Course Changes and Corrections From the Heart of the Father!

Before I finished this word, I could feel the heart of the Master and His reassurance that He was going to settle the matter.

Before I finished this word, I could feel the heart of the Master and His reassurance that He was going to settle the matter.

While in prayer, I had a vision of a long, black, old-time train going so fast, and then I heard the words “runaway train.”

I could see the train gradually gaining momentum, seemingly going down a steep railroad.  I noticed the people within the cars didn’t have any idea what was happening.

They had no idea what waited them up ahead.  I saw how the engineer was trying to slow down the train, to no avail.  The whistle blew and over a large trestle the engineer tried to warn the people, but it was too late.

The speed of the train continued to increase and then the train jumped the track.  I watched as the engine and the rest of the cars jumped track and fell to the bottom of the ravine and caught fire.  The sight of it was sheer terror, as I could still see some of the people, as it seemed to crash in slow motion.

Some revival circles and five-fold ministry movements are just like that runaway train and will crash!  They have no idea how to slow down and stop!

Nothing can continue at such a hectic state for long, as people we faint, fall out and could walk away!  It is so important that you know the way you go.  It is important that all five-fold offices are accountable and responsible to others, not just YES men.

These are questions we must ask our leaders.  Yes, are they servant leaders?

Also ask what their doctrine is or statement of faith is.  That should not be an issue.  However if they won’t provide information, I would leave, before you join something you may need to stay away from.

To slow that train down (stop disaster) and for it not to crash and burn, we must have leaders who are balanced and will allow correction to come from those whom God sends.

Usually it is a leader.  A lot of times the leader has been through it before.  These are changing times and days!

I have no clue how the LORD will bring correction to enable course changes and course corrections through the leadership of the Apostle and Prophet, but He must send in someone who can bring correction.

I believe the LORD wants us to have a shepherd’s heart for His beloved sheep and lambs.  These have no idea, only that they must follow the shepherd, (Psalm 25)  I do not care how old we get, I believe we all need a pastor at home or online.  Jesus laid his life down for His beloved sheep and lambs.

In prayer I also saw a speed boat like one that you ski behind.  I saw a person learning to ski and they learned the art of riding the waves behind the boat.

There were many obstacles to learning to become proficient at skiing, but I sensed this was only children’s play compared to what was coming.

The LORD is preparing those who will learn to ride the waves in a simpler fashion.  These shall learn to ride the waves in the sea for the souls of man.  Especially the tidal waves that are coming.  “For those prepared by My hand shall learn to ride the crest instead of going under.”  I knew this was training for more things ahead.

In prayer I also saw a high lighthouse.  It was painted white and I would know it if I saw it.

In the vision I saw the lighthouse standing secure and brightly lighting up the sky as it spun around.  I could see the waves crashing about on the rocks below.  As the storm progressed, inland was being pelted and there was storm surge that flooded the normally dry areas.

It was so stormy and windy and I could see ships lights out there, but the horrible storm had some headed straight for rocks and shipwreck.

In the vision I saw how that lone, deeply founded lighthouse never moved, no matter how the winds came.  It turned out that even hurricane force winds had no effect with the lighthouse.

The lighthouse continued to shine and the person tried all night to get radio contact to help guide these ships away from the rocks and into the harbor.

Although the works were done to help the ships, some of them hit ground and broke up with loss of life.  Others tried to move on to see if things would be more favorable.  Of course the lighthouse gave them the coordinates on radio and prayed for them.

That lighthouse in this specific prophetic vision, represented the actions and messages of the lone prophet (these kept the oil and lamps going day in and day out).  These remained all night while interceding for those ships (ships meaning ministries being tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men).

If the ships would have taken the other course set by radio (The prophets warning) this may have helped divert them to get further out to sea, to go north and try to outrun the winds and waves.

There was great loss of ships and life during this storm.  However, there were those who made it in by the grace of God.

These were clearly praying and listening to the sound of the warnings.  The lighthouse (prophet) stood and it was clearly known as the landmark in that area for many mariners to watch and pray for. (These prophets will be known as places of stability, authority and life).

These shall stand in the midst of any storm and will be known to bring great light to the situations, regions, and will be known by many others also.

The lighthouse, the ski boat and the train all represent ministry.

Course changes and course corrections must come!

Apostles and prophets MUST learn to work with each other.  There is an unsettled feeling as change always isn’t easy.

The flesh will fight against change and the unknown, when the prophet sees what is happening now and future while the apostles see structure.

Everyone seemingly is flying by the seat of their pants as God clicks people together like linking them piece by piece of a puzzle, following and trusting what God is doing.

Apostles and Prophets are needed to make known the complete functioning of the voice and the structure of HIS kingdom on HIS earth.  There are course changes that must be seen through prophets, when Apostles are looking at things structurally.

During this time-frame and beyond, the apostle must learn and work together with the prophet.

There are extremes of revival that open the door to religious spirits and Jezebel spirits.  We must remain centered and not be extreme either way.

I can feel the unsettledness and there are blind spots to each office.  That is why we have got to learn how to work and harmonize together.

Thus says the LORD Almighty,  “I know I can trust you to carry My Glory, for you have been tested and chosen to do so.

I have and will make you known to all of them.  For those who dare speak or harm those who are my childlike vessels and who carry My glory.

I shall raise them up in your presence and My glory shall be seen in their face.  Having childlike humility these childlike warriors will be so trusting of My Glory.

Their purpose in all this is to depend on their relationship with me and they will simply respond, YES!

When they see My purpose, these shall not be concerned about anything, as they simply know and trust that all is ready and such innocence is in their eyes.

I know this has happened and still will.  Stop looking to man instead of Me.  You are wanting to fit so much and because things didn’t happen the way they should have.  It caused you to deny what I taught you.

Some things were taught years ago and you reverted.  You have compromised and run with heart wide open to get into another flow, when it goes totally against My will for you.

Okay, go ahead, keep running, keep going and you will see that what I say is right.  Shall not the judge of the whole earth do right?  I AM the good shepherd and also the Commander of My armies.

In My anger I must say to those who are elitists with untouchable pride, what you see will wear you out ~ elite syndrome.

In pride they tell you if what you see wears you out, you were not strong enough to be there.  So much to live up to, and when you can’t, they will let you leave and won’t even check on you.

There is so much to live up to and when they find they cannot, they fall out, AND with offense.  Pride and arrogance cannot stand in the midst of My presence; however, you must realize what will come is a bad spirit with a anointing of Jezebel.  You shall feel an apparent anointing; that is why it is so confusing to many.

Don’t you understand?  To go further in Me is to go lower in you!

Religion, tradition, making people feel like they can’t keep up with you, is bondage.  In My Kingdom there must be a balanced view.

My people, legalism will not keep souls bound, for they shall fly away even with a broken wing.

How can people possibly imagine My goodness and kindness, when they see you not keeping up in your own unbalanced, legalistic leadership style?

Within all up-and-coming ministries, there must always remain balance and order.  Time for regrouping, family time, and rest.  People fall out because they can’t do it.  Plain and simple.  Faith stretches and gives you time to stretch with it by My grace.

So many keep going in their own effort measuring self to be part of the organization which was never my intent says the LORD.  For those who are great among you shall be your servant.

People must have balance as those who spin and keep going with no reprieve will begin to fall out of the order of things.  Which it isn’t my order but yours!  People cannot continue to live in a lie because if their is no balance and order they will burn out and fall out.

When we sense so much confusion and disorder we need to stop and get quiet and pray, resting in him and ask him to bring peace and order. Question your leadership! Find out if they are servant leaders, ask what they believe and if you see pride, personally I would run!

You need to ask the Spirit of Grace about questions you have and see.  I don’t care how much of anointing is there in that place.  There is a false anointing (it confuses the LORD’s beloved) it seems real and it “feels” like it is right.  You must not go by feelings. You must go by Gods word. It all must line up to God’s Word.

These leaders in error are looking to bait and hook you and get you to swallow their agenda, or to snag by some so they can exercise their authority but only because they are snagged.

I heard from the LORD to pray concerning chaos, turmoil.  No balance, tossed by the sea, I saw a spinning top of those who don’t know how to stop and lack of humility.

Test the spirits.  We must test the spirits to see if they are from God.  We have a responsibility to do this.

The manifested presence?  How are we to rightly divide the word and measure ourselves against the Word of God.  Feelings are deceitful.  The soulish realm is where the enemy operates.

People use feelings as fact when it is not! Heaven and earth will pass away but my word will never pass away.  Look for the fruit of the Spirit in action and look for integrity, humility especially look for the shepherd’s heart.

These types of situations and learning experiences may knock the wind out of us for a little bit.  However, I am certain they have no more power in Jesus’ name.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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