Are We Groupie’s or Disciples?

The Bible is clear not to lay hands suddenly on any man in giving them leadership roles, or else they will fall in the condemnation of satan.


The Bible is clear not to lay hands suddenly on any man in giving them leadership roles, or else they will fall in the condemnation of satan.  

It is the pride of being lifted up in the eyes of man can really do a lot of damage to a lot of people.

It takes discipline and a leader that is a “servant leader” to show them how it is done.  Leadership by example is the way of Jesus.  Leadership should refrain for time to watch and pray to be sure the disciples are ready to hold leadership positions.

To elevate man or woman too quickly, without going to God’s word, proper maturity and knowing their life, could cause a huge shipwreck in their lives and damage a lot of people.

It’s in knowing and allowing them to mature (in a safe environment; to learn how to exercise their gifts without fear of reproach), also in producing godly spiritual fruits and testing their gifts as seasoned leaders get to know them.  As prospective leadership, the leaders learn to recognize those who are truly being groomed by the Holy Ghost.

It is the LORD who promotes.  If man promotes too quickly, the messages may have truth yet error, as there is a mixture of the truth.

Scriptures tell us not to put a novice in a place of authority, else they fall into the condemnation of the devil.  The devil thought he could take God’s place in heaven and be God.

Lucifer started a rebellion in heaven, he felt he should be God.  You know the story, the devil rose up in pride thinking he could be like God; Lucifer and one third of the angels were then thrown down to the earth.

The devil does the same today.  He seeks access through man’s pride, and a position of leadership over man.  The devil and demons are actively looking for any way to take positions in all sorts of leadership positions including the churches today.

Man will always make mistakes and no matter how we avoid to do it, we still hurt people.  It isn’t our desire, but because of the fall we all make mistakes.  We are human.  We know we never want to offend or hurt someone.  However, we all fail in many ways.

As leaders allow the Holy Ghost to lead us, we can avoid a lot of pitfalls and hopefully avoid some of the scenarios.

Here’s some scenarios I have seen:

The anointing is not there, so the leader feels pressured to move forward in the flesh instead of waiting on God.  What happens in this is these ministers are moved by the flesh with a mixture message.  What is worse is that the people pressure you to go beyond His leading.

You can feel what seems like an anointing?  There are counterfeit anointings, we must base all things on God’s word, no matter how spiritual it seems.  Know those who labor among you.

Here is something I have learned over time.  If I get into a pressured situation to move on with the service and His Spirit doesn’t move, I have and I will shut down a meeting and call for repentance, or just close the doors.  Oh I hate to grieve the Holy Spirit.

We worry about other’s feelings and we fail to understand the LORD’s feelings about the matter.  Do you know He grieves over us?

I will pull away when something is off, even it seems like I am the only one feeling it.  I must learn to trust the master above all voices of man.

Man can do mighty feats.  Must we have another tower of babel?  Does God have to come and frustrate our plans and our language that we don’t speak the same thing anymore?

Frustrate my plans LORD Jesus!  Please frustrate my plans!  We must repent of doing our own thing and accomplishing our own plans!  We should remain in repentance until we are in the will of our LORD Jesus Christ!

It is the time to hold silent repentant meetings to purge us of all hindrances.  How long has it been since we have had a watch service?  Could we be silent enough to press through and tap into the LORD’s will?

Are we groupies or disciples?   When we become too busy for intimacy with God, we are too busy!

We will always be tempted to move too fast if we excel to excellence, instead of allowing God to elevate us in His time.  Yes, even workaholics are just as bad and those who are slothful.  There will always be balance in the kingdom.  Even and especially with ministry work.

Ask yourselves this:  For ministry, are you happy if the LORD gives you just ONE person to help, or are you into numbers and crowds?  Please tell me how big the group is?

Jesus went to the One person!  Jesus did the majority of His ministry outside established religion, and He still does today.

Really think about this.  What is your motive in ministry?  You may not realize within yourself that there is some of that “stinkin’ thinkin’.”

I don’t ever want to get so big in man’s eyes and miss out on the intimacy of my LORD and Savior in the secret place.  He is so precious to me and I gotta have HIM being big in me.  The secret of our power with God comes from our alone time with Jesus.

We must know who we are and be satisfied with that!  No matter what man will say, nothing will cause us to stray away from His finished work of grace in our hearts.

This is how it has always been with Jesus and me.  He won’t let me remain in what is popular, or remain where man thinks people are so great.

We can idolize people and God will take them home, because no flesh can glory in His presence.  Keep your eye’s on Jesus.  No matter what, it isn’t the person.  So don’t look at them.  See them through the LORD!

Ministry with people, and ministry work day-in and day-out, can become idolatry.  Not only will it kill your marriage, it will destroy families.  Why?  Because there is no balance.

It is wonderful ministering under the anointing, and before you know it, you forget you are human and you don’t sleep or take care of your body.  You forget you need intimate time with the LORD and your family suffers and it goes right down the line to spiritual burnout!  Ask me how I know…….

Personally, I have asked to have the LORD’s heart; and oh my, HIS heart!  He chooses to allow me to sense and feel him.  Oh and it hurts me when I grieve, as I am grieving in Him.

Or I can be around others and I can sense His heart and I begin to grieve.  The LORD grieves and has all emotions, and He longs for you to know His heart.  God knows where you are and what you want.

Above all things, I’ve got to have him!  If I only minister to just one in life, I will say, Yes.  As long as I know His will, have HIS purpose and remain deeply in love with HIM, I can say YES!

God wants us to remain humble, broken and lowly of heart, even when He elevates us.  Why?  He gets ALL the glory and HE is our exceeding great reward.

All I want is Him!  He wants us to desire all HE is!  He is our exceeding great reward!

To fall in love with Jesus, everything we go through fades away, until all we see is HIM no matter where and what we do, HE is our Everything, our exceeding, great reward!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

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Sherry Edwards Mackey Founder of New Beginning Christian Ministries International since February 1990. Authors “Catch Of the Day” a prophetic word in season revealing the heart and mind of God. The gospel must be preached and “published” throughout the whole world before the coming of the Lord. We believe we will witness the greatest out pouring of revival the world has ever seen, empowering many with Holy Ghost Fire causing the great end time harvest to be gathered in.

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