrease and He must increase.  YES we must decrease!

We grow to places of service through humility.  God can really trust a child-like soul because they love Abba.  A child is always humble, young in nature and character.  A place where there is no jealousy, envy, strife, etc..  We are simple as a child.

When we remain lowly and child-like, means we don’t have to know EVERYTHING, but just obey as Abba says.  He gives us his approval daily.  He is a good, great Father, so I can trust him always and remain his child-like servant.

I love my ABBA Father and it always pleases me when he loves me and has to correct my steps and takes time to correct me when I need it.  HE is my shield and my exceeding great reward.  It is all about falling so in love with the Lord.

He chooses to give us freedom to choose.  Becoming a child of God is a high honor to God.  Many take the road of pride.  God knows how to humble us.  May we all take a loving stance with our brothers and sisters and take things to prayer instead of using our words to assassinate them.  Be quick to hear slow to speak and slow to wrath

“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your soul,”   James 1:19-21KJV.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey